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  1. June and July releases Rift Wyrms are dragons adapted to both the frigid depths of the sea and the void that exists in the space between spaces. They have the ability to rip holes in the fabric of space that lead into and out of the void, and can manipulate the size and location of these rifts with additional effort. Their bodies give off an unsettling chill, while their mouths tend to glow from the mana they’ve consumed. Between their appearance and their method of travel, Rift Wyrms have a reputation as eldritch creatures that do not belong in this world. They tend to have a mischievous streak facilitated by their abilities. This ranges by individual from harmless japery to active malevolence, and many people and dragons are wary of them. Despite their reputation as tricksters, these wyrms are curious and may choose to help others on a whim just as often as they decide to harm. Avea Pygmies are extremely active dragons known for their aptitude for flight. They will often fly for long distances and are in a constant state of migration. Avea Pygmies live in large groups for protection and they will care for each others’ young. They are herbivores and especially like fruits and berries. When dealing with other species, Avea pygmies are short-tempered and quickly take offense. After one has offended an Avea, gifts and bribes are the best way to regain trust. Luminox Wyverns are a spritely breed, though their sharp beaks and talons may suggest otherwise. As the fall months approach, they begin to collect and store heat from fire mana, and as the temperatures drop off, they release it through localized spots on their bodies. This enchanted heat creates a bubble of warmth around the dragon, not dissimilar to sitting by a fire, and it causes parts of their hides to glow a striking orange. They are very popular with children, who are enraptured by their bright wingtips, glowing markings, and magical warmth. As a result, they frequently join in on human festivities, much to the humans’ delight. Sociable and small, Glowback Pygmies are very caring towards other pygmies’ young. They tend to be nocturnal, lazing in the sun or resting in the treetops during the day, while at night they dance in the dark, their backs glowing brightly due to a bioluminescent chemical they produce in the hair-like growths on their backs. These hairs may shine in many colors; some individuals hold a solid shade across their back, while most gleam with a multitude of different hues. They have a love for shiny objects, often taking them back to their nest and leaving something from their home tree in return.
  2. Birthday dragons! The Aeria Gloris are an unusual-looking breed. With six glowing eyes, a ring of crystals that orbits around the dragon’s neck, and seven sets of short wings lining their body, these dragons are thought to be related to something primordial, perhaps even alien. Regardless, Aeria Gloris Dragons are graceful and gifted with potent magic that allows them to manipulate space almost instinctively. They have been known to use highly complex teleportation magic on the fly, and while these dragons are not very mobile on the ground, they often take off by using their magic to create a field which temporarily reverses gravity’s hold. Aeria Gloris are usually neither malicious nor benevolent, preferring to mind their own business and wandering as if in search of something. Geminae Dragons are known to be among the most powerful psychics of dragonkind. This power is used primarily to communicate with other creatures, but also as a defense mechanism. Though large, Geminae are not particularly well-suited for physical combat and thus rely on their psychic abilities to influence the thoughts, intentions, and emotions of anything that seeks to harm them. These dragons have no interest in fighting, either; they spend most of their time solving complex puzzles as a challenge for both heads to achieve together. Though both heads of the Geminae approach problems much differently, they are unparalleled in their desire to collaborate and compromise to reach a solution. When a Geminae puts its heads together, there is almost nothing it cannot do. Vremya Drakes are known for their impeccable abilities to alter time as an instinctual response to external stimuli. Whenever they feel threatened or startled, Vremya Drakes are capable of locking their target into a temporary time loop, allowing the drakes to escape unscathed. This attachment to time magic also supplies them insight to potential outcomes a few moments ahead to give them an advantage in dangerous situations. Many instances of deja vu have been attributed to Vremya Drakes and their time loops. Once heralded as the most intelligent drake breed, they are actually not much smarter than the average drake, but their unique method of distracting enemies has falsely given them a reputation of cunning and acumen. Galvanic Wyverns possess a strength that seems impossibly vast for their size. They achieve this through their unique ability to extract magic in its purest form directly from mana. They then channel this energy throughout their bodies via the metallic conduits along their spines, wings, and tail tips, giving them their magically-augmented physical prowess, as well as the magical dexterity to lay devastating spells. However, once they have depleted a mana crystal, they are left vulnerable until they are able to harvest another. Kovos Pygmies cast terror into the hearts of those unfortunate enough to encounter one. As solitary hunters, they avoid contact with most other dragons. Tendrils of nearly-condensed liquid mana swirl about them at all times, bringing a sense of dread—and slow corruption after prolonged contact. They will attack prey even when well-fed, sometimes solely for the entertainment of the kill. Lihnseyre Dragons are innately in tune with the souls of creatures around them, informing these dragons of where and what life forms are near. These solitary creatures use this ability to evade others and watch from a distance, staying out of sight or soaring high up in the air. As they have a tendency to “see” and appreciate souls more than the actual wielders of said souls, they are rather detached in terms of emotional and personal connections. Though some tell stories of their anger and sorrow being washed away by these dragons or being freed from weariness, this is not out of inherent goodwill; they simply prefer the feeling of peaceful souls. While hard to anger, a Lihnseyre Dragon, once enraged, will unleash powerful magic to sever the soul tether—the connection betweem a being’s material body and its extra-planar soul—of the offender and effectively end their life with cold indifference. and the other releases Valentines The Sakuhana Wyverns are known for their alluring beauty and the sweet, pleasant aroma that follows them everywhere. Though they may be courted by numerous potential mates, a Sakuhana typically will only choose one and remain with them for the rest of their lives. They are very playful dragons that are always active and rarely sit still for long. Because of this, they are typically only seen during Spring, settle down for just long enough to find their mate. The presence of a Sakuhana always brings an influx of warmth and new growth; the dragons make use of their innate magic to help bring about an early Spring. March Blancblack dragons are a two-headed breed known for their hardiness and easygoing nature. They are omnivorous, with the cream head preferring to eat plants and the violet head preferring to eat meat, and can adjust readily to harsh climates. These dragons are sociable—both with other two-headed breeds and with single-headed dragons—and can often be found as adopted members of social dragon colonies. They are often considered symbols of balance and fairness, and likenesses of Blancblacks have been found in ancient ruins associated with law and justice. Females Blancblacks have longer tails than males, which they use as whips when defending a nest from predators. Aqualis Dragons inhabit the shallow seas of Valkemare, preferring to make their homes in coral reefs. Due to their need to return to the surface to breathe, they avoid deep water unless absolutely necessary. Although they are quite drab when first hatched, prolonged contact with salt water causes their skin to become bright and iridescent. This vibrancy, when combined with quick movements, confuses the fish these dragons prey upon. Nomadic males travel the length of Valkemare’s reefs in bachelor groups, while females tend to claim a specific area as their own. A group of males will herd a school of fish into a female’s territory, and if she is seeking a mate, she will join the hunt. Once she has eaten her fill, she will choose the most skilled hunter to be her mate. April Skysilk Dragons spend their days drifting through the heavens, their voluminous manes billowing like clouds. Imbued with air mana, their fluffy fur is incredibly lightweight—so much so that it defies gravity, taking on a mind of its own as it puffs upward. This property makes them quite popular among avian species—birds flock together for the opportunity to play among a Skysilk’s fleecy crown. Docile and patient, Skysilks are quite tolerant of this treatment, with hatchlings in particular developing tight-knit friendships with their feathered visitors. Interestingly, their lustrous scales always retain their dull gleam, despite the frequent presence of tiny critters. Mariner pygmies do not venture often to any mainland, preferring to lead their lives spread across the ocean’s multitude of small islands. They can soar for great distances with little effort, stopping only as necessary to rest. Mariners feed mostly on fish, sharing large catches with the rest of the colony. Pairs mate for life and usually remain in the same colony; when the colony becomes too large, it begins to split, and the smaller groups relocate to distant islands.
  3. I did all the paths and out of all the available ones, I only disliked Harle's path because it was a bit difficult to get the best ending for that path. But if I had to pick a favorite it would be Alun. Tsoko was good, Mordred/Ion/Olivia/Wilda and all the other characters were amazing and I loved each and every one of them (except Gastin. Nobody likes Gastin) but Alun was...something else. The ending to his path was something out of a movie, but it so much more. The fact that was surprisingly humble; I don't think I've ever seen a character with that kind of problem. If I had to put all the paths in order from most liked to least it would be: 1. Alun 2. Mordred (came really close to taking the top spot) 3. Ion 4. Olivia/Wilda (it's a tie!) 5. Tsoko 6. Harle
  4. The new dragons grew up: Aether Wyvern: "Aether Wyverns have the ability to control winds utilising air mana. During mating season, rival males often attempt to impress females by hanging onto a rock beside the female and letting another Aether Wyvern blast gale-force winds at them. The one to stay on the rock the longest wins, and if the female wins, she will reject both males. These wyverns also use their ability to control winds to blow away intruding dragons or to capture prey, though an Aether Wyvern’s aim is not perfect. As a solution to their imperfect aim, these wyvern s will create large winds that often blows away much more than they originally intended to." Pipio Pygmy: "Pipio Pygmies are a hardy—but not very intelligent—species able to survive in most places. They communicate with each other using chirps, coos, and clicking sounds. They are very easy to tame, and as they breed readily in captivity and aren’t terribly picky eaters, these small dragons are a common sight in human settlements. However, Pipio Pygmies are still dragons, and are bolder in groups: when a group of these pygmies feels threatened, they may take off all at once in a disorienting swarm, and if the threat is great enough, they will attack the instigator with razor-sharp claws and teeth. Predators hoping for an easy meal, or abusive caretakers, have been known to lose an eye." I for one highly agree that the Aether Wyvern would fit in WIND.
  5. saw this thread and was immediately reminded of this: Po-ta-toes Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew
  6. i cannot, for the life of me, get an alt from a pair of Undines i have for a personal alternating inbred line! plus two of my eggs died of sickness overnight and i cannot find someone with a yellow dino egg for the encyclopedia
  7. We got new dragons! Floret Wyverns are an elegant breed, named for the flowerlike manes and tails each individual possesses. They project small fields of magic around themselves that calm those in the field’s proximity, for a short while replacing anxiety and anger with peace-of-mind. Florets are strikingly wise; they often share their knowledge of the world with whomever is willing to listen and learn. They are very faithful to those close to them, and are especially devoted to their partners and young. It is said that the lasting friendship of a Floret is one of the highest testaments to one’s true character. The Freckled Dragon is a small, cunning breed known for their obsessive hoarding habits. Males and females are visually identical, but one can tell the difference between genders depending on what they collect—males only collect green-colored items, while females only collect red-colored items. Though their wings are too small to sustain flight, these dragons can glide for a short distance. Instead of flying, freckled dragons travel by running at swift speeds for long distances. They are typically docile, but can become violent if their treasure is threatened. I think the Floret Wyvern would be a good fit for LIFE!
  8. I GOT MY THUWED! https://dragcave.net/lineage/ff7uM
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnTjAMk73i8 <- It's not an HD remake, but a real, actual remake
  10. I have beaten Shadow of the Colossus for the PS2 numerous times; can't wait for the remake!
  11. You are very welcome! Sickness is a big problem around these holiday events; gotta watch out for that!
  12. i have 2 extra ones, but they're sick right now.
  13. I Would Like to Update My List!Scroll name: PhantomoftheWolvesForum name: PhantomoftheWolvesBirthday: July 2, 1994Revised List:1. Neglected2. Cheese3a. magma from magma x winter3b. female blue gemshard from blue fire gem x blue gemshard4a. CB Frill4b. CB plated colossus
  14. Happy birthday DC! I love the new features and cannot wait for what the new eggs will hold! Also, THE VAMPIRES HAVE NEW SPRITES!!!!
  15. first page! cant wait to see what comes out of these eggs
  16. the first egg for the Spooky Line! father mother
  17. anyone except the one you want and the one that Laura-Lana wants
  18. i am on the thuwed list, but the pair im on the list for will never breed the one i specifically wanted is there anyway to change this?
  19. that's fine, i was wanting to only start one line too
  20. the dragon i bred for the flaming line is going to be female. will breed a new one after cooldown
  21. i would like to register for both of the halloween and christmas 2015 lines
  22. i got myself stuck in the forest and i cant get out!