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  1. loving the fact we get another rpg game!! but it's so hard to stay focused on it when my characters moves soo sloooow...even when running! is anyone having problems with the game going pretty slow..? cleared my cache and stuff, so..i dunno.
  2. so i'm not the first to make this discovery? drats, there goes my infamy! it is a rather funny to think of this as an effect of the contagion...that some dragons can revert back to egg form somehow... like little miniature adults inside the egg thinking to themselves, "wtf just happened...?"
  3. whoot whoot, i got all the treats, all 54! i kinda like how they're all neat even rows, it appeals to my OCD... also i noticed something weird on my scroll! it seems the contagion has had an unexpected effect on some of my dragons...i have to find them all and check them to see if it's a breed specific effect or not... do i get to name this new effect after myself? the Crystalsetsuna Reversal effect? *joking*
  4. i'm a little burnt out on minesweeper...but thanks to this event i actually get how to play it now! i'll actually be a little sad when the game is gone, i do like playing it a couple times a day until i win. it's still largely a game of luck for me with just a little skill thrown in.. i personally decided to go for the cure badge. sure the spread badge is all creepy spidery and good for halloween...but i suppose there are limits to my evilness. besides, a wand is still good for halloween so i'm happy! also loving all these badges this year! and that banner is just spookyrific! my
  5. well guess i'll just have to try it this year then! nothing stopping me except my morals which tell me it's not good to try killing my dragons... silly me has been out of DC so long, i confused Neglecteds with Zombies and thought i could just be lazy and trade for Zombies, but then i remembered adult's can't be traded and i don't believe frozen hatchies can trade either... yup i'mma derp.
  6. good gosh golly, that's a lot of good zombie dragons...o.o i've never gotten even one, just cause on principle i have trouble killing dragons over an uncertainty...plus i try to hoard as many Halloweens as i can for my favorite holiday. but me thinks perhaps this year i might just have to try my hand at getting these zombies...
  7. well color me surprised! and here i was just getting back into dc again and working on gathering up the past releases i missed... oh Bright Pinks, i remember you well. they were dropping when i first joined dragcave...but silly young me despised pink so much, i refused to get a pink dragon. i was an idiot. so it'll be a pleasure to get them for my scroll now! and frills! never got any of these somehow....and we have these back for good? permanent? whoot! guess i'm gonna be kept a bit busy catching up on this new release. well that new family tree is interesting...kinda lik
  8. an opportunity for everyone to get at least one of hard/impossible to get dragons? yes please! full support!^^ as long as there is a decent chance for us to get something, even if it takes a long time, i'm happy! though i suppose that would mean the end of my trading plan of just lurking and collecting for years on end until all the older players drop out and i'm the only one remaining with the early years cb dragons
  9. interesting, i JUST did a refresh on my laptop with IE, and finally got rid of the black screen of death. now it shows the loading bar, but freezes there. still i suppose it's progress.^^
  10. soo tried the game last night, and just got the BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH after picking my name and pressing start. decided to try and leave it while i slept. woke up this morning, tried again, same thing. *sadface* but since i reeeally wanted to play and keep up, i use my mom's computer and used google chrome, and it worked just fine! so..day done. but my computer is IE, while i used Chrome on my mom's computer. so...is IE the issue? i did try the hard refresh and regular refresh.
  11. i wish i could play the new game! i get to the title screen, but when i click to play, i just get a blank black/grey screen. T_T i try restarting but doesn't help. is anyone else having this problem?
  12. well color me confused! i pop into the caves to try and get some dragons cause my scroll feels lonely without hatchies running around, and i see no eggs in any of the biomes! then i realize there's a release...and then i'm even more confused! i don't think i've ever seen a release cleaned out....is that even possible? alas where are the eggs?
  13. ended up with a White, though i reeeeeally wanted a Shadow Walker!!! meh. well at least white's are nice...i like their feathered wings. fun enough event, though i do wish there had been more official information on what causes what and such.
  14. Day: 1 Location: Coast My Dragon: Gold Visiting Dragon: White Attempts: everything was fairly maxed out. Notes: Day: 2 Visiting Dragon: Imperial Fleshcrown 20-15-10-20-10 - A imperial fleshcrowne dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she liked the collection of sweets, but left to find a dragon with more shinies.Notes: i did have it more evened out earlier, with the same message of interest, but lowered meats and shinies then raised magic to try and attract a Shadow Walker.
  15. i'd love to see an Ochedrake Valentine. <3 the Ochedrakes just seem so lovely and elegant!! but it WOULD be nice to see other species holidays...imagine a neato two headed Halloween! or a Pygmy Christmas!
  16. i was tempted by the coolness of the volcano cave, but i'm a water person, so i went with coast. wish it was as nice and watery as the volcano cave is fiery! but i'm happy. my lil Goldsword is such a romeo. we've had a white visit so far. wish i could attract a nice halloween dragon! but i'd rather attract a Marrow or Shadow Walker. Goldsword wants to show off his cave.<3 also yes, not a fan of pink...but hey, valentines day. besides, my hatred of pink cost me once upon a time...it's the reason i don't have any bright pinks...T_T so i can't outcry against the color of
  17. well, thank you for the assumption. however it's wrong. there are times where people will need a specific gender or color, and lets face it, some dragons take some time and a lot of views to show their gender. if you have a nebula with one hour who is not the right color or gender you needed, which you couldn't influence for whatever reason. then you want to try your hardest to get what you want on your scroll, which also happens to help someone who may need the same thing but is not under such time restraints. i'm also one of those people who actually does go back three or four page
  18. sorry, i'm not really feeling this. sometimes you need exposure because some people, like myself, will only check a particular thread if i'm looking for something specific. like if i need something traded NOW before it grows up, i'll usually post it in two to three threads. and usually, it'll get traded quickly.
  19. so does that mean if you are in the redraw pool, it'll say you're a winner? ....there go those hopes. </3
  20. i am one of the people who just keeps clicking the link, even though it's already told me i didn't win. WHEN WILL YOU CHANGE, YOU MOCKING LINE OF TEXT?!! i am also one of the people grateful for the nice charts of lineages, very awesome. ...hmm...now i have to wonder why the male lineages drive downward, and the females drive upwards....mildly baffling mystry.
  21. -removed img as I had some reports about it - ruby - more on subject, for some reason when someone mentioned the Lumina line...i thought it said Lamia for a second. Lamia dragon would be rather fun! i'd like to see that lineage. and while the balloons have grown on me, they're still so....weird. though i cannot deny they add a HUGE "pop" of color. punage. but at least there are people who love them! EDIT: also, congrats to the new winner. when you've had time to absorb the shock and if you decide to make a list, if you're a new Gold or Bronze tinsel owner....so call me maybe
  22. indeed. it's a little funny the shimmer owners seem to be more okay with stepping forward than the tinsel owners! or maybe not a lot of people who have won the tinsels know it yet?
  23. i'm glad there doesn't seem to be too much issue with harassment this year. i definitely always try to be respectful of winners, even if it is a tiny bit hard sometimes... a good rule of thumb is only contact them if they say they are accepting pms and always be polite and don't guilt trip them or beg. pathetic only works for Oliver Twist or other cute literary orphans. though i'm currently only looking for gold and bronze 2nd gen tinsels...which makes it kinda weird when i see people say "i won a shimmer!" and it's like, nope, i don't need to bug you, i don't need anymore shimmers.
  24. see what i meant? living pet dragons help soothe the pain of not winning a pixel online dragon. BEARDED DRAGONS SPREAD HAPPINESS!