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  1. Got another two lineages done https://dragcave.net/lineage/R2pbo https://dragcave.net/lineage/5A7AO Might see if I can swap some halves around in these two with different breeds later on...
  2. New attempt at the cascade! A1C. Bingo! ^ Thanks so much @Ruby Eyes for this one! Looking at these codes like this really gave me a headache as well
  3. Round 1 Regular Bingos R1 : Yellow-Crowned Bingo! R2 : Gold, Silver and Copper bingo bingo bingo! Cascade Bingos A1b : Anything whose code includes four characters from following set. Bingo! {B c E e G i n O R S t 1 5 9 0}
  4. Got a nice practical lineage finished - https://dragcave.net/lineage/neONQ Also accidentally auto'ed this egg when I wasn't aware of my limit so it will pop up in the AP in two or three days if anyone is willing to help me keep an eye out for it!
  5. Sign me up for platinum! F1. Bingo!
  6. Tiga

    Z Project

    Self bred Z-Bauta! https://dragcave.net/teleport/f4c266a76459499427ea58ef783a9bfc
  7. Ahhh sorry for being so late!! Regular: R15. A dragon whose code begins and ends with the same character Bingo! R17. Three different hallowe’en breeds Bingo! one two three R18. A summoned dragon Bingo! R20. Three dragons with codes beginning with consecutive letters of the alphabet Bingo! C D E Ponderous P2a. My main colour is blue (4 points) P2b. My elemental affinity is Air (3 points) P2c. I am a Western dragon (2 points) Bingo? Co-op Bingo: Up to four players per group A CB breed that can be found in every biome. Points – 2 per player for a group of 2; 3 each for a group of 3 and 4 each for a group of four. Would be open to this- but the bingo seems to be winding down
  8. Round Three Regular: R10 A PB lineaged magelight Bingo! R12. All three avatars (change, creation, destruction) Bingo! Creation Change Destruction R14 Your first dragon Bingo!
  9. F6. Bingo! Round 2 Regular R6. 2 single colour checkers (e.g. water x blue herald). Bingo! purpley-blue and light blue R7. A stairstep lineage with at least 4 different breeds Bingo! R8. A dragon whose code is all consonants (no numbers) Bingo! R.9 A dragon named for a city Bingo! Cascade: C1c. a Lunar Herald even gen lineage including 3 Lunar Herald colours - 3 points Bingo! Ponderous Puzzle P1a I can be found in all biomes (4 points) P1b I’m not dimorphic (3 points) Bingo? Edit: I'm also meant to be in platinum level; not diamond! ^^
  10. Sign me up for platinum! F2. Bingo! Round 1: Regular R2. A Soulpeace fail. Bingo! R3. An even gen line containing three different hybrids. Check back later R4. An Orange dragon that isn’t a magi. (for Ruby !) Bingo! R5. A two-holiday checker Bingo!
  11. Yay congrats winners! Thanks for a great game Tabs!
  12. PP1d. I can be found in Desert, Forest, and Jungle. Bingo! PP2d. I can be found in Desert, Forest, and Jungle. Don't have one, unfortunately!
  13. Ahh thanks Ruby for finding that... thats why bingo at midnight and tired doesnt seem to be a good mix! F6. Bingo!
  14. You missed this co-op between Little-Star and me: PP1a. I was released before summer 2015. PP2a. I was released after summer 2016. PP1b. I am a Western-type "standard" dragon. PP2b. I am a Western-type "standard" dragon. PP1c. I was sprited by a single artist. Bingo! PP2c. I was sprited by a single artist. Bingo! Round 4 Regular R15. A CB blue-banded with (lowercase) b in its code Bingo! R16. A 3rd-generation or higher purebred where all sprites are the same. Bingo! R17. A 4th-generation lineage made of two different checkers. I'll find one when its not 12am here.... R18. Three lineages of opposite/complementary colours. Bingo! black and white orange and blue red and blue R19. Lineaged creature whose parents are both described. I'll check back later R20. Something with "warm" in its egg description checkered with something with "bright" in its egg description, or a second-gen that fits that requirement. Co-op Co-op2. Post three breeds who have stripes. The "co-op" catch is that all bingo posters must have different breeds. You may post breed variants only if there's a variant that doesn't have stripes (so only one person may use a snow angel, for example). Each player will get 3 points for participating. Bingo! 1 (pyralspite - on the wings) Bingo! 2 (royal blue - on the tail) Bingo! 3 (sapphire - one big stripe on body) Competitive Com3. Biggest army! It has to be in comparison to the rest of your scroll. Three points to first place, two to second, one to third. Look for the breed you have the most individuals of. Divide that number by the total number of non-growing things you have - I think you can use the Grown Dragons stat on your scroll. For example, if your scroll has 2000 non-growing things, and 100 are pinks, 100/2000 = .05, so 5% of your scroll consists of pinks. If you don't keep every member of a breed together on your scroll (like me ), please link to a group of them so I can see them all easily. Dorsal count = 207 / grown dragons = 1,616 0.12809406%
  15. Co-op1. Bingo! Tiga: https://dragcave.net/view/bwYhK GhostMouse: https://dragcave.net/view/Ljrbl Regular R11. Ember that was laid/stolen, hatched, and grew up in September - SeptEmber! Bingo! R12. Even-gen. frozen hatchling Bingo! R14. Thuwed with a parent and at least two children with "Thuwed" in their names Bingo! Tricky T2. 3 points. Pm'ed! Also one more pair for the co-op: Dorsal and Neotropical if anyone is still looking
  16. Welcome ghostmateria! Also got another finish! https://dragcave.net/lineage/o4diE All my old projects seem to be finishing really quickly- my newer ones are the ones giving me troubles And a nice little half here, if only its other half would cooperate just as nicely
  17. Regular R6. CB holiday dragon with offspring of a different holiday, e.g. solstice with mutamore son(s) Bingo! R8. Something with a parent whose lineage is a spiral (3+ gen) and another parent whose lineage is even-gen (3+ gen) I'll have to check back on this one Co-op Co-op1. Partner up and look for breed names which rhyme. When you say we can't reuse breed names, do you mean that no one else can use that rhyme except for that one team? Or is it just to prevent one team from using the same rhyme three times? Co-op1. Bingo! Ruby Eyes: https://dragcave.net/view/Bi6T7 Tiga: https://dragcave.net/view/uxjSV Cascade Ca4. A 4G+ even-gen containing no Thuweds, spriter's alts, or hybrids where all CB dragons are different breeds Bingo! Ponderous Puzzle PP1a. I was released before summer 2015. PP1b. I am a Western-type "standard" dragon. Bingo? PP2a. I was released after summer 2016. PP2b. I am a Western-type "standard" dragon. Bingo? Flash F2. An ice dragon Bingo!
  18. Sign me up for platinum! I might be a bit slow in this bingo- mid year exams are coming up for me! Regular R1. A noodledragon Bingo! R2. Electric dragon with coastal waverunner in its progeny list Bingo! R3. Hybrid whose father is a hybrid but mother isn't Bingo! R5. Every pygmy breed, including a pumpkin... Dont have a dusk! Been meaning to catch up on all the hybrids I've missed as well Competitive Post a messy inbred lineage. I'll have to come back to this when I have time to search for my inbred dragons. Tricky I'll get back to this one as well
  19. Done! Travellers involved: OutlawQueen, Tiga Capitals travelled: Belgrade, London
  20. Hate double posting- but the first ticket to the new London has just been made available! Travel to London!
  21. Tiga

    Z Project

    Got this one! Thank you