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  1. Welcome back! It’s nice to see someone who gives back to the dragcave community (speaking of which I’ll try to donate this time around) come back!
  2. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: Echithan11 Forum name: Echthan11 Birthday: 11/18 Revised List: 1. CB Gold 2. Alt Dark Green 3a. 2G+ Aeon 3b. Anything with a pretty lineage - something with blue and greens maybe? 4a. CB Common Pygmy Hatchies for freezing 4b. Surprise me! 🎉
  3. Happy Halloween and yay new draggies!
  4. Hey, I got my first upside down mint too!
  5. Well I'm back and real happy with my CB catches, they look like set from a viewing gallery! Maybe I'll giveaway the Valentine to someone who needs it Also, on a separate note it's usually better to catch with a tablet (if you have one; I know I don't have one but my cousins do!) if you are having trouble. I think someone already mentioned something about touchscreen being easier, and it really is...
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned or if anyone noticed, but the biome page says "As you wander through the winter landscape, you see many large dragons scattered about, some with hatchlings."
  7. 1. Echithan11 2. Cookies and Cream (ahem the best duh) Good luck to all entrants/participators and thank you so much for this raffle!! Very generous!
  8. Excited to raise the lovely eggs I won! Thanks for the raffle and congrats to all the winners!
  9. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Echithan11 Giftee: Nqli Lineage link(s): LYMlw Breed(s): Red Status: Accepted
  10. Thanks so much for the omen wyrm! Will be cared for and treasured
  11. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: Echithan11 Forum name: Echithan11 Birthday: November 18th Revised List: 1. 2g from Spriter's Alt 2. CB Red Dorsal (hatchie preferably) 3a. 2nd gen Black or Undine Alts 3b. Spiral lineage Shimmers 4a. Nebula hatchies 4b. Gemshard hatchies
  12. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: Echithan11 Forum name: Echithan11 Birthday: November 18 List: 1. CB Gold 2. CB Red Dorsal 3a. 4G+ Silver 3b. Any Metals fitting this category 4a. Any extra hatchings you want to give What is my favorite dragon...........hmm........I think that the Astrapi Xenowyrm is pretty cool~~ Lol just found out about forums... Thanks to anyone willing to give me anything here!
  13. I would like to enter for prizes 1, 2, 3, & 4! Thanks
  14. Forum name: Echithan11 PM link: PM Me List of Valentines I Can Breed: - N/A; I'm new to dragon cave. List of Valentine's I need: -Any Valentines dragon is greatly appreciated
  15. I'd like to join! My storms will be all around my scroll and named HOLLYCONT# or Mission Stannous Storm lVCl. Count: 32
  16. I found a 2nd gen mature Magma hatchling in the cave today.