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  1. Thanks to some... "Good Samaritan"... two of my new release eggs ended up being dead. I had planned to trade two of the big ones that I got as extras to two pygmies that I missed. (I know, I was supposed to fog them. This had never happened before to me. But keep in mind, it was late for me, I had early morning to attend to school, and never had happened before to me.) Now I need 3 pygmies. And the last extra of the big pink one I probably toss to AP so I don't have sick eggs in my scroll. I hope you're happy with yourself by ruining someone's chance of swapping their extra pygmies for the other new ones, you accursed "Good Samaritan".
  2. Wait... that's actually a thing with the Two-headed Lindwyrms? I had never heard about this before today even, not to mention that the wiki doesn't mention anything about it either. Support from me!
  3. Have: 2nd gen Avatar of Change with Tan Ridgewing Mother Need: Bloodswap of exact lineage. Already have designated mate ready for planned lineage. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Have: 2nd gen Avatar of Change with Tan Ridgewing Mother Need: Bloodswap of exact lineage. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. I hope everyone has had good Easter ^^ This be my egg. The inspiration behind it were glass Faberge eggs. Originally the egg was going to be red with green dragon, but half-way I figured that was bit too common color combo. So instead I swapped the egg's color to be purple, which is my favorite color. I also wanted rose (my favorite flower) on the egg, which proved to be the most difficult part since it is rather small. And of course... dragon. Everything must have dragons. I planned to have another color for the mane, but then figured purple would tie the entire thing together perfectly. And if you look at the egg close enough, you can see part of the dragon behind the egg.
  6. No, that's the space you have to be creative with. The egg can be even size of the pygmy egg if you want to, what you build around it is optional.
  7. Question, can the PM contain more than one entry? And if can, is there going to be picked the best out of them?
  8. But offsprings are tradeable... chuck few to other scrolls and get more profit with 3rd gens by having more room.
  9. Yeah, there is. Though some users probably haven't grasped the concept of "There is always next year" yet.
  10. Though during Christmas people tend to be very much even further away from computers and not be around during the holidays due to family obligations (aka visiting relatives and such) to the point of missing out entirely... But Valentines doesn't really reach that kind of need, given that rarely you need to visit your parents for example for it. So I personally don't see the need for it in this magnitude.
  11. I would agree to do so if I were throwing them in there in the first place. After all, the eggs were available for 3 days instead of 1 now... and rarely people are busy like it were Christmas during the Valentines.
  12. Here is mine. Actually managed to hide the tent xD Fun fact, other cottage has snowmen inside. Also figured that the violet dragon statue would be cute when peeking behind the corner to hopefully steal the wreath for itself x3
  13. So I got bored of the old design as it left much to be desired when completed. And was pretty plain in my opinion. So here's my new design for it ♥
  14. Here is currently what I have. Gonna see what else there's going to be before finishing the interiors of the walls. I'd figure here live people that love playing chess and Snowa is kinda making little camping trip there x3
  15. I have following available for breeding currently: 2 CB Hollies 2 CB Yules 2 CB Snow Angels 2 CB Ribbon Dancers 2 CB Winter Magis 2 CB Solstices 2 CB Mistletoes CB Enraged Aegis 2 CB Snow 1 CB Garland I'm looking for mates for https://dragcave.net/lineage/LCM7F and https://dragcave.net/lineage/dZfkU (must be unrelated). I know it is bit out of season request, but these are really only things I have interest to trade for. I can breed the available holidays to any dragon I have. If by any chance you can provide both in one trade somehow, I'll gladly breed multiple dragons in return. Please do not PM me with other offers. I'm not interested of other holiday dragons atm.
  16. Pinks actually have the explanation of shifting of the eggs certain way to influence the gender. This is how alligators and some other reptiles do it to influence gender of their offspring, making the temperature affect the result. I personally can't see how Duotone, which is "extremely nervous and indecisive" breed due to having dual personality, could even do this sort of thing just because of "2 color name theme". Let alone them even possibly crashing if one of the heads gets distracted. So... I really have no clue how that kind of dragon could actually concentrate enough to make this sort of magic.
  17. Flamingos don't have BSA. They share their description with Pinks, which can be bit frustrating when seeking just one or the other. I advice to avoid Coast and Jungle biomes when hunting for the Pinks (which are everywhere). Or if you happen to have pair of Pinks already, you can try breeding the Pinks to get more of them.
  18. I personally would rather welcome hard limit of 4 CBs for Valentines and Christmas dragons, than limit raising by 2 every year after the initial release. Sure I'd stop with 4 of each on my part if latter were to happen (because getting to 4th gen with checker is enough for me), but then some could feel pressured with keeping up the increasing amount of CBs they accumulate... then wonder when the heck they start with lineage building if they intend to use other holiday dragons for their checkers. Because lets be realistic... if the limit will rise with 2 each year, someone who would want to catch all every year would eventually have too many to catch. And what about the pressure of not being able to catch one or two specific breed each year they prefer most? And most likely... everyone will go after the Hollies since they are hardest to catch, not to mention the walls of breeds you already have will sit there for longer while again. And there are still people who didn't even manage to catch one CB Holly last year... Do they have to try several years to finally get at least that first one if the limit increases by 2 each year? I know I was lucky to be able to just sit infront of computer and refresh for many... many... many hours to get my 2 CB Hollies... but not everyone has that luxury.
  19. Uhh... isn't monthly raffle kinda giving a chance to get CB Prize Dragons after raising just 3 dragons and clicking just one button...? And maybe after completing other entry requirements if such variety is added?
  20. I would personally like to also know if I even can have a link to full list of wants to Google Drive for example. I have a lot of dragons that I actually want, but since the text field is so small, I need to put "Any CB"... possibly even specify if I want them as an egg or hatchling. Then it begins to be hoping that it's something I actually need/want and won't be something I've completed CB collection of. So technically right now with statement "Any CB" I am lying to people about my wants, when in truth I am looking for only some dragons. Heck, it would be even better if we could compile such list on-site with enough space to explain even for lineage needs. The "Have" may sound bit silly, though if there is something to specify about the said egg/hatchling, I'd like to point it out so people don't have to go all the way into my trade to see the lineage for themselves. So having this as separate field would be great.
  21. I was supposed to get some things done like bit of vacuuming and some cleaning... also some file sorting in my computer. But instead its so dastardly hot in here that I can't sometimes even think straight.
  22. Oh gosh.. yes... please! It's so annoying to just wait or unhide the growing things before being able to look at lineage.
  23. If that would have happened, wouldn't be able to get here even via 4g since I usually USB tether via phone. More reports about this. France and West Coast US.
  24. While very useful, what about dragons that are in multiple groups? Would they have multiple suffixes then if the groups have been assigned with such? I personally wouldn't want huge clutter of these on the dragon's page... but it would be very useful to have at least some sort of indicator on which groups you have put the said dragon without clicking "Add to Group" button and scrolling through all the groups you have to see if it is in there or not. Maybe list or tags of the groups at bottom of page, which would be visible to others too only if you have made the group(s) public?