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  1. Thanks TJ & spriters! Idk if it was intentional but I'm getting serious Doki Doki Literature Club vibes from this event lol (I'm scared))
  2. Offered on this one! Would be perfect my SS ^.^ Edit: Thank you! going to hatch on my scroll before gifting (just in case you see it there before I pass it along)
  3. Ooh, I love everyone's forts! This event has been so much fun! Here's mine:
  4. Yay!!! Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks again to all who helped with this. Also whoever did all of the little birdies, thank you so much for your attention to detail! I love them
  5. Ooooh, love the new dragons! Think I'm finally happy with how my fort looks. Everyone else's look awesome!
  6. Edit: SORRY! Found the answer to this question elsewhere. Oopsie doopsie.
  7. Love the look of the new dragons! Happy holidays everyone!
  8. So many eggs to breed, so little time! Hope everyone has been getting eggs they need for their lineages, etc. 🎄
  9. Have: 3G Mistletoe x Kingcrowne checker w/ SA in base & funny word in code Want: 3G or 4G Yulebuck x prize checker OR 2G Yulebuck from Imperial Fleshcrowne OR a pretty Yulebuck checker 🎄Make an offer
  10. When you breed a yulebuck for a trade & have to abandon the siblings but find both siblings in the AP immediately after
  11. Anyone else stubbornly staring at a clock of some sort?
  12. 🎄 Let it begin! Happy holidays 'errbody 🎅
  13. Alright I know the introduction of the market was supposed to help this possible issue but...anyone else having issues even seeing rares in-cave? I feel like I used to see SO many more xenos but not anymore. I know it's inevitable with the amount of breeds in the cave now, and it's not really an *issue* since we have the market. Anyone else noticing this? Or is it just me? I feel like I have to try a lot harder than I used to in order to catch the same rares Edit: Thanks for the input everyone!
  14. Haha I just made choco chip cookies actually! Wish I could send them through the internet as a little pre-raffle good luck charm
  15. Nope, not yet! I wish, though. I was just in a part of the country where it was snowing. Alas, I am now back home, where it is too warm.
  16. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: coo_ Scroll Name: coo_ Group Name: coo_'s Secret Santa 2018 Wishlist: 1. CB gold, 2G prize, 2G prizekin (mageia) 2. 3G prize, 3G from spriter's alt 3. CB xeno (mageia) 4. 4G prize 5. 2G from holidays 6. Any pretty mageia lineage (not messy) 7. hatchling of any lineage, any breed that I do not have frozen Breeding abilities: Have most CBs (no prizes). Only spriter's alt lineage I can breed is 3G mistletoe x kingcrowne checker with one of Tiki's alts in base. Have CB silvers to breed and 1 CB F gold to breed. Catching abilities: Can catch anything except CB golds Trading abilities: Can trade for anything except CB golds, neglected, 2G prize Teleport abilities: Got a bunch o' magis
  17. OKAY. Bad and good luck? Accidentally turned an egg to a neglected (I was traveling all day and forgot about it..oops). And....after it turned it died. What a roller coaster of emotions! Would've been my first neglected.
  18. WHAT THE HECK! These are amazing. Thank you spriters! Well done!! 🤩
  19. Haha I'm joking, but thanks! Maybe I should invest in one of those little glass frog charms? Perhaps some crystals?
  20. Nada! Congrats to all the winners! Candy and a sparkly dragon, what a day! 😊 I think for the past 3 months I've had it in my brain "Okay, this is the month, this is it!" lol I don't know where this false sense of luck is coming from but I need to chill 🤣 Anyone have any good luck charms they recommend?? 😝
  21. Locked myself with 7 - still have one stubborn omen to hatch, so I couldn't grab 8. Hopefully some of these new dudes will be in the AP once they stop dropping 😇