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  1. https://dragcave.net/lineage/JJpHR I wonder if this is supposed to be an Oregon Trail reference? (Never played that game myself but the wagon party in Missouri kinda reminds me of it)
  2. Sending some more and hoping not to fall asleep... Scroll name: Digital Decay and feel free to hit me with your cheesiest puns edit: So many puns! hope I don't forget anyone in sending back
  3. Sending out some more, will also try to send flowers back. Your worst puns are greatly appreciated Scroll name: Digital Decay
  4. Sending out one final batch Scroll name: Digital Decay
  5. Sending out some more Scroll name: digital decay
  6. silver x hellfire checker green copper x silver
  7. Well, I'm a bit on the fence with the new lineage design... ...but: Retired breeds! More art! (*drools over Forest BG*) More action logs! New breeds! Happy Birthday, DC, and here's to 10 more years
  8. Well, to be fair, there are some fans whose behavior is abrasive and annoying. It reminds me a little of the MLP hype a couple of years ago, where memes and in-jokes about that show cropped up literally *everywhere* and people advertised their new favorite with a fanatism that had nothing to do with recommendation anymore. I totally didn't care about cartoon ponies, however, so after a while I really got annoyed with the fans trying to shove it down my throat or hijacking every other conversation. And by extension, I started to hate the content too, just because I couldn't bear one more picture or reference. That being said, I think it's just a vocal minority of the playerbase that doesn't seem to get the concept of taste and personal preferences, but I can understand the people who are turned off by something like that.
  9. Sort of heartbroken. I just learned that a musician whose band really influenced and shaped my taste in music when I was young, died yesterday. Wonder if 2016 is cursed in this respect...
  10. Well, caught five of those guys so far, I think that should be sufficient for... uh... whatever might happen with them. I really do hope they're not true "Unbreedables" though. Maybe they're going to reproduce in a different way? edit: Has anyone else seen the hatchlings revert to a different color in S2? Because apart from those 5 minutes where they briefly changed , I haven't seen that behavior again, and I wonder whether that was actually a glitch that wasn't part of any plan whatsoever...
  11. Not Alien as in that specific one, but when I first saw the hatchlings, I immediately thought of something sci-fi/extraterrestrial. Which would be pretty awesome imho, buuuuut I still doubt it. Edit: Uh... Huh?! Suddenly they're icy blue, they were dark blue with some highlights just minutes ago...
  12. This is highly confusing. Not sure whether this is a joke or not, after all, the Encyclopedia was announced on April Fool's too and that turned out to be a real addition... but I'm way too suspicious to believe that this is simply a new release. Huh.
  13. Ooooooooooooh. Pretty! The list of lineages I want to do is growing ever longer and longer...
  14. M Antarean x F Blacktip: I like the way they seem to look at each other in the tiles.
  15. Skywing, Red, Black, White, all CB. I joined back in 2008, so there really weren't that many breeds to choose from