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    Hello! My name is Morgan and I’ve been a member of DC since 2010 & and the forums since 2014. I’m a 19 year old trans dude who’s been on testosterone and had top surgery for over a year! I’m an animal person, and the majority of my art consists of nature & animals and other creatures I create from taking the anatomy of more than one animal and combining. Music also plays an important role in my life, I listen to nearly everything: rock, rap, 50’s-80’s, pop, alternative, and my favorite would have to be metal :) I write some of my own songs and poetry too. I also <3 tattoos, my favorite being the wolves on my left arm, they hold a deep meaning to me. Im a super friendly person, so don’t hesitate to send me a message :) I myself am a bit socially awkward so I’m not exactly the type to reach out and make friends, although I would really like some.