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  1. And a wee bit later, I got my first pumpkin! I felt so slow clicking it, never expected to have it. Best Halloween ever!
  2. I think you could be lucky to trade some more recent halloween CB hatchies for a CB Pumpkin maybe?
  3. Oops, I got overexcited and just randomly clicked on all CBs, so now I have 5 CBs, but I accidentally grabbed 2 Desipis as well, and I already have a major hoard of those. Oops Ah well, I also grabbed a Witchlight, a Caligene and a Grave dragon. That was fun! I really hope I'll be able to get a pumpkin, didn't see many pass in the cave, but it'd be awesome!
  4. I really like the combo of red nebula with tan ridgewing female. [url=https://dragcave.net/lineage/LmzsK]Like here.[/url] I just have no idea what to use as a third parent in a checker, since PB is not my jam. (I've been gone for ages so I forgot what dragons would look good haha).
  5. Are you kidding me, 3 of 4 grandparents are spriters alt, love this! (How am I even going to continue this though aha) Thank you phioxse!
  6. I've got some valentine stairs for you! All our two-way, offer a dummy please so I know where it goes to. I would like it if you named it, but that's not obligatory. So long as you don't kill it 4g 09 valentine from Summer 4g Sweetling from Magma 3g Sweetling from Silver
  7. Hi! I'm back (well, maybe back, we'll see) from a long hiatus, and have a few questions on rarity! - Did the almandines stay ridiculously rare? I just saw one in alpine, which made me remember you could hardly see any back in the day. - Is there still a raffle every year for prize dragons, or did that stop? - Are prize dragons still worth roughly the same as a year ago?
  8. Picked up some more pretties yesterday. gorgeous 4g goldxSW with 2 Spriters alts - thanks Starfyre! Really pretty 3g Blusang x SW - Thanks Iside! An impressive 4g SW x Rosebud - thanks breeder! And a lovely Desipis x RA - thanks Elena!
  9. I feel you! I was about ready to cry, especially since I won't be up tonight to catch my dream egg, but then I somehow mysteriously got my hands on a Prize alt! So don't give up yet, the pretties aren't gone yet!
  10. *starts baking caramel brownies for Infinis* *hopes she doesn't hate brownies* But yeah indeed, big thumbs up for Infinis, these are now my favorite Halloween dragons as well!
  11. My stats definitely aren't this impressive haha. 590 children, 0.76 per adult 317, 41.01% of adults has a kid.
  12. Well, over here we don't celebrate Halloween that much, but the day after is he day we remember the people who have died. November 1 for the saints, November 2 for all the souls who have perished. keeping that in mind, death related dragons seem absolutely appropriate and correct. Of course, going way back Halloween indicated the end of the harvest season. Then finally, if you look at what Americans made of this, it is just a day about candy and dressing up. So it really depends on what angle you look at this. From my angle, I think it's beautiful and perfect.
  13. I agree, I think they're great dragons for the Halloween release! Red eyes, skeleton markings, creepy slender tail. Plus the colors do remind of Egypt, and Egypt has a bunch of creepiness with their mummies and pharaos! The desipis weren't really halloween colored either, but they were perfect halloween dragons as well.
  14. Thought I might've been fast enough to find a sibling, but nope Congrats though, you have had insane luck with the event!
  15. I'm really glad I kept all my eggs / hatchies. Wasn't too fond of the hatchies with those big bright red eyes, but the adults are amazing! I would hunt for more but I think 12 should suffice..
  16. Aand I've seen the first AP'ed new halloween eggs! Those who missed get their chances now! And the adults are epic!
  17. The first 2 are at 4 days 1 hour ^^ Odd enough the other 2 are indeed at 4 days 4 hours and 5 hours o.0
  18. *keeps page open to see new adults in less than an hour now*
  19. AAAAH omg omg omg I was so gutted when I calculated that the egg I wanted to get would drop at night thanks to the AP change, but this definitely makes up for the pain of that! I never expected to get one of these!
  20. Well this sucks. I'm totally for this low time wall so they don't die, as long as everyone gets the same wall. I wanted to get a spriter's alt..
  21. I have an unrelated Grave x Falconiform checker if you're interested in continuing the checker! (They breed these babies and I still need to breed them right now actually >.>)
  22. Let's see what I just bred.. a Yew This one owns the note "si" Umm...AwNUS sounds a lot like... This one rars 4 times And I got gifted these: Just hanging.. And finally, Osiris.
  23. Grr, Pie bred before I was up darn. I didn't want a PB anyway thank god haha. Thank you breeder for this pretty SW x Gold 4g! Will be a perfect mate for my gold next year http://dragcave.net/lineage/n3Kou
  24. *high fives* Same here with allergies, seems I now have a tonsillitis, probably due to nasal drippage as it coincides perfectly. With feeling tired, nauseous, headache, oxygen-deprived and moodswinged constantly, my school work is suffering, I'm just glad we don't have too much work for once. However, my internship starts in November, and I don't know how well I will perform if I still feel like this It's 8 months and will be defining for my whole career. I hope the doctor will have an idea on what to do...
  25. I just did the 16personalities test and it gave me the same result. PERSONALITY: INFJ ("THE ADVOCATE") VARIANT: TURBULENT ROLE: DIPLOMAT 19% Introverted 100% Intuitive 43% Feeling 43% Judging 100% Turbulent But like said these tests aren't accurate for everyone. Pretty spot on for me though.