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    ***Holiday dragons I need this year***
    I can offer bloodswaps for them.

    - 2nd gen Yulebuck x Val 09, for 7NvUo
    - 3rd gen Grave x Arsani, for Si0aj
    - 3rd gen rosy-winged Solstice x Heartseeker from blue-winged mother, as a mate for BT0X8, unrelated to egDjd
    - 2nd gen Pumpkin x male Magelight, for 0xqjb or k3YLt
    - 3rd gen Grave x female Harvest, mate for csv7j

    currently growing on my scroll:
    - 2nd gen Radiant Angel from Blue Nebula, for Kn3RV
    - 2nd gen Mutamore x Sunsong, as a mate for MGokk
    - kzwsJ, as a mate for..?

    ***Holiday MATES I still need***
    - 2nd gen Gold x Radiant Angel, for L8eS2
    - 2nd gen silver Lunar Herald x Rosebud, for VRkJB
    - 3rd gen Fever x Valentine 09, for TBrL3

    ***Things that are still missing on my scroll***
    - a Neglected Dragon
    - a 2nd gen Holly