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  1. Trying to get my Christmas breeding ready, Bred an egg ... that one needs to be female ... influence ... nope, should have been a male ...
  2. Gruff

    Pokemon Go

    I dont have a shiny driftloon, but I do like the look of the evolved non-shiny version. I wish I could get a shiny bulbasaur. i like the yellow flowerbud.
  3. I mis-bred two checkered halloween lines ....
  4. Gruff

    Pokemon Go

    I am still having problems with a excellent curveball throw, make three new friends ... the halloween one I think I will be able to finish.
  5. One of my own doing. I thought Halloween breeding was possible today, seven days before halloween, so this AM I went to breed a Halloween pair, refused to even go near each other .... great. In seven days, or Halloween itself they can attempt to breed again .... but will they be able to since now they have refused?
  6. Gruff

    Pokemon Go

    I did alright this go round. Got two shiny beldums. Didn't get any that could battle with the best of them, but I got right underneath it.
  7. I personally would not be upset if I received notification I won a prize and it was a Thuwed. I would be elated if I got notification I won something. Prizes are additional content that we do not normally have access to. The fact that prizes have so much value is part of the problem with the current system. Even the notion that people would be disappointed with a 'common Thuwed' kinda blows me away. The value of the prize should not matter if it just a 'common 2nd gen Thuwed', it is still something that you did not have before. Contests and prizes are not required content. There should be no expectation of what can I get out of this. As another poster already said, TJ doesn't breed that much anymore, making the common 2nd gen Thuwed egg a little more rare, and allowing people to still get a Thuwed without having TJ be burdened with massive breeding.
  8. I still fall into the category of never winning a prize, but even with that ... I say leave the system as it is. Is it fair, no. Neither is life. Congrats to the lucky ones that have won multiple prizes and condolences for those of us who have not. If it is truly random, then no, I don't think previous winners should be banned from winning another random prize. I would say though that one thing that could be done ... keep the current prizes as they are, but throw in a Thuwed. Five people get a random Thuwed egg.
  9. Gruff

    Pokemon Go

    While I do like the Pokemon Go, I find the whole force friendship thing annoying. No one I know does it, but for the field research, you need three friends ... for the gift bags ... give to friends, or to get lucky pokemon ... trade with friends. I have asked some people I work with and I get the usual 'my kids have that'. And well, as an older adult, I don't want to have a bunch of kid friends on pokemon go ... not a pedophile, just trying to collect them all .... I guess I could be like an ultimate dork and post on craigslist 'anyone who lives near X want to be pokemon go friends, contact me'.
  10. I got excited when I got a prize dragon egg in the AP. Nice stair with a vine. Incubate, gender influence ... all is good. Go to my folder where I have stairs and ... my new egg is a cousin to a dragon I already have, with the first five generations the same ...
  11. This is the first year I fogged hatchlings and am waiting for them to perish behind the wall of fog. I know they are only sprites and are not real ... but its like the stabbing message you get when you do the kill command ... they look at you asking why they were betrayed as the life fades out ... It always makes me feel a little bad, but the vamp sprites are just so cool. I wish on halloween they could breed. For my zombie fodder, I made a folder for dragons called zombie fodder and during the year I put dragons in it that I will attempt to kill and/or use. They are either cave-born or dragons I bred. I don't use dragons bred from other players in the mix ... just don't. Though, if a hatchie genders in the fog ... can they grow up in the fog?
  12. Stones and Ash dragons, always got to click on them. Then, Gold Wyvrens and Nebulas.
  13. Good lord they are hard to catch.
  14. Im not good with spreadsheets, I've tried. I can't figure that out ... I love the ash dragon, it is my favorite dragon breed. @birdzgoboom for making such an fantastic sprite. Right now, I am working on a PB line for them, but I could easily see a stone checker, a purple nebula checker, or a shadow halloween checker.
  15. I actually like both of the new dragons and have plans for both in lineages. Thank you for those that made them.
  16. I love the look of some of the dragons green. Am I wrong for wanting a perma-green one? Some are just gorgeous!
  17. OMG. That is one beautiful dragon. I want more than 2.
  18. Even with the two limit, i don't think I will be able to get two of each holiday breed ... there is/was too many that I need. I will get two of the dragons I like the most, so that is good enough for me.
  19. I got a little lady .,, someone or something made her really really mad. FUKVC Maybe she don't like the Vancover Canucks ... or maybe Vice City in Grand Theft Auto ... Can't think of too many things that are abbreviated VC but whatever it is, she don't like it. She won't tell me what it is, I've asked but she isn't talking.
  20. Trying to find a specific common CB egg. Haven't seen one drop in the biomes or the AP. When not looking for it ... they seem to be all over the place. Now that I am needing one ... adios ...
  21. Im thinking gold wyvren for the males and mageia for the females.
  22. I would be interested in it starting again myself, so there is still interest.
  23. Had to go back in and fix the links. It should be correct now ... but I really do love that dragon. =)
  24. That was the best Halloween I could have imagined for DC. 2nd gen calligene x white from Liontails. 2nd gen pure calligene from Alissy. 3rd gen pure cave lurker from Wild dragon. 3rd gen chrono x depisis from Kith. 2nd gen mageia x depisis from Liontails. 4th gen bronze lunar x depisis from argentum virdis. 3rd gen black tip x depisis from cyradis4. 2nd gen spinal x cave lurker from anon. 4th gen red nebula x grave from anon. 4th gen pigmy x pumpkin from VampricOmen ( with alt in baseline ). 4th gen pure shadow from Ayalajoy. 2nd gen monarch x witch from Ripan. 2nd gen pure witch from Reanimated. Between my own breeding, hoarding caveborns and zombie attempts .... not a bad haul.