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  1. Welcome! And I understand perfectly, I just found it that easily because I took a close look at my basket yesterday to see which eggs I am still missing. 😄
  2. It´s from 2011 -> https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Festival_of_Eggs/2011
  3. It wasn´t until today 😄
  4. I had the same reaction of "uh excuse me what?!" and had to google the quote to get the reference xD
  5. Nope, the parrot is an old egg from 2012 so there seems to be a bug
  6. It´s supposed to be a younger red dragon that has already been weakened by the contagion; it has been infected for a few days, not able to move around much or eat, thus not very "bulky" looking anymore. This is in no way official but my take on this contagion is it being similar to a cordyceps fungus (be careful if you want to google it, it is not really ...pretty), that grows inside its host (insects) and more or less turns them into a zombie before it kills them and uses them as a nutrient source. I imagine the goo behaves similarly...it will slowly spread across the dragon's skin, t
  7. A spriter is never late nor is (s)he early, their work is done precisely when (s)he means to *yarly* (Sorry I could not resist )
  8. May I suggest an image search? If you google "running wolf" you get quite a few photos showing wolves running towards the viewer which should help you get an idea of how to angle the legs differently. Another image search I´d suggest is wings, the grouping of the feathers and the overall shape of the wings could use some work.
  9. This sounds pretty useless to me. If you don´t want to see the dragon´s lineage just don´t click the "view lineage" button and pretend it was caveborn?