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I offer and accept IOUs!

Currently seeking Neglecteds and 2nd gen Silver and Gold Tinsels and Gold Shimmerscales from my choice of mates.


CB Bronze Tinsel: Mika of the Mountain


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    Current IOUs:


    Completed IOUS:

    tjekan - 19 specific second gen hatchies
    IvyJaclyn - 20 CB Purple Ridgewingires hatchies
    FortyTwo - 20 CB low time Mint hatchies
    Dryadia - 2 fourth gen Shimmer stairs
    KingZanto - 25 second gen Shallow Water hatchies
    Dragon Lord: 10 specific CB hatchies
    I Want Cheese Dragon - 4th gen even Silver checker with Female Green Coppers
    spring_dragon - 2nd gen Silver from female Hellfire
    lorimmel - 2nd gen Gold from female red copper, and 4th gen Bronze Shimmer stair from female Sunsongs. Gave the 2nd gen Gold, but after much insubordination from my dragons, renegotiated to give a 4th gen Gold Tinsel hatchie with Ices instead.
    Lunaleigh - Ten CB Red and Pink hatchies
    Varekis - 3rd gen Silver from a checker with female Green Coppers
    flowerfire - 5th gen even Silver Shimmer, an unrelated 5th gen green Copper checker with male silvers, and three CB Thunders.
    Erica8798 - 50 CB Whiptail hatchlings
    Violet_Ninja: Five 2014 Halloween hatchies
    Peij: 32 specific hatchies inculding a 4th gen Thuwed Holly stair
    Osires: 50 CB hatchies
    nelena - 5 2015 Halloween hatchies

    IOUs owed me:



    Alexiel Dragoness and Pink_Realm - deceptive trading.