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  1. my forest zyu grew up and finally my journey is over
  2. im gonna go insane i just want a zyumorph
  3. wait are those just shiny xenowyrms?? neat! ok on closer inspection they dont seem to be recolors but having new ones is still cool
  4. oh yea i still hunt for it from time to time and i still havent gotten one since that message. im half convinced they just dont exist in there
  5. these sprites are spectacular honestly i ADORE them my man became a literal forest
  6. a few days late but i finally finished my purebred aeon lineage!! i think thats 4 gens? its nothing really impressive but im just happy
  7. i have just one (1) zyumorph left, from this singular habitat. ive been hunting for 2 weeks at this point. i havent seen a Singular zyumorph.
  8. got a leetle tree! i refreshed the page like thrice and no one grabbed it so its mine now https://dragcave.net/lineage/S3rby edit: also another zyumorph, after the previous zyumorph and xenowyrm a few days back my luck been unusually good lately (still cant find any aeons though)
  9. the purple hatchie is posed kinda like a birb. we get some feathery boys?
  10. wait.. wait what.. are the new dragons harry potter references holy heck (im probably late)
  11. ..what do you mean theyre gonna stop being green please no i like the green. it makes the whole page incredibly pleasing to look at for me
  12. hahaha i just joined and oh my god my aeons look beautiful i love everything because green best color
  13. ive just collected all the flowers from the dragons oh well the undead one is literally the best out of all of those
  14. it looks great and has great lore too
  15. aw heck im sad to see eatw go it was my go-to hatchery. screw the awful person who viewbombed it so intensely.
  16. a chirstmas derg with an actual breed name? W o w i love them
  17. i freaking summoned a guardian of nature while i only had one each of the three breeds that can summon it ???
  18. my heck i got web graphics library https://dragcave.net/lineage/WeBGL literally wouldve been perfect if the b wasnt capitalised but whatever
  19. more wyrms? does this mean the valentine derg's gonna be a wyrm too???
  20. im glad this thread existed. fogged my eggs before anything bad happens to them0.
  21. ok i couldnt even find the head on the female
  22. looks like a huge mess but i love it honestly because it is a huge mess i think i like witchlights and desipises more still
  23. but its likely horns. females have only one and its forward facing.
  24. burny glitchy derg!!! looks amazing. anyone have a theory on their names? they sort between olive and pillow for me.