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  1. Wow, these look amazing. Now, I only need to get ahold of them…
  2. I froze 1 of my 2 holiday dragons for my first year, until I learned they were breedable the next. Now I only freeze inbreds from the AP.
  3. Id think alternate poses for on gender of the vamps would be nice. They were one of the first dragons with dimorphism and a recolor seems a bit underwhelming now. I do love them though.
  4. Cool idea for a contest. I can't do any sort of art but if you want help judging I would love too! If not I will just keep an eye on all of the eggies.
  5. Same. Where has it been all this time?!?!?
  6. Will they still be dropping today? Sometimes tj keeps the drops longer if they are on weekdays.
  7. Maybe they will permanatley stay. I got one on the first day, so im happy
  8. This is crazy... look at all of the imaginary hatchies!
  9. Its just a day, if it does die, tj can prbably reveive it for you. Lol. The site is just mocking me, cant view scroll, no eggs... And look, the wilderness is empty! http://dragcave.net/wilderness
  10. He is good at telling us about downtime, and holliday breedings and stuff. He does occasionally suprise us with an update though. Several new releases, the new egg textures, and other updates have been completely unannounced.
  11. I just forgot about my ND experiment. It died 2 hours ago and I just came online to a dead shell. Poor thing...
  12. I think there is a third, I beleive the episode of the original pokemon series where ash got his taurus was banned due to its focus on firearms.
  13. Im getting this message when i try to inbred check my new hatchling PARSE ERROR: Dragon Cave reported a fatal error for QXWR, type 6. If this persists, please post a bug report here. VALIDATION PASSED: eiip has no inbreeding in its lineage. So, is it inbred or not? Here is the code if you want to check for yourself eiip
  14. Lol, I just picked up this egg... http://dragcave.net/view/iWEE I don't really want it though, does anyone want it?
  15. I think it's fine. You have to read and understand the series to understand why she chose Peeta, I don't think it would be as good if she spoonfed us the answer by recapping all of the reasons that Peeta was better.
  16. I keep clicking the tree prize link to see if tj changed his mind and make me win... lol
  17. Congrats everyone What if someone dosn't claim their dragon? Does a runner up get it?
  18. I have to say in the 8th book of the pendragon series, when Pendragon blows up the flume and traps himself and SD on Ibara I love pendragon
  19. We don't know.... Going back a couple posts, Battle sequences are what the author does best I still don't quite get the whole Heart-Of-Hearts thing or how it works, nor how a sword (Brinsinger) could have a true name...
  20. As for the hunger games question, she believed that Gale could have been responsible for primms death, and so could not be around him anymore. Personally, I dont think coin was responsible for primms death. It was a last attempt by the capitol. It dosn't take a trapping genious to figure out "Bomb them, and then when medics come, bomb them again."