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  1. While month can feel like an eternity in a sense that one can't breed their Celestials duration of that time, a month can pass surprisingly fast. I do sympathize with cooldown being one month is annoying... one can just focus on something else meanwhile. Other projects and with somewhat consistent pace that new breeds are being released, I personally keep just forgetting about the Celestials (unless I would set reminder). I would understand if someone would solely concentrate on Celestials as project dragons, cooldown is valid concern at the beginning. But even then one could accumulate such a big amount of them that eventually that one month for BSA cooldown would just feel redundant and pointless, making BSA that would speed things along also pointless and redundant in the long run. Multiclutch has been addressed few times already, so I am not going to even touch that reason.
  2. In a way there is. Given that they are using their summoning as singular groups of 6s, checking only the color you have least of should aid you a bit in that sort of tedious task. At least until the "Available for BSA" is implemented for them as well. At least that's how I would approach this problem.
  3. Have: CB Blue Nebula hatchling Want: Red or Green CB Nebula hatchling https://dragcave.net/teleport/b09c30934ad927fc13e1291401eed7be
  4. Have: CB Blue Nebula hatchling Want: Red or Green CB Nebula hatchling https://dragcave.net/teleport/b09c30934ad927fc13e1291401eed7be
  5. Have: CB Blue Nebula hatchling Want: Red or Green CB Nebula hatchling https://dragcave.net/teleport/b09c30934ad927fc13e1291401eed7be
  6. Welp, was expecting this to be next week. Thank goodness I was too tired to think about catching/breeding anything in my scroll last night! Hyyyype!
  7. @0x08 Yes! Thank you so much ^^ I don't know how on earth I missed that.
  8. This may seem like really stupid question, but I swear I have been looking around for an answer on my own for quite a while and can't seem to figure this out. So in forums, there was (or is still?) an option to be anonymous upon signing in... I've tried signing out and in again, I've cleared cookies, gone through all possible settings that I could think of... How do I disable this feature? For a while I wanted to browse threads anonymous, but... now I seem to be stuck with it? Is there a way to turn it off? How do I do this? I seem to have been going through same pages over and over with no answer so far... am I missing something obvious here?
  9. Oooh, finally a hybrid to drakes! ❤️ Tossed 7 hybrids to AP after test breeding 8 pairs for them. Happy hunting for them! :3
  10. Oh yikes, you are right on that field. My friend started to play at end side of December, and I have been usually the main source of knowledge when it comes to more complicated questions. And I, despite being one of the veterans, am also getting rather overwhelmed by all the BSA requirements (thank goddess I thought up making him a checklist!). Sure I stocked my friend with Reds and Pinks to get them on their feet with the first set of BSAs, but for Cantormaris and others? Didn't even cross my mind before now...
  11. Well... given what the previous guidelines were like before (just to take bit of reference from wiki for those who don't know), the current ones feel more lax in regard of rules. But I have to admit that different body types for Drakes could do some good for them (honestly, I'm not sure how eastern drake would work out without their signature wings), as long as other requirements are there still. As for Drakes not having a lot going on in their group... can we really blame the breeding group for it? There are people who want drakes, then there are people who go "oh, drakes got released, I'm not even gonna collect them" due to it not catering to their needs of pairing to... you guessed it, to dragons in the base breeding group (most often coughpopularonescough), which once again isn't guarantee that the drakes would get any more attention than they already do. Pygmies and Two-Headed have not only hybrids going on in them, but Pygmies have the rare luxury of having Halloween sprite. We already have some drakes that could make spectacular hybrids when combined... but lack of colors in Drakes themselves is abysmal unfortunately. We have green, brown, yellow, bit of gold, and couple blues... We hardly have any overly bold colors like pink, red or purples going on at the moment. People like to make the safer bet of making their concepts be more towards the other groups... just because of the louder people being disappointed that the new release is a drake. Thus, often it comes to question of why one should waste their good concept on a drake? Who knows, maybe if we had more interest, there could be these adjustments to body types as well, further stretching the guidelines and making it more inviting to have them around? Though with how things are going at the moment, it is a shame that a lot of people aren't taking the initiative to fix those problems by actually voicing the demand louder anywhere else aside one or two sentences in forums. I was personally disappointed that the birthday release didn't have any drakes included in it, not that Two-headed had it any better... but at this point, drakes are just basically starving for the attention. So yeah, I'm absolutely in for adjusting guidelines for body type at least, as long as the can still be recognized as drakes. Just to encourage more beautiful breeds for them.
  12. Welp... the Pink Sapphires definitely doesn't do any favors to lineage building. I personally want to make 4th gen purebred evengens with my own dragons. While yes, collecting the CBs that I need for just collection is going to be somewhat difficult... the mechanic is definitely souring my plans on making fully Pink Sapphire line. Given that we have no right to even decide what happens to the egg after it leaves the scroll, I most likely will avoid making that lineage, because I don't want to keep naming my dragons in order to ask people to return the Pink Sapphires offspring to me just so I can continue the lineage. This is a huge shame as well really... to be forced to rely on mercy of person, who may not even dwell in forums... and return isn't even guaranteed. I really love the sprite, but I can't justify making lineage with them, when I take pride on being able to build them by myself. I'm definitely supporting any kind of change in regards of obtaining the Pink Sapphire variant. But until then, they are no go for lineages for me.
  13. Happy 15th birthday DC! ^^ I'm gonna go with unpopular opinion of... But otherwise this is delightful release, even if I am not fan of certain mechanics provided to get certain variations. Oh well.
  14. @Aqub I'm sorry to point this out, but quite a few FoE 2021 eggs from page 3 aren't visible in the OP. ^^'
  15. Absolutely not. References are the best way to actually get better with drawing. Anyone who says otherwise isn't going to get far with their art. I'll give a little example on why exactly having reference is beneficial to you in form of a story. Lets take a horse as an example, because horses are nice. Also because I have just perfect way to demonstrate this due to going through old stuff, so I have couple horse-like drawings that actually demonstrate this perfectly. I'll be using the generic "you" during this example. When you don't use references, you are heavily relying on your imagination on what horse is like. You just draw a horse, probably end up with the generic simple horse with short mane and long bushy tail. Take a moment to draw horse-like critter out of imagination at first. Depending how often you draw horses, it can end up with quite interesting results or being something you feel proud of because you recognize it as horse... So I'm gonna whip out this bad boy Ponyta as a sample. Totally me being proud back in 2006 because I drew Ponyta, heck yeah! I'm rocking it and I remembered the details! Fast forward couple years, you have better imagination, better understanding of anatomy... maybe draw another horse-critter. Oh, friend has something nice whipped out as a nice character, I'm gonna go and make them happy and draw their character, using just the character as reference to not forget those details. Fanart! And I'm whipping out this one as another sample. Sure I used basically spliced sprite as a sample... but hey, it's totally okay to use this one image only to make it good enough. 2008 me still has it in imagination department for those missing details. We are on fire! I can totally draw horses! Horses are eaaasy! Then comes the moment when you regret the previous attempts when you relied solely on your imagination. We have a person asking you to draw a Gypsy Vanner. ...back then admittedly my mind went blank and was "what the heck is Gypsy Vanner?" and had to go to Google, only to realize it is a breed of horse. And this was a dear friend to me, I can't just go and butcher something that majestic! And it's her OC that is complicated. Only one thing to do. Time to whip up the references. And with that... came the biggest amount of progress and amount of anatomical data into my mind, making myself personally facepalm at the old art of horses. Never again something like a horse without multiple references. Or anything for the matter. With this... it is only going to make you more professional to use references. Never settle with only one reference when it comes to subject. Get loads of them, study them, apply the knowledge you gain from the references. And if anyone ever is going to look down on you about using references, on my behalf you're free to smack them on back of their head mentally and continue improving yourself. That kind of cretins don't deserve your attention at that point.
  16. I'm not sure if these two options have been thought in this thread, so gonna add my two cents here. In first raffles there was a tier where one could choose what egg they could get and even choose code. What if we brought that partially back? The "consolation" prize would be random egg one could normally get from biomes, but instead has the Cave biome? Just like upside-down Mints, GoNs or Sinomorphs have when being randomly generated. Some may have bit of "meh" reaction to the prize won and choose to abandon it, some probably get more excited that they won at least something. With the pool of dragons we have, who knows if someone ended up with the long-sought rare that they didn't get from biome or didn't have shards yet to buy one in the first place? Another thought would be another "consolation" prize in form of set amount of shards, maybe 200-500 shards? Then they in a sense could "choose" their prize with what they have unlocked in Market or save it for the bigger purchase later on. Who knows... maybe both of these? Two more tiers to win at least something.
  17. I'm quite agreeing with demonicvampiregirl here, and as an artist of traditional medium, opinion and look over the old art is very much spot-on. The old art often gives me some insight on what used to be my weak points as an artist... and often leads to me thinking how I could actually improve the said art later. I am highly critical of my own art already in a sense, therefore my own policy over the matter is to archive the old one and make new one. And as someone who indulges into world of spriting once in a while, I'm actually happy to work with things and have old versions of art I've worked on. Much easier to tweak the mistakes I made longer time ago. To me, to put this bluntly (my apologizes if I misunderstand or end up upsetting anyone), this suggestion in a way screams "I don't want you to improve your old work because my precious project", leaving the impression that artist's opinion on their own work and "precious baby" shouldn't change, evolve or grow. Or matters to anyone who is working on the lineage project. Because how dare they improve work that artist acknowledges having flaws and having desire to fix them. Valid concern, but on the other hand... wouldn't this also give new things to work with? New possibilities one didn't think previously? What if this lineage was already done and one was looking for new lineage project? Wouldn't it be exciting to be able to work possibly new favorite sprite? While some may find the lineage is more or less "ruined" in a sense and makes one think this... maybe the misspent time was worth it to someone else who might be needing mate from said lineage and finds it appealing still? Unless, of course, you are not into trading away the offsprings, then you might have problem in your hands... but what is the solution then? Release everything? That truly would be time misspent if one is to release everything in lineage because of an update. Though once one is done with the lineage project... how often one looks at it anymore unless breeding everything from it weekly...? With artists... well, there never really is "safe" thing to work with, given the evolution artists go through. So to gain "safe" things to work with, one may need to reconsider going to another site where this kind of evolution in art doesn't happen or isn't allowed. Otherwise, change is something one should expect. In all honesty, I've never actually understood this argument. Nothing in a sense hasn't been taken away or lost from collection. To this, I'd like to actually hear more about what exactly is "taken away" or "lost" to further my understanding in the matter. And although it seems like it, alterations really aren't that random when one thinks of it. Some are more obvious than others that we eventually grow to expect them, for example Guardian or Green. Then we get the more subtle changes like Snow dragon, where almost no one could tell what exactly changed before it was actually pointed out to them. Only those with more keen eyes would have noticed it if it wasn't announced most likely. Sorry about the length.
  18. Have: 2nd gen Avatar of Destruction Want: 2nd gen Bloodswap with GoN Mother and Caligene Father. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  19. Have: 2nd gen Avatar of Destruction Want: 2nd gen Bloodswap with GoN Mother and Caligene Father. Make an offer on my egg!
  20. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: Moonlightelf Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: Festival of Eggs 2021 Brief description of treat: Homura Akemi's Soul Gem from Madoka Magica series
  21. Since enough time has gone past now, I think I might as well tell about my egg. My egg is Homura Akemi's Soul Gem from Madoka Magica series. Same time listened lots of OST from the said series.
  22. Sent my own submission for the event. *crosses fingers* Good luck everyone ❤️
  23. Oooh, shined up Geodes ❤️ I like that idea already! Maybe even more different colors too given how many different kinds of geodes there are ❤️
  24. I am really in love with these new sprites. ❤️ On Magi, I was always bothered of their secret hang-buttness due to position of wing-fingers. Now it just looks better! I will miss the little chubbiness of old sprites admittedly, but I do have soft spot for agile-looking Magi we now have ❤️ The old Thunders were kinda problematic to me in a sense that I couldn't fully make out what was in the sprite with overly smooth head with no definition to it and the cat-paw hind legs... Now I can see some of the dragon that I've been looking for, with talons capable of grabbing onto the prey. Also details to head that I never really thought were there in the first place. Not to mention that the Thunder got its majestic side finally with size, no longer being just squished into smaller size as if it didn't have any room to really SPREAD THEM WINGS! ❤️ Laculas were to me the shoelace sneks, which didn't really make sense to dragon itself, along with the front part being only place for highlights... it kinda threw me off tbh that nowhere else was coming any highlights aside the head and "neck". It now looks more refined in fact... also looks like chonky snek ❤️ I love chonky sneks. I like the detailing of the spikes and the wings make now more sense as well. Snows... well, not much of change, but the gold on wings is now more apparent to me. I had to actually look twice to see the other improvement. With Sakuhanas, I was always little sad that the pattern on the wings wasn't more visible and looked more or less muddy. Now they just pop out ❤️ Lovely work dear sprite artists! Keep up the great work! ❤️
  25. I can't really support this. It is a good suggestion, but why would you bother raising eggs in the first place for something more desirable? Given that the site gives shards for all sorts of activities, accumulating the 100 shards weekly is really easy. At that rate, I'd imagine some long-term scroll owners resulting into mass-breeding something random into AP just for shards (to some people mass-breeding is already a problem). Because heck, they've raised some eggs thousands of times already, someone else do the job. Then it would just be coming around once a week to make another mass-breeding. Sure others will pick up their mess, no worries, someone else is always getting those ER cases... But given that there have been suggestions on how to limit the mass-breeding, I'd imagine this would just add to the problem... just to get that one rare specific hatchling or multiple commons to avoid... what? The oh so bad egg stage that I have to wait maximum of 3 days to hatch. Minimum of 2 days of hatching with incubate, oh so awful... how time-consuming. How dare you expect me to wait from few hours to one day to hatch an egg from abandoned page... oh no, so dreadful. Sarcasm aside, just no. If this were to be implemented, I'd rather see increase in difficulty of actually getting the shards by having to actually raise the dragons you pick... or put some sort of limitation to it so no one would straight up abuse the system just to avoid the egg stage and creating further problems that already exist.