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  1. Wow, it's been a while! Welcome back to me with an upside-down Mint!
  2. Oh, neat. Hopefully this fixes all of the issues (I actually did just get a frozen screen on gift payout, but a refresh did fix everything.
  3. Perhaps it is the game, and it probably is. I personally haven't had any issues regarding game performance, but I feel that a hard refresh typically sorts everything out and is the solution for most game-based problems.
  4. Thankfully I haven't had any issues with game freezing yet, which is hilarious because my computer (read: laptop) is displaying things through an integrated graphics setup. Maybe it's the hardware you're using? At that point there's not much I can tell you to do other than to try another computer or another browser. Or just pray that your computer doesn't freeze like water in winter...heh.
  5. Well, looks like I'm going to be sledding the rest of the night to farm items. And like one other member asked, was it not planned that there would be 12 days of events, not just 6? Or does the first half of the event (Holiday dragons being available) count as the first 6? It seems that I was under the wrong impression.
  6. Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but I am seeing a graphical glitch with the Art Nouveau Fireplace when it's toggled on. Thought the mods would like to know.
  7. -obligatory thank you tj and mods- Good thing it's only minesweeper, although maybe they felt lazy after all the hard work they put into the other events...heh. Still fun nonetheless.
  8. Yay! Happy Birthday DC! Although I'm shocked that both Bright Pinks and Frills have been returned. It's nice, since I never was able to get them, but I wonder how others feel (that got them through lottery/catching/what-have-you-anytime-before-now).
  9. Got 60/60 about an hour and a half before the event started, which is amazing considering I had started about a day late...but thank goodness I didn't get too caught up in work. Thanks to everyone that made this event possible!
  10. Oh phew. Okay then, I can concentrate on other things ^ ^
  11. 42/60. I missed the first day but I'm so close... 2 and a half hours, can I make it?
  12. H,BWBS - Hope, But Won't Be Sad. I think that the raffle would be fine even if there are no true prize dragons being raffled off, kinda like the Honorable Mentions a couple years ago (no idea whether or not that is still a thing). It gives people the feeling that they won something, without changing the amount of 1G/CB Prizes available, which keeps the Prizes still rare at the level they still are at this point.
  13. I've talked to everyone I think, all the dragons too... Not sure who I'm missing Never mind, got it! I didn't talk to everyone I suppose.
  14. So is today just the party and the end? Or am I missing something?
  15. Is today still the mission with the decorating of the lampposts? Not exactly sure, because I was behind for what I believe was a day. EDIT: Also, in the town center, not all of the lampposts are decorated with the garlands. Is that intentional?
  16. So is it just me or does the game not load for anyone? EDIT: I've tried loading my scroll, which worked fine, so it seems to only be the play page for me.
  17. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for those involved in the creation of this holiday event.
  18. So, something apart from the Valkemarian Tales- has it been confirmed that there will be a raffle this year?
  19. To be honest, my first impression was "It looks just like Pokemon during the 3rd gen!" It looks nice. But I'm glitched and it's not the BSoD, so there's that too. It's because of the ledges, which are also *gasp* in Pokemon! I just wanted to experiment with jumping into a rock, and now I am stuck in said rock. .-.
  20. I want to sign up! Forum name: gregregreg Scroll name: gregregreg Wishlist: 1. 6G Shimmerscale (any but Silver) 2. 7G or lower-gen Gold (6G<5G<7G<4G<etc...) 3. 6G Gold Tinsel 4. CB Seasonals 5. 2G Holly (pleeeease?) 6. Vines (any and all lineages) Breeding abilities: 2G's from 2014-2015 Holidays, and 2G from 2013 Halloween. Catching abilities: Relatively okay at getting Dinos, Xenos...with enough patience, I can for sure catch anything, since I have consistently good ping times, and a mouse (as opposed to a touchpad). Pretty excellent at getting Unbreedables, but a lot of it is based on patience and time, neither of which I have a lot of. Don't have enough patience for Coppers, maybe I can get to Blusangs. Trading abilities: Xenos and Dinos sell well for Coppers.
  21. HALP! I is stuck, how do I undo myself -.- I am kitty in blinds.
  22. Goodness. That's pretty good shading, although I think the feathers looked better when they were distinct on the back. Nonetheless, an awesome update and an amazing job by these spriters.
  23. Do treats drop throughout the new dragon drop? Asking because I think I need like 2 more, and if they don't drop alongside the new dragon, I may be screwed.
  24. When do treats stop dropping? Do they continue throughout the Halloween release or not? I hope they do, because I'm within like 10 treats... (It was at this point that I realized I had another day and plenty of time...) But yeah, stop dropping during release or at the end of the drop?
  25. I really wish someone from the "mod squad" released exactly how long we have to wait in between ingredients. I know they said 5-15 minutes for treats some time ago, and I'm sure it's still the same, but do we have a count for ingredients? Anyways, I've fulfilled my Halloween wishes...a 2G for each breed, of each gender, is enough for me.