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  1. From what was discussed in this thread: In your scenario, the eggs you've bred would start to appear when they reach the same time as eggs in AP - just the same as it is now. How many would be visible at once depends on what display limit would be set. This wasn't decided yet, but players usually discussed something between three to six eggs from one breeder displayed at the same time. Your eggs would be visible in AP untill they are all picked up (or in extreme case - die). AP in this case is still sorted by time remaining to death, but only 3 to 6 of your eggs with the lowest time would be visible and possible to pick up. The rest of your eggs would be hidden behind those eggs and unaccesible for others until the first 3 to 6 of your eggs are taken from AP. Even if time of those hidden eggs is lower than general time of eggs in AP. I have no idea how much effort or time would it take to introduce this change to the AP The idea is if the eggs you've massbred are considered nice for people hunting in abandoned page, at the end they will be picked up with no problem, even with the limit of only three or six visible at once. At the same time people who are not interested in your CBs offspring would have a chance to see eggs bred by other players. Your eggs would occupy only max of 6 spots in AP, while currently, without the display limit, they will take basically all visible slots (if not picked up fast enough).
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    4G Gaia from Floral-Crowned checker: https://dragcave.net/teleport/ed1b9fae5b6372a87a820c6c477cca23
  3. Have: 2G Soulstone from bronze Shimmer - grows up in 8 hours, and was already stunned 2G Heartseeker from bronze Shimmer Want: 2G Heartstealing from silver Shimmer https://dragcave.net/teleport/2d0f2ae2a457b1711bf451811d94e7b3 https://dragcave.net/teleport/9f912c3add4b7f6f0f2855ac9506fa1d
  4. Have: 3G Heartstealing from silver Shimmer Looking for: Bloodswap, unrelated to these two: one, two https://dragcave.net/teleport/36cec5b49a690ab9d5717020630f88df
  5. That's quite interesting. I can relate to "not wanting to add to the AP wall", but it's not the wall going in the AP make me feel like that. There's usually around 2 days delay between what is in AP now and when eggs bred at the moment finally appear there. But there's always a chance someone decide to massbreed around the time I decide to do that, what may end up not very well. Personally, the whole discussion about walls and how they prevent people from enjoying game made me breed less stuff to AP. That's because my main goals in breeding to AP were to lower the time of eggs there and also share the lines I find nice with other people. But with players completely fed up with AP blocked by one player, and since I don't use it often enough to actually benefit from lower times, there's no point.
  6. I think display limit per breeder is better as it will prevent blocking AP both with one breed and/or one type of lineage from the same player. With display limit per breed alone or combined with limit per breeder there will be a chance that more desirable eggs of certain breed from one player will be hidden behind massbred, less desirable eggs from another player, which is pretty similar issue to what we have now (walls of low variety, not very desirable eggs blocking everything with higher time), but limited to one breed only. I don't think it's necessary to combine display limit per breeder with limit per breed, and the latter one alone seems to be less effective in case of lineage variety in AP (one player could still block AP with wall of various breeds and similar type of lineage). This is of course only what I think may happen, at the end other solutions, like display limit per breed, may turn out to work better, who knows. Basically: I think current situation with walls blocking AP isn't ideal and some changes are needed I'm against complicating the whole thing more than it's necessary, it seems to have bigger potential to spawn bugs - that's why I don't like idea of combining display limits per breeder and per breed For me personally lack of variety of lineages in AP feels almost as bad as one breed wall - and I think limiting eggs displayed in AP by breed will not prevent this from happening as much as limit per breeder. Intoducing some changes in, for example, how ratios work (I mean that the need of massbreeding would disapear), may significantly decrease the scale of problem with walls, but I still think introducing some kind of solution would be nice. At the end, people with lots of dragons will still have the potential to block the AP with their eggs.
  7. There shouldn't be that many of them this time, according to breeder's post: More on topic, I support display limit per breeder for the AP. It seems to be the best of the options as it will not restrain massbreeders and allow AP hunters to have variety of breeds and also lineages to choose from. Now as the walls are so frequent, I need to agree that individual players have a bit to much influence of what appear in AP and some kind of steps should be taken. But I feel this may create some issues in case of holiday walls. Should this display limit apply to them too? Or maybe it's unnecesary.
  8. I was going to breed only 2Gs yesterday, but ended up breeding every even gen pair I had already paired on my scroll. Oops On a plus side, there's lots of various breeds there, so no chance any of them would create a wall with small exception of PB Undines maybe
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    I can keep it for you I won't need this eggslot for next 2 days
  10. Lyncerta

    Z Project

    Just bred z code 3G Tercorn from Witchlight: https://dragcave.net/teleport/aae83261c21957681dbfa0f8eac9c3fb
  11. Made a mistake influencing the egg. Is there someone with spare space who could bounce it back to me? Thank you, Fuzzbucket
  12. I caught some nice 2Gs and 3Gs during Halloween Witchlights: from Razorcrest, thanks @Singalana! nice code from Tercorn, thanks @Infinis! from Script, Thank you, @ElpuntThing! and from Luminox, thanks Anon! Arcanas: from Autumn, thank you, @Keepiru! My current favourite pairing for female Arcana from Sunset and from Mutamore, thanks Chrysantza! and from Royal Crimson, thanks Anon! Shadow Walkers: from Tercorn and from Heartseeker, thanks Anons! I not only have 3G Hearseeker, but also 4G Shadow Walker from this line, so I will be able to breed 5th gen next Halloween Cavern Lurkers: from Luminox, thank you, @tjekan! and from Black Tea, thanks @sashocirrione! Caligenes: from Nocturne, thank you, tishivara! Already had mate for him, also from your scroll and from Luminox, thanks Anon! Desipises: from Mageia Xeno, thanks @XanthPenny! second one from Mageia Xeno, thanks @GhostMouse! three dragons: from Mageia again, from Pyro Xeno and from Magma, thanks @Iside! from Candelabra, Lihnseyre, Leodon and Sinomorph, thanks Anons!
  13. Except for people who want to catch something nice with low time (like me). I use the AP to stuff up my scroll with incuhachable CBs and maybe holiday checkers, when I happen to have free egg space and I'm lucky to find them (what happens suprisingly often) But you have a point, pagination would solve problem with blocking AP by one breed. It would also help people who would like to hunt normal eggs during holiday events and help normal eggs which are running out of time behind holiday wall too. I tried to find disadvantage of the "cherry picking" eggs from the last pages, but besides the fact that those egg will be gone from AP long before I would like to pick them up, I could find one thing that seems pretty reasonable. With all eggs in AP accessible for players, the motivation to pick up ones with lowest times will decrease, as they will not block the rest anymore. This may cause those eggs to actually start dying because no one will take them. Not sure how likely it is overall, and if it's bad thing actually, but it may be a bigger problem in case of walls of holiday eggs. People will most likely catch hatchies or certain breeds before less desirable, lower time eggs. And when those hit 3D 0H mark, they will become even less desirable, as they can't be influenced anymore. And there will be still tons of eggs available that can be influenced. Also, having tens of pages of AP eggs may be a bit overwhelming. Imagine something like a hundred pages of AP to search. And people sitting only on a few first and few last ones.
  14. One of the last Halloween eggs I've bred at 21:32 on 31st is 1 day 6 hours now. Eggs that appear in AP now have 1 day and 7/8 hours left, so they couldn't be bred more than ~2 hours after mine (that means they are from before ~23:30). So, the wall of eggs is almost over, it seems. But every time I check AP time gets lower and lower...
  15. Thank you anon for this Shadow Walker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/VvNy7 I have matching heartseeker for her
  16. I've started to see additional adds on forums today too. But everything is normal on the Cave site for me.
  17. I breed all of my paired event dragons and it is usually at the very end. I'm not strictly organised on holiday events (more like not organised at all ), so I'm never sure which dragons' offspring I will need at the end. But in case of ones that I'm certain about, I try to breed them at the very beginning Also, I'm going to catch some CBs of older Halloween dragons at the beginning of event unless everyone else have the same idea
  18.  - Starting at 8:00 PM EDT/DC, Friday, July 12, 2019, today is Day 10 of the Cirion Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is Waxing Crescent. - Also, today is Day 10 of the Aurax Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is Waning Crescent. There is a somewhat higher probability of catching/breeding Dark Luminae than Luminae today.
  19. Oops, sorry for delay, here it is: And the next one, just in case: https://i.imgur.com/6ykRYwr.png because I may be actually inactive on forums till ~10th July
  20. I have some data from breeding my Luminas which includes "no egg/interest" results (they were bred with holidays/other Luminas/rares, so were unable to produce eggs other than Lumina). From total of 1641 breeding attempts I got 259 light Lumina eggs, 599 dark Lumina and 783 no egg. I've started recording my results in March 2017, so it's few months after the release.
  21. Oh Since the cycler you've been posting wasn't a link, I've just assumed it's a separate image Static image shows how cycler looked like on the lunar day update was posted, which is consinstent with other information in that update. Seeing old post informing about day 0 (Cirion is full) with cycler image showing that Cirion is (for example) new might be a bit confusing. On the other hand static images of both moons already act as that, showing phases on day that update was posted. And I would guess that people are more interested in current lunar status than past ones, so that may be irrelevant.
  22. - Starting at 8:00 PM EDT/DC, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, today is Day 0 of the Cirion Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is Full Moon. - Also, today is Day 16 of the Aurax Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is New Moon. There is a very high probability of catching/breeding Luminae today.
  23. Sure, no problem! It is set to editable (that is what it says to me at least) Edit After double checking I've found some small errors: - entries 978 - 985 (all from day 10) don't have hour reported, but they were included as bred on 00:00 - 00:59 - They are exluded completely now - despite my efforts with taking time change into account properly, I think I included it wrong . I've used current Daylight saving time as basis and adjusted entries from Winter time by subtracting one hour. The more I think about it, the more I'm sure I should ADD one hour. If that's true, over 20 entries from day 3, 14:00 - 14:59 will be moved to 16:00 - 16:59, completely messing math @Shokomon did for day 3. Day 4 seems to be unaffected. I went ahead and changed it already to add an hour to Winter time entries, but I would be glad if someone confirmed it's correct
  24. @Shokomon, I've made this for charts. There are entries with bred eggs, and table with data needed to make charts as those for days 3 and 4 for all of the other days. Didn't end up with making the rest of the charts though.
  25. Thank you As for math, I will look at it tomorrow, too Chart for day 4: EDIT Some notes I have at this point: - I expected the chart will be more similar to the previous one - there's a few days with number of bred eggs over 70. I think I'll just put a chart to show this better: - @Shokomon, I think we would just need waaay more eggs bred than what we have now to be able to detect differences as low as ~1.5% properly. I'm quite sure breeding another similar sized batch of eggs again, on the same day and hour (for example on day 3, 17:00-17:59) would differ from results we have now much more than 1.5% - and because of above, I agree that good way to check the theory is to breed lots of eggs on possible distant hours on one lunar day. 100 eggs on both hour looks very safe to spot the difference, 50 eggs on both hours still feels like enough - alternatively, we can check what will happend if we breed bunch of eggs just before 8:00 PM and some just after. According to pinkgothic's theory, there wouldn't be much difference between batches, but previous one assumes the ratios will change abruptly to the next value - I'm not a statistician either, I had some classes about it though. But I don't remember much besides the fact it wasn't my favourite subject - - - - - - - - - -   - Starting at 8:00 PM EDT/DC, Thursday, May 9, 2019, today is Day 10 of the Cirion Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is Waxing Crescent. - Also, today is Day 10 of the Aurax Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is Waning Crescent. There is a somewhat higher probability of catching/breeding Dark Luminae than Luminae today.