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  1. Pygmies!!!!!! I love love love the pygmies!!! I can't wait until they grow up!!! So cute!!
  2. The adults look so cute!!! The Ash dragon is such a gentle giant!
  3. Just grabbed two of each! I loved the armored look of the ashen egg hatchies and the color scheme of the pale blue ones!
  4. Oh wow, I didn't expect a release today! I'm egglocked but I can't wait to pick some up later! Can't wait to see what they look like! Time passes by so fast, I remember the Siyats coming out like...yesterday....
  5. I incubated a spotted egg and once it hit 2 days 23 hours it hatched blue!
  6. I don't think it is the number of BSAs either. My greens were incubated and influenced.
  7. It's not viewbased, whew. Cort said so a few minutes ago in the DC Discord!
  8. Perhaps it's by the time it was grabbed? Maybe green since a lot of people grabbed it around midnight DC time. Blue in the morning and Purple at Sunset and Sunrise? Hmmm...
  9. The new baby pygmy looks so cute!! It reminds me of a little gargoyle which I love!
  10. New pygmies??!?!?!?! Yes yes yes!!!! ❤️
  11. Aww, the Razorcrest is so spikey and cute!
  12. I own a few CB golds and they really hate breeding even with fertility, I understand your pain! The chicken thing makes sense now as they are unbreedables and therefore much less. But yeah, I personally think Prizes should stay as they are and out of the Market. Then again, a lot of the thread is a bunch of "ifs" and the market is still in its infancy so it's good to see how it will develop and how it should develop.
  13. As much as I'd love a CB Prize, I don't really like the idea of having them buyable. It's a lottery, and that's that. Going off of @Vampyre , Prizes are dropping in value and I'd go as far to say that 3G prizes are pretty much not worth a lot unless it is for swaps, people want 2Gs. Bronze prizes don't get the same treatment either, compared to a Gold Prize. I also find the idea of people winning shards and such a bit lopsided...shards are very, very easy to get anyways. It puts everyone on an equal ground. As the Market stands, I like what is implemented even though some of the prices are weird (A chicken costs more than a Gold?).
  14. I'm mostly sure the mighty Zyu's are based off of Super Sentai and/or Kamen Rider (predecessors to Power Rangers.) EDIT: I forgot to add in they were called Zyurangers which is a big giveaway oops I don't know anything about HP so a lot of the talk is super confusing but I like the Alpine one the most
  15. Oh! You don't have to catch them! You only need to view other's dragon's in the Encyclopedia, without having to catch a single one of them. There's a thread for filling up the Encyclopedia somewhere. Catching them just makes it a bit faster, but only by a smidge
  16. I really love the new sprite updates, I love how the new Spring female reveals more of her pretty pink wings!
  17. @jostensminyard I posted this earlier, it will take a lot of time to get rare eggs ^^
  18. You're a lifesaver thank you ❤️ I never realized how empty my Encyclopedia was...
  19. I understand that some people are upset by the redraws, while some are neutral, happy, excited, etc! However, I don't think it is fair to compare the sprites to other artists' who have not worked on it or are part of it, as that may come off as undermining (is that the right word?) their work.
  20. That makes sense, I'm surprised chickens and the such cost a lot more than Silvers. I'm sure since right now anything above 200g is unbuyable prices may be adjusted. If they were tradeable...oh dear that would be an issue
  21. I believe there is still a lot of balance. The rares take a lot of weeks to save up, and plus they are untradeable if bought from the market. I think it will be alright in the end! Also I like your Vlad III in your signature
  22. Considering the Market only allows 100g a week, and if you start out with 0g, I think this is reasonable. I don't think trades for super rares will fluctuate. One gold a year, baby!
  23. Click on the button that has the number of g next to your scroll name at the top!
  24. Oh, oops! My bad. Still, the idea is good and I think it is a nice reward system if anyone is unable to catch something in the cave.
  25. Just checked out the Market page, and I really love the idea of them not being able to become sick or be traded. If they can't be traded that doesn't mess with any of the trading systems/can't be abused and I really like that.