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  1. I keep catching CB Ices that I don't need please take this away
  2. I got the Aeon! Thank you! It's my first one, and i'll definitely name it
  3. Krampusnacht Jelly Snake Goosebumps - for a Vampire, which is super cool
  4. The Summer That Melted Away
  5. The eggs look so good! Happy halloween!!
  6. Taking: miro1211's egg (am I supposed to link it? ) Leaving: Silver Hatchling
  7. Only caught two so far, but they look really good. Happy Halloween, everyone!
  8. Merry Christmas! Already got my first egg And my second one, they are so pretty!
  9. Twilight was, for writing style, not that bad. I've read worse. But the story, well that's another thing entirely. Not even gonna go there. As for Eragon, well I quite liked it. The second book sucked, but the series did get better (Probably. I read the last book in a twelve hour straight period, so I can't remember most of it), and was quite an easy read for a fantasy book.(Unlike, say, LotR. I love Tolkiens stories, but The Two Towers was a nightmare) I don't see how it matters if the story for Star Wars was similar, I still enjoyed them both. Each to their own, after all. except the movie don't watch the movie save yourself pain
  10. My Neighbour Totoro is my all time favourite movie, hence the Totoro avatar.
  11. The Inheritance Cycle, definitely. The Claidi Journals by Tanith Lee as animated movies. And the Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce.