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    Oh my gosh, don't get me started on Jetters. I loved it but god... for anyone's that watched it, it sure loves to hit you straight in the feels. Unfortunately, the game made for the anime (because yeah, they made a game for Bomberman Jetters, actually they made three, but they vary...a lot to say the least.) got an english version that was very...ehh. The game itself is ok, not amongst the best I'd say but it's an alright game. Firstly, the gamecube Jetters game (the ps2 version is japan only) 's voice acting is... uh... kinda funny to listen to at times. The voices for some characters are spot on, but for others they sound too goofy for what they're supposed to be. The graphics feel a tiny bit of a downgrade to Generations (especially the gold bomber graphics, which already looked kinda cheesy, now it's an entire cheese because it's a flat yellowish color). I get they were trying to do it more cartoony, but it just didn't look like gold, not even in the slightest. It's a shame though, that despite this english port, the anime never got an official english dub. Then again, considering Mighty's voice in the game, maybe I'd rather not think about an alternate universe where a dub with the same VAs exist. That game and the anime don't really follow each other, in-fact, if I recall correctly some characters are missing altogether ? It's been a little while. Secondly, the GBA Jetters games. There's two of them, one is a game collection, and the other follows Mighty (at least in the beginning, since both are in Japanese I haven't gotten very far on either). The fact you can play as Mighty in at least one of them made me really happy because he was one of my favorite character in the anime. Him and his ridiculous teal boots that he wears... I've played a few of the Snes titles with my boyfriend and my sister introduced me to the anime about a week later. Which I proceeded to watch in a matter of days because I was hooked.
  2. Decided to reopen an art thread to post some of my stuff in! (My old thread was uh, years old. Lol.) I might open requests some time when things are less busy, but for now it'll do! You can find all of my art [Here]. Some of it: Art blog RN is mostly Bomberman-focused, but sometimes there's Megaman stuff or other original stuff in between (and a lot of ****posts too).
  3. Qu├ębec! That's somewhere in Canada.
  4. I should be working on prints, sticker designs and bookmark designs since I have to go out and print them tomorrow. Oh well. At least some of them are ready, that's better than nothing. Also replying to roleplays....
  5. I don't mind trains all that much, having lived like...what? 19 years next to train tracks. I like riding trains though I don't usually do it often because there's an express bus right next to the closest train to my home, which brings you to the city much faster than any train would. But y'know, it's still not the same! Heh.
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    I don't think I've seen a thread just yet on the forums, but anyone here into Bomberman? With a new game released on the switch, seems to have reawakened the series a bit. I'd like to hear what everyone's favorite title of the series is. Mine is Custom Battler Bomberman (also known as Bomberman 2 DS), which is kind of a... I guess semi-obscure title? I like the aesthetics and all the different armor (and it's also fairly ok in terms of length, though Bomberman games are not usually very long.) As for Super Bomberman R, I think it's a pretty good title but boy is the online play terrible at times (even after the patch). Online delay, freezing, lag is not something fun to have, and it's particularly bad for a game like Bomberman. (Though it was also an issue with some past online titles.)
  7. i hope i pass my driving lesson exam i want to drive my car already too much work to do ;; overwhelmed
  8. <3 i love the new fish and deer-like creature.
  9. My sims 3 stopped working so i can't really play until i install it again. (Sister took my disc sooo...)
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    Post Ctrl+V

    Mastigophobia- Fear of punishment. o3o yes, i was looking at a phobia lista ;v;
  11. I said i would hoard them so i did.
  12. Once the haystacks are released..i am making an army of them. Nobody will stop me >: D MUAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. It's a really fun site :3. But lool at the cracking dolphins
  14. Miggeh~ Make me a pikachu? :c
  15. Didn't turn out as good as i wanted it to be thought i hate hands Kirby-style OC of mine named ''Deeth''
  16. Months later, im sorry its so bad. Didn't do full body.