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  1. all my frozen hatchies are here https://dragcave.net/group/29100 PS: still looking for - Bolt after Stun - Neglected Egg - Undead Two-Headed Eastern Adult - Nakie Lumina Light - Nakie Lumina Dark
  2. ;o specific hatchery? btw i have 4 baloons https://dragcave.net/lineage/KH5Pi https://dragcave.net/lineage/xv3Px https://dragcave.net/lineage/vKEBU https://dragcave.net/lineage/S9o3w
  3. ;o where you find neglected egg? i never see... ty ^^ one more aded, bu still need after bsa xD [ still not unlocked] - Bolt after Stun - Neglected Egg - Undead Two-Headed Eastern - Both Nakie Lumina
  4. Weird... i find alt nebula (but someone before write it isnt count) on her list... so she missing one breed?
  5. oh so undead rly count ;o but why Fuzz isnt add zombie on their list? :O and have 234 on her list??
  6. So... i have "Unique Breeds: 227" and i check i miss 4 dinos, 1 neglected, 1 guardian, 1 color of copper, any zombie... sombody write on last news there is now 234 UB, so copper colorings can be count separetly? (i have all alt colorings of other breeeds) or this person make mistake in callculates? or egg isnt count as UB? or zombie count?
  7. Ops xD i forgot this, ty!
  8. https://dragcave.net/group/65803 my group with infinity dragons is someone need'ed PS: still looking for - Bolt after Stun - Neglected Egg - Undead Two-Headed Eastern - Both Nakie Lumina
  9. Just need go on any clicksite, there is more than 20 of hatchies or eggs xD PS, still looking for - Bolt after Stun - Adult Holiday Dragon (2018) (ty Fuzzbucket) - Neglected Egg - Undead Two-Headed Eastern - Nakie Lumina
  10. https://dragcave.net/dragonopedia/72 what happen?
  11. Looking for: - Bolt after Stun - Adult Holiday Dragon (2018) (two from JBlue) - Neglected Egg - Adult Sakuhana Wyvern (goted! ty JBlue) - Undead Two-Headed Eastern (Any, i use actual exist links in this spreedsheets - 4x adult, 2x mature hatchie, 3x hatchie) - Nakie Lumina (few from JBlue)
  12. new eggs new eggs :D ty for this! Aaaaa wait :O so i dont have 23 eggs... so many... too many... which aa
  13. this one from screen dont want listen xD, i think problem is with sone walls
  14. When i move items, they start going crazy and ignoring what should be "first" like this;
  15. Wait... when snowwars2 end?
  16. I play 30min... and refresh page... and ALL is gone... my 40+ lvl gone ;-;
  17. Yes please! its rly tiring withput them on PC ;-; PS> Save-button will be helpfull too
  18. So how much unique brees its in game? i have 213 without 4 dino, cheese, tree, dead, neglected, chicken, guardian of nature... so max is 223? and what with alts?
  19. ty so much! i check all tomorrow ^^ now i mist go sleep ty! ps. i update my post ^^
  20. yes xD i catch few on click site and finnaly unlock... now only hards left xD zombies! ty (still you have more than my zero-zombies xD) (i must wait for wake up yes?)
  21. Looking for: - zombies (any) - Black Alts (sitting) - hatchies - Guardian of Nature - hatches - scaleless lumina/dark - neglected egg - bolt with thunders anyone have?
  22. i think my english is too bad... it means it will be added or not?
  23. Holiday Dragon (2013) missing Alt (blue wing) entry: https://dragcave.net/dragonopedia/27