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  1. I am gicing up on forest jungle and volcano, it's simply impossible
  2. I'm about to give up, not even seeing anything in forest jungle and volcano on neither the hourly nor the 5 minute drops
  3. still nothing in forest jungle and volcano
  4. still missing forest jungle and volcano variants, no luck at all so far
  5. any specific place I can find these? they're the only ones I am still missing
  6. I am not seeing anything out of the ordinary anywhere
  7. is there any masterlist of working recipes maybe? I still haven't been able to create anything
  8. nice to see tree decorating back, but I cannot seem to move the objects. The moving icon does appear when I click on an ornament, but when I drag, the icon changes into the circle with diagonal line icon
  9. wouldnsomeone happen to have some spare sandwaste and aranoas? I was on vacation and missed the release
  10. ugh, not another defense event. I simply cannot bother
  11. Thaliel

    Project Nyoka

    wow, that is a pleasant surprise
  12. no luck with te pygmies yet
  13. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, happy birthday. Theye new eggies are so pretty
  14. either I don't see anything or I'm too slow *sighs*
  15. nothing on 5 minute drops either, not even a trace
  16. sttill nothing, I'm afraid I'll completely miss out on the speckled ones
  17. didn't even see the speckled ones yet😞
  18. Thaliel

    Squiby anyone?

    looks like it finally died, all I see is a blank page
  19. I still haven't found even a single piece of wood, this isn't getting me anywhere. I have other things to tend to, so I simply cannot bother any longer
  20. I don't understand how I am supposed to get wood for repairing also, please add a muting option to the game, the music does not go well with the videos I am watching parallel to playing
  21. I only got 43 items, I do not believe that is all TOT had to offer this year
  22. I can only go to the guardian, how do I get back to my house?