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"A yawn is a silent scream for coffee." - Rachel Hollis


Looking for a 3rd gen from Jewel with Moonstones. PM me to discuss.

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    My favorites:
    Pure Blacks - Ultraviolets - Tan Ridgewings - Stripes - Sunsets - Limestones - Shimmers - Tinsels - Avatars!!

    In need:
    2 CB gold

    Looking for:
    - 4h gen tinsel from ARMY with vines
    - 4th gen tinsel from FBomb with vines

    Thank yous for the gifts:
    to SCH, for dozens of lovely dragons and infinite patience
    to Heedless for several shinies, coppers and hollies
    to Darketernity for a gorgeous CB male gold!
    to Gingehfish for the beautiful special shimmer
    to Olympe for a beautiful gold checker and a gorgeous tinsel
    to angelicdragonpuppy for the avatars
    to rinoa26 for the special pink to my holi project
    to RainStar13 for the silver shimmer
    to suskekun222 for the bronze shimmer
    to Windy for the special imperial
    to Taintedtamer for blacks
    to frano for the van socks dragons
    to flynettefoxie for the GW
    to Iside for my fist PB black