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ious welcome

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    discord: esse#9111

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    House of Fluff!
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    Looking for: Green Copper eggs or male hatchlings, Gaia xenowyrms, Aeon Wyverns (Caveborn unless otherwise specified!)
    Mate limitations: no breeds released within the last 12 months, or celestials. Will also never be bred to a holiday in-season (xmas during xmas, vday during vday)
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    -- None!

    - I usually don't accept IOUs, except in the case that I am full up on slots, or if I explicitly state otherwise!
    - Please bear in mind that you (the trader) have a deadline of 50 days to give your owed portion, except in the case of owed dragons that do not realistically breed in a reasonable timeframe (as in the case with golds, silvers, prizes and their kins. and holidays). The only way I will take off your time limit is if we've traded successfully a few times in the past, or have had a huge completed trade before.
    - I may be amenable to extending the deadline if you are an established member of the trading community, or is a Regular at the Dragcave Discord.
    - Realistic offers are more valued, in the consideration that the IOU will finish faster. I do not take egg-catching-slave kind of offers!

    - I have a male silver tinsel!
    - Breeding list for 2g prizes is open! Please refer back to the top portion of this area to see the current asking list!
    - Requests for kins are open anytime! I mostly ask for commons or bred dragons, but there must be communication between us beforehand. Swaps are also appreciated!
    - Please don't be offended if I reject your ridiculously beautiful offer if you've traded with me recently. My goal with my prize is to spread around the lines, so I'd rather see them traded with other people first before entertaining a repeat trader. Thank you! (The current is once every five shinies)

    Sunrunner (from Moonstone/Hellfire, awaiting royal crimson from my side)