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  1. Even just a little bit of an increased chance would be nice.
  2. I did stun them because they weren't accruing any clicks and I didn't want them to die. Does that stop the hatchling from getting clicks? For how long and can it be reversed? I was under the mistaken impression it just adds a day to their growing life. I've stunned before and never noticed a hatchling not developing after.
  3. Edit: stunned hatchlings don't acquire clicks No matter what how many clicksites I upload these hatchlings to, they are no longer acquiring views anymore :< I've checked from my boyfriend's computer and a friends/my phone. Eggs I've since acquired are accruing clicks. I'm getting close to their end date, what should I do? These are my four problem children: https://dragcave.net/view/0xPGV stuck at 2,304 https://dragcave.net/view/ddC2n at 2,329 https://dragcave.net/view/wQBCV at 1,134 https://dragcave.net/view/xZEvS at 1,590 With how many views they already have, I would have expected to be able to see their gender by now. My initial intent was to freeze two of them but they all seem stuck. The first three were bred by me but the fourth is a rando I picked up abandoned. Any help is appreciated. Sorry if I missed something obvious.
  4. I hope this gets implemented. It has my support!
  5. Thank you all for your replies!
  6. Sorry, IP address. We use the same internet connection and often the same computer.
  7. I wanted to know if we were allowed to trade with each other over the same IP. We won't be sending any gifts to make sure it doesn't look like multiple account abuse, but I wasn't sure if we were allowed to offer on each other's trades. Thank you for your time!
  8. I managed to collect almost all of mine in just today by keeping my phone on dragcave and refreshing when I thought about it. That is a shame that some people weren't able to have the time to do that though. Maybe with more eggs every year, an additional day would be helpful.
  9. These are fantastic and were fun to collect. Is the tiny pink one a soul gem from Madoka or a Faberge egg? I freaking love it either way! So many of these are wonderful. Great job spriters!
  10. Thanks! I was wondering how I'd unlocked some of the eggs and not others! I'd unlocked a lot of the encyclopedia entries by clicking on adults but I'll start hunting down some hatchings now.
  11. When I look at the encyclopedia it doesn't count most of my dragons. I have 2 of many species and still see " Adults Raised: 0 " Is this normal? Also kinda bummed because I have a few dinos but can't access their eggs in the marketplace to get more :<