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  1. What? Was that my brothers?! Waiter, there is a creepy looking ghost in my soup!
  2. Bekkichan died when Red Eyes Black Dragon #3719 slashed him
  3. What is that? Waiter, there is a green dragon in my soup!
  4. The vending machine rumbles I insert an angry Velociraptor
  5. Oh great Waiter, there is a big beetle in my soup!
  6. The penguin waddles at the angry dinosaur and runs
  7. *Roars angrily* Who asked that caveman cop to be with me?!
  8. Adopt your avatar as a pet Would you rather tickle a sleeping dinosaur or tickle a sleeping dragon?
  9. The penguin waddles past the angry dragon and runs
  10. The vending machine rumbles I insert an angry Red Eyes Black Dragon and Velociraptor
  11. Yes Poster, can I tickle an angry dinosaur?
  12. The vending machine moves I insert an angry Tyrannosaurus Rex
  13. *Throws 84 doughnuts at KingSpinosaurus, Esko_the_Wolf and Valvatorez*