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  1. Also throwing my support for this. This would also make it easier to help people find eggs for the encyclopedia, given how rare some eggs may be, and finally unlock them in the market as well. Heck, we could have collections of eggs!
  2. I can't look at Crystallines without my mind going "Now I know where Velkhana goes when leaving locale on me." ^^' I guess I have been playing Monster Hunter World too much, eh...? But love the Stratos ^^
  3. Anyone remembers the time when Vampires got released on 2008 Halloween? The chaos when some people's rares died mysteriously, people speculated the new vampire hatchlings had something to do with it, reason being the news post's image that was written in Saurian and scroll paper was partially burnt. Back then some people abandoned their vampires into AP so their more valuable hatchlings and eggs would remain safe just in case.
  4. https://dragcave.net/teleport/621361ef9a82af4231965a597a982c3b https://dragcave.net/teleport/58b1e68741137e6d3ceaa5ef0601ba90 Two icy eggs that I misclicked when going for the other new release egg. So needing to swap these for other one.
  5. There we go, submitted my entry. I hope it's good enough ^^ Good luck everyone and have fun while working on the sprite!
  6. https://dragcave.net/teleport/aaa173a5b51f9f1b824eff791ef3d22e https://dragcave.net/teleport/f19870e3497f37a8af87519fc0e9b0c7 Two 3rd gen Heart Seekers with two spriter alts in lineage. Siblings to each other. And gone, enjoy ^^
  7. I did complete revamp on tree and the wreath (not entirely sure of the gingerbread house yet). The old tree unfortunately was lost due to my tiredness, so I didn't get screencap from it. But all I can say is that it used to be very plain compared to now: https://dragcave.net/tree/Moonlightelf As for the wreath, I do have little before and after comparison! So here's before... And after: https://dragcave.net/wreath/Moonlightelf In the new wreath, I decided to get some inspiration from Aurora the Solstice dragon from Snow Warning event. Some may even remember the picture, but here it is in case someone wants quick comparison.
  8. The game ends when all the tiles have been filled with crystals/tiles, or when you can't continue in any way possible (all discard slots filled and nothing fits). That's basically when you "win" and can submit the mana. Back then it was just to fill the meter of Snow Warning event so we could progress the story. Now all you need to do is rack up the score by placing tiles and completing rows in order to get as much candy as possible. I personally went with assigning rows to all of these tiles of their respective colors and just kept filling the same rows over and over (always make sure you have at least one tile to connect that color to), until I felt like stopping to see how much more I need to play, or when I just felt like ending it. Now it is just about the score after all. This way you can basically play this forever.
  9. @Fuzzbucket@Sashimi This has been a thing since 2016... ^^'
  10. Guess we need thread for the Wreath too? xD Unless we can post them (and other future possible decorative things of event) Either way, here is mine: https://dragcave.net/tree/Moonlightelf I am little sentimental of it, but I think I will eventually have day of decorating after screen-capping the stuff.
  11. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this one. I can understand the problem may occur to people, who don't want to display the generation on the names already... But the mock-up displays samples only to short name or dragons with just code... what about long names? At least with my naming system, the entire thing... well... I think image is gonna speak for itself when already the male hatchlings of mine are having bit of problem at times with "Hatchling (♂, *)" part can be wonky... With the dot being added, I'd imagine same thing would happen to all my dragons that is happening to this hatchling atm... So... I can support it, but can we make it optional? Or otherwise just make the entire scroll itself wider so we can get another column to show generation of dragon?
  12. A checkered Black Marrow with a nice code that is nice addition to a code collector's collection: Grabbed Just put any dummy egg from AP, I don't care which one. :3 It will gender correctly even Hatchling's grabbed, take good care ♥
  13. This was basically why I timed my breeding to be at the beginning side of the event instead (while excluding the CBs mostly this year and breeding only what I needed). But also doing what I can to hatch everything! -puts speakers into AP and blasts "I need a hero" from them to hopefully entice people to help more- o.o What Precognica- Ooooh, you mean the 3 that I have. They are useless for this massive scale x3 (and I'm lousy at catching them....)
  14. Completely normal to Halloween dragons. This also happens during Christmas and Valentine breeding periods. :3 And given the nature of Celestial Dragons, they too breed more than just one egg even outside the holidays.
  15. Thanks to some... "Good Samaritan"... two of my new release eggs ended up being dead. I had planned to trade two of the big ones that I got as extras to two pygmies that I missed. (I know, I was supposed to fog them. This had never happened before to me. But keep in mind, it was late for me, I had early morning to attend to school, and never had happened before to me.) Now I need 3 pygmies. And the last extra of the big pink one I probably toss to AP so I don't have sick eggs in my scroll. I hope you're happy with yourself by ruining someone's chance of swapping their extra pygmies for the other new ones, you accursed "Good Samaritan".
  16. Wait... that's actually a thing with the Two-headed Lindwyrms? I had never heard about this before today even, not to mention that the wiki doesn't mention anything about it either. Support from me!
  17. Have: 2nd gen Avatar of Change with Tan Ridgewing Mother Need: Bloodswap of exact lineage. Already have designated mate ready for planned lineage. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. Have: 2nd gen Avatar of Change with Tan Ridgewing Mother Need: Bloodswap of exact lineage. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  19. I hope everyone has had good Easter ^^ This be my egg. The inspiration behind it were glass Faberge eggs. Originally the egg was going to be red with green dragon, but half-way I figured that was bit too common color combo. So instead I swapped the egg's color to be purple, which is my favorite color. I also wanted rose (my favorite flower) on the egg, which proved to be the most difficult part since it is rather small. And of course... dragon. Everything must have dragons. I planned to have another color for the mane, but then figured purple would tie the entire thing together perfectly. And if you look at the egg close enough, you can see part of the dragon behind the egg.
  20. No, that's the space you have to be creative with. The egg can be even size of the pygmy egg if you want to, what you build around it is optional.
  21. Question, can the PM contain more than one entry? And if can, is there going to be picked the best out of them?
  22. But offsprings are tradeable... chuck few to other scrolls and get more profit with 3rd gens by having more room.
  23. Yeah, there is. Though some users probably haven't grasped the concept of "There is always next year" yet.
  24. Though during Christmas people tend to be very much even further away from computers and not be around during the holidays due to family obligations (aka visiting relatives and such) to the point of missing out entirely... But Valentines doesn't really reach that kind of need, given that rarely you need to visit your parents for example for it. So I personally don't see the need for it in this magnitude.
  25. I would agree to do so if I were throwing them in there in the first place. After all, the eggs were available for 3 days instead of 1 now... and rarely people are busy like it were Christmas during the Valentines.