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I'm here to help, PM anytime. I will answer as soon as possible.MyScroll.gifARK2-1.gifDoubleGoldstar5.png lolzon.pngSigSm_zpsw9c5fcdu.gif

Need help? PM me or click there>The Mentor Project can help!  G says to L : Man, I am so out of it, Hey,Look, a chicken!

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    Dragons, fantasy creatures, cryptology, reading, sewing, crime shows. PS. I'm older than you are so take it easy on the old lady.

    How do the stats work:
    If people just see the sprites (the pictures of eggs and hatchlings) on a page with lots of others, no Clicks are received, but each one of the sprites gets a Unique View for the first time and a View for every time.

    A Click is received only when a computer (IP address) actually sees that egg's specific View page for the first time. Each computer can only give 1 Click to each dragon egg code, including when it becomes a hatchling. This is why the Click numbers stay low. And that's ok. The game is designed that way.