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  1. The chance of a success increases with every set you complete, but unless you're likely to complete more sets soon, you might as well give it a try. The cooldown's only two weeks, so it really just depends on how quickly you're catching or trading for more trios as to whether it's worth the time to make an attempt or wait for another set to mature.
  2. Now what's gonna be real fun is when we get into pairing two Pyropellis Wyverns of different colors. Not sure what's gonna happen there 😂
  3. Wonder if the flammable secretion Pyropellis Wyverns produce will make Lumina Dragons shed 🤔
  4. yeh, i just wanted to quake 'em this morning, but I forgot to turn off my auto-refresher last night which made everyone sick 😅 The silvers will be able to hatch late tonight, I'll probably just have to wait til then.
  5. aw man, I've got three Shumogas that I wanna EQ, but I also have three Silvers that are sick and I can't take out of fog to have someone hold for me while I fire up the egg wiggler And the Shumogas are under 4 days so if I take THEM out of fog to kill action them they'll just hatch 😂😭
  6. eh, idk, Undead and Neglected Dragons have both been around since, what, '07? 😆
  7. It would be nice to have them scale with trophy level, the way egg slots and freeze slots do.
  8. Are you at the total limit for your trophy level? Even if you're not at your egg limit, you may be capped by the total limit which counts all eggs and growing hatchlings on your scroll. https://dragcave.net/help/egglimits
  9. Only blue sapphires can turn yellow. If it's already pink, it won't change. Usually it takes somewhere over 4,000 total views in order to turn yellow.
  10. It seems that the software update has some post-update tasks that may be limiting features... Right now if I look at my activity, it only shows a handful of recent posts. I'm guessing that's related to the search index processing that's going on. I wonder if activity and notifications are similarly being limited until the post-update tasks complete. 🤔
  11. Typically hybrids produce only their own breed when bred. The exception so far has been Ultraviolets that sometimes produce Spitfires. Just bred an Eminence pair, and got an Eminence, would need to experiment more to see if they ever produce their parent breeds like UVs can. 🤔
  12. Considering eggs killed by Bite or Earthquake also block your Kill action for two weeks, it makes sense to me to have the dead egg stay until the Kill action cooldown is over. Granted, I'd rather Bite and Earthquake not take up kill slots, but that's a different thread. 😅
  13. It may be that the person who offered is unable to accept the trade due to their scroll lock situation. If you're trading an egg for a hatchling and they're already egg locked, they can't take another egg so the trade can't complete.
  14. I mean, Turpentines are covered in a stinky, somewhat toxic oil... I imagine that is a bit of a turn-off. 😅 Breed description says "Many other breeds consider Turpentine Dragons to be pests, so they primarily breed among themselves." I wonder what the refusal rate for PB Turpentine pairs is compared to mixed pairs?
  15. I would like if breeding could have the same filterable list that groups and fertility uses, particularly for the tag search filter. Would make pairing off cave borns easier if i could use the #cb filter on the breeding page.
  16. Since hide/unhide is the only way to protect eggs from sickness, requiring users to raise a bunch of Storm dragons in order to be able to use it doesn't seem reasonable. Same for abandoning, if you're an active AP hunter the number of Guardians you'd need quickly becomes unreasonable. Also given Guardians' nature of being protective and nurturing, having them be required to ditch an egg in a random cave to die doesn't really seem to work.
  17. Fogging isn't an action that causes the Cantormaris hatchlings to change color. You have to perform certain breed-specific actions on the eggs to change the color.
  18. If the concern is "Searching for either term should direct users to the page" I don't think there is anything to worry about. I searched the phrase "Which egg is which" in a couple search engines, using a fresh browser so it wouldn't be contaminated with my usual traffic. Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo all return the egg identification guide as the top result, with Yahoo returning it as the second result. Adding "dragon cave" or "dragcave," all returned it as the top result. Searching the phrase on the wiki's search bar will also direct you to the identification guide. A redirect was left behind, meaning any existing bookmarks or links to the old article name automatically route through to the article.
  19. Yes, if you want to use wiki images at regular size replace "static" with "vignette" in the url. To get them at original quality, add "?format=original" to the url. Keeping in mind, image links from the wiki will break if files are renamed.
  20. Yep, it's only a list of recent actions, my log only goes back as far as May 3.
  21. The 1 to 88 is how many entries are in your action log. Each page shows 100 entries. Your action log only has 88, so you have only one page. When you have more than 100 entries, you would see pagination.
  22. I wonder if there's an optimal point for egg survival... Like, for the Cantors since we've found they don't need to hatch from the EQ, just survive it, I wonder when the best point to just not kill the egg is 🤔
  23. re: Wiki makes the sprites big/blurry You can use images from the wiki at original size and quality by adjusting the url parameters
  24. Bite and Earthquake both count as a "kill" that locks an egg slot for 24 hours. That said, with 8 egg slots on a platinum trophy, you can still mow through a lot of eggs over the course of a few days. This suggestion is not about removing the 24 hour egg slot lock. That mechanic would remain. It is only about Bite and Earthquake deaths not locking the Kill action for two weeks in addition to the 24 hour egg slot lock.