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tumblr_nunezqRlja1td1iaso2_250.pngtumblr_nunezqRlja1td1iaso3_100.pngtumblr_nunezqRlja1td1iaso1_250.png★ I accept IOUs ★


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    Phoenix AZ, USA
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    Scroll >> http://dragcave.net/user/Creeq
    (Check my signature for my wishlist!)

    ★Scroll Index★
    A. Leetle Tree
    B. Unbreedables
    C. Metallics
    -----Golden Wyverns
    D. GoN Related
    E. Holiday Dragons
    -Valentines (None.)
    F. Hoards
    -----Lunar Heralds
    G. Pygmys
    H. Hybrids
    I. Other (Sorted by name.)

    ★ I trade art for wishlist dragons. ★
    Check out my deviantart (Sickaede) for examples. ~

    ★Currently seeking mates for★
    http://dragcave.net/lineage/8yvaH (Spriter's Alt Lineage)
    http://dragcave.net/lineage/Y3Q8q (Spriter's Alt Lineage)

    ★Also Currently Seeking★
    ALWAYS CB Golds
    MALE Gold x Calegine 2G Gold
    MALE Gold x Calegine 2G Calegine IOU
    Clean Spriter's Alt Lineages

    ★Lineages i'm Working On★
    Rainbow Stairstep Xeno (Long)
    Rainbow Stairstep Xeno (Short)
    Rainbow Stairstep Gemshard
    Rainbow EG Herald
    Gold x Grave Checker
    Gold x Grave EG
    Gold x Desipis Checker
    Gold x Calegine Checker (With TheToxicCycle)

    ★CB Dragons I can breed★
    1 Male Gold
    2 Female Silver
    2 Male Silver
    1 Male Green Copper
    2 Female Brown Copper
    2 Male Brown Copper
    1 Male Red Copper
    3 Male Despis
    3 Female Despis
    7 Male Calegine
    8 Female Calegine
    2 Male Pyro
    2 Female Pyro
    1 Male Maegia
    1 Female Maegia
    1 Male Gaia
    1 Male Chrono
    2 Male Astrapi
    1 Male Thalassa
    1 Female Thalassa
    1 Female Golden Wyvern
    3 Male Goldden Wyverns
    1 Male GoN
    2 Male Magma
    1 Female Magma
    3 Female Ice
    1 Female Lightning

    ★Lines I can breed★
    ((Working on this list please be patient. ~))
    4G SS Gold Tinsel x Gold

    ★IOUs owed to me★
    ✔ = Paid
    5 Clean Lineaged Red Hatchies - Vain.3805 (5/5) ✔
    Traded for CB Green Copper
    1 2G PB Alt Undine, 1 3G PB Alt Undine from Alt Parents, 2G PB Gold(s), 2G Female Grave(s) from Male Gold x Female Grave - Immaling (4/4) + Gold from Despis x Gold ✔
    Traded for Chrono Xeno, and CB Silver
    2 2G Grave from Male Gold - yongyeon
    Traded for CB Silver (2/2) ✔
    3G Gold Tinsel from Male Golds - lazybug
    Traded for CB Silver (1/1) ✔
    Radiant Angel from Female Silver && CL x Male Gold - Syferia
    Traded for 2x 2015 CB Halloween Hatchies (1/2)
    1 Solstice from Solstice x Ice, 1 Sweetling from Silver x Sweetling
    Traded for 2 Calegines (0/2) infiniteviking

    ★IOUs owed to other people★