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  1. already have 7 of them. was very easy. Anyways, the look really cool so far.
  2. a moldy dorito ... with dog hair and debris from the dirt underneath your car seat
  3. just read egg festival one of the eggs was a deep sea isopod and not movie starscream ... eh, they look the same to me
  4. Obviously it's the Skywarp. I loved the G1 and movie Starscream one a couple years ago, and I liked this one.
  5. Hawaii timezone. doesn't matter now anyways, I just finished collecting them ... I think. I have 10 rows with 6 eggs in each, with a 11th with just two. If my math is good (I am terrible at all math) then I have 62.
  6. I think I'm at 60 now ... nearly there. When exactly does this event end?
  7. Yay Easter! Looks fun! Thanks! (wow first page ... That's a first for me)
  8. Plot twist: this whole release is merely an April Fools joke
  9. this release has blown me away with it's epicness. especially those gemshard dragons
  10. these new dragons seem most intriguing. I look forward to seeing their fully developed forms.
  11. still has 4 eggs ... not complaining tho.\ EDIT now has 2 eggs ... was cool when I had 6 but I understand the limit
  12. Well I have 6 now ... not sure what's going on
  13. I have 4 ... okay? Well I'm not complaining ... but what happened to the limit?
  14. got my two already. They look epic. Happy love day or whatever. Never been much for that whole luvy duvy stuff
  15. *impatiently taps foot* why can't time move faster ...
  16. my eggs are probably minutes away from hatching. So impatient ... I wonder if I poke my computer screen they'll hatch faster ...
  17. finding a radiant angel in the abandoned section is a PAIN. But totally worth it. Now I got one of every type, just waiting for them to hatch. Can't wait to see the new dragon for this year.
  18. Okay, so I just noticed this right now but ... why are there the new releases in abandoned?! Why would you abandon them!? WHY?!
  19. Mele kalikimaka, hauoli makahiki hou! (Merry Christmas, happy new year!
  20. Throwing out presents to random people like crazy, lol
  21. Got mine. Like the eggs, they're pretty