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  1. Odeen, you're scaring me right now. aaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHH--
  2. as of a minute after midnight, the eggs are safe. for now.
  3. Dinos are typically worth the same each... though, there are some people who value some types of Dinos, such as the purple Dino, higher for hoarding purposes. :X @Imogen arm Corvo I'd say a 3rd or 4th gen Prize? One rare Copper or two of the more common type. A few CB Blusangs. Perhaps a 2nd gen Gold from an uncommon parent. Hatching them may give you a better chance... dont quote me on this, though.
  4. If you really /can't/ breed or release these guys, then, well... time to build a giant frozen army of terrifying translucent babies HAHAHAHAHAhahaha... (for some reason these guys remind me of Xenomorph...)
  5. Ah, these eggs are so pretty. Thank you TJ and spriter(s?), and happy holidays/merry Christmas/happy Kwanzaa/whatever special celebration occurring in the vicinity! haha code hunting during the holidays is fun. 'specially if you're trying to get one within the first three hours of the day. |D
  6. 3spoopy5me Spooky scary most skill on the shell... ooo~ I like it. Lag's always going to be here every time there's a special release, 'specially during holidays... Oh well! Happy Halloween everyone!
  7. hnnnnnng I love all of these little treats and all of the art used in this Halloween event. I would like to thank TJ and all of the spriters. (also whoever drew those Misfit pygmies in a witch hat and cauldron) there goes any chance that I'm sleeping before 2... Oh well.
  8. Ooo, twilight colored eggs! Pretty, pretty~ thanks TJ and artist(s)! 3 AM release seems a lil' odd, though...
  9. Xenowyrm type: Thalasa Gender: Female - Mate: Radiant Angel Biome: Volcano Elemental affinity: Magi Mana: Change - Result: Thalassa lineage; born 11:14PM (if that's anything) Xenowyrm type: Pyro Gender: Male - Mate: Xenowyrm Biome: Jungle Elemental affinity: N/A (Most likely - Earth?) Mana: N/A (Most likely - Creation?) - Result: Pyro lineage; born 11:16PM (if that's anything) Xenowyrm type: Chrono Gender: Male - Mate: Xenowyrm Biome: Desert Elemental affinity: N/A (Most likely - Time?) Mana: N/A (Most likely - Change?) - Result: Mageia lineage; born 11:17PM (if that's anything) Xenowyrm type: Astrapi Gender: Female - Mate: Blusang Biome: Coast Elemental affinity: Water Mana: Creation - Result: Astrapi lineage; born 11:29PM (if that's anything) /runs away
  10. *le gasp* it be molten glass dragons! the egg designs are so pretty auuuugh thank you artist(s) and TJ!
  11. Yaaay, new release! Thanks TJ and artists! asfhkdjflds these guys are so pretty. I love the patterns on the eggs!
  12. Desert, forest, and jungle eggs, eh? These festive little green buggers look like a challenge to catch. Thanks TJ! /slinks off to the biomes to hunt ahaha well I didn't get an egg but I did get something else much much more shiny so yaay for me
  13. Ah, thanks for the heads up! though I don't think I've ever used any of the skins that actively... but thanks for letting those who /do/ use them frequently still have them!
  14. *coughs* Well, uh, Messenger, most people trade for prize lines to breed them by themself for more "trade fodder". It /is/ a 2015 line, but remember, it's a bronze tinsel. If it was a gold shimmer, it would prooobably get more bites? Not sure. A 5th gen bronze tinsel wouldn't fetch as much offers as a 4th gen, y'know? Pretty sure a 2nd gen Gold Tinsel from male is one of the most rare lineages? I would offer, but nothing on your list is something that I have on hand. /eheh also there's like around 20 prize offsprings. that would probably affect its value. edit - oh yeah. yes, you're just unlucky. give it a few hours? someone who collects those will see that.
  15. time to post my own question here, mwahahhahaahaha! ahem. For the Gemstone Dragons, does anyone know how "rare" they are? Common, uncommon, a mix of the two Ehh, the wiki says that it's "uncommon". Seems to pop up more frequently than other uncommons. ? How many must I have for them to add up to the price of, say, a CB Gold? Which color is the most "rare"? Is there a fixed chance of what color you will get, luck, time caught/hatched? I have, like, too many reds...
  16. Which one are you offering, the silver or the prize? If you're offering the prize, yes, good deal. If you're offering the silver, it depends on the rarity of the line. --- Alright. So. A minority of the people on DC are unable to successfully catch CB metallics such as Golds, Silvers, and the "uncommon" Coppers. Due to the infatuation of sitting in the Jungle/Forest biomes, getting Green Coppers is harder than before. Catching a CB metallic depends on a few things - your reaction, your internet speed, and how long it takes to load the images/links. Also patience, but that's kinda obvious. I'd say at least 65% of the users playing DC are unable to have all 3 good enough to catch rares successfully, and those who cannot must depend on other ways of trading, such as breeding desirable lineages, being (randomly) gifted, nabbing an abandoned rare egg in the AP, etc. If you are the minority that can catch CB metallics, albeit rarely, you'd be better off trading it for others that you cannot catch, such as rare lines and lineages, cool codes, or just a lot of commons/BSA hatchlings. If you actually can catch enough to fill up your scroll with CB Golds and Silvers, you should trade those off for equally rare dragons such as Neglected Dragons and 2nd gen Prizes(doubtful, but yeah). >:U Silvers are easier to catch than Golds, yes, but they're still rare dragons. So... I guess it's good either way? Just don't regret your trade, and make sure you can catch another if you want something equally or even more rare than the line you're trading for.
  17. Cross your fingers, run into the threads and people's profiles and scrolls while praying that they want something that you can catch easily or can breed, then? I think it's a matter of supply and demand... play your cards right and the price for a mate will hopefully be 1/10 the price of your shiny. :V (editing for space) tbh, yes, it is 95% personal opinion, and 5% fact. that 5% fact states that it will probably never be worth a messy Canopy egg. nevar. edit 2 Oh, yeah, almost forgot! If you do want to trade with 2nd gen Metals, try breeding with commons like Mints and Waterhorses and pretty pairs such as Blacks and Whites.
  18. Depends on what mate you need for your dragon. I'm assuming that you need a Daydream, and those are fairly common dragons, so look out for "rare" trading materials such as CB metallics (ahem, like, a [few] CB Green Copper[s], not like 7 CB Golds...), ~15 BSA hatchlings (or whatever amount, bleh) or maaaybe a 3rd gen Prize from 2015 lines or two. I'd look for CB Silver Tinsel owners, ask for IOUs, and then collect what they want. Doubtful that there's someone out there who has a Daydream prizefail on hand, even slimmer chance that it's from a Silver Tinsel... don't take my advice seriously, I'm too out of the loop. but yeah look for CB rares, most preferably hatched/influenced, and check to see who's willing to trade prizefails. >:U A CB Gold will definitely get you an offer, whether it be an IOU or direct breeding. /runs away before getting attacked for bad info
  19. Ahahaha! One egg down, 61 more to go~ i'll just be sitting here, refreshing the page oh yeah, thanks for the pretty egg designs! 8D
  20. are these what I think they are ... probably not, but YES GEM, SCALED AND STRIPED BASED DRAGONS! thank you!
  21. I think that having the background change while you scroll is a very very veeery nice touch to the design! and the clock of course Nakase's artwork makes the site look much more amazing than the other design (personal opinion here) though I must agree that there's still the contrast between the *actual* scroll/website and the background image. :X maybe a redraw of the scroll! /shot
  22. More sweet sprite work for us and our virtual dragons? Yes, please and thank you! hurray for more shiny stuff
  23. Ahahahah, yes my pretty little Waterhorse, get ALL THE DRAGON MATES! /shot This is a really cool event, best I've seen so far. Thanks TJ and others who worked hard on this!
  24. Hurray, thanks TJ! Now we have a schedule to be looking forward to for the special things next week! owo
  25. I think the problem here is that... well, that's a common line. And it's 2013. And the fact that most people don't bother breeding tinsels/shimmers below 4th gen... You'd probably get an offer if you ask for things like a couple of (may or may-not be BSA) hatchlings, or something like that. :X