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  1. I can confirm that it doesn't matter, I unlock them all without needing to wait for the night
  2. KotHF YAn9p aJL5 lhrFU gEDXz here my baby for the new release. Two of them here or would be frozen. And I don't know how to remove the link for some part of the text without removing entirely the link. I don't know whereis the function to actually see the code instead of constently be in here and I need help.
  3. I may try to do it, Dew, because it look really great! Not a fan of the new pigmy, but they look great with the magelight. I just like the color sheme. Pink and green is an underated combo
  4. Definetly need some CB silver for these dragon. I also think they could look really good with Aether, Aria, Falconiform, Female Hellfire, Sunrise or even Lihnseyre. such beautiful possibility. Know that I think about it, I have a lyrics lineage in project and teracorn would be definetly in it.
  5. I want to hatch my eggs a bit early "No" said the dragon.
  6. First time I'll ever say that but I find this eggs very ugly. This shade of pink isn't in my tast at all xD Maybe they would look great on the dragons, so I'll wait and see.
  7. A chicken. Because why not? Joke aside, I want to be a Spirit Ward Dragon or a Black Truffle Dragon. They are my favorite.
  8. Just got a new blancblack zombie if someone still need it: https://dragcave.net/lineage/7hfHt
  9. Make killing an adult dragon and try to revive sometimes led to make then into hatchling. Like if they "reincarnate" and even more rarely, they can revive into zombie hatchling.
  10. - Realize that today is a 31 - Sweat and try to kill all of their blancblack after breeding them - Get to kill five of them - Almost forgot to try to revive them Worth. 1/5 still didn't manage to unlock the sprite tho. Meh.
  11. Since no one tackle this idea I did it for y'all Both are female but look very good together. Sure you can find pretty much easy others idea that can't be do because of gender basis,
  12. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I think that these look great together. I may try Glowback with Magelight too!
  13. Since I did a oopsie I had to use the stun action again, so to some who didn't click it yet, here you go.
  14. Manage to nab three of the new pygmy release. Got two male and one female. Wanted to kept one freeze aaaaand I froze the female because WHY NOT I GUESS. I have to ask for a genderswap now xD Yeah! I got the egg I wanted for my lineage! Oh shoot, I forgot that she wasn't a Cb... Guess I have to hunt down a Bloodscale :'v
  15. I was kinda happy to manage to get three rift and then I realise that they have gender difference... Didn't manage to find a 4th yet.
  16. x Very similar eggs make very good pair. Funfact: I manage to think that the new release was an Arcana-like or that people have mess up something.
  17. I've just breed all my lumina so you can have the naked one in your encyclopedia And I've just notice that I don't have unlocked the dark lumina hachtling, so let me know if you have any frozen ^^ Lumina 1 Lumina 2 Dark Lumina
  18. guess who is ignoring herself She indeed have the look of a dragon who say that xD
  19. This is a unnamed Dragon that make me laught " (pabON) " (Litteraly "Isn't good" in french)
  20. I didn't resist when I saw that its code was "dWio3"
  21. Wasn't sure if it is the right place to post or if it is a replicate, so sorry in advance xD Has it ever happened to you that you saw to dragon and thought "What a shame that they aren't compatible"? That's what this topic is for. Go crazy as you want. You can also share mock up of what you would do if the dragon where compatible. Here a random one a made for fun: I did get crazy just a little bit with this one xD they are fine the way they currently work after all! So, what you'll do now the limit is only your imagination?
  22. Mostly on this one. But you can also check in any hatchery with a Emergency Room. Check if the egg have less than 1 day to live and f5 to see if it turn ;)
  23. I don't have a favorite pokemon anymore, just pokemon that I like more than others. Banette was one of my favorite for quite sometimes when I was a kind since I find its story sad and its design super cool. For favorite type, not sure, Water type maybe. I like Dark pokemon too. I'm quite have specific taste for shiny so word it correctly in a language I'm not familiar with would be a hassle. So let's just say that I have a thing for little detail that change like Haunter's mouth that turn blue. Pokemon originaly red that turn Blue and the others way around. And I don't like pink at all, but I can resist toward green pokemon that turn pink, so I have a shiny virizion as my first soft reset legendary.
  24. Got two egg with my 3 price dragon. I think I could have three eggs if I had the idea to breed with a event dragon sooner xD
  25. Don't click my egg please and This is a experience I thought that more people would prevent that they don't want people to interact with their eggs xD LMAO JK, kinda forgot that I had a dragon name like that.