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Red Hoard: 143/175. My Scroll Complete List. If you seen hatchlings you want, lemme know. probably fine to give away. 


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    I am giving away hatchies. if you see one you want, let me know. I'll PROBABLY be happy to let you have it. If it has a name, I'm probably set on keeping it.

    As I am doing heavy work on my Red Army, Reds are always appreciated, no matter the lineage, though a couple of CBs would make me happy! If you want one of my Reds, that's fine, either be specific or I will give you the youngest of what I have.

    Specific Wishlist of happiness:

    Black 7g eg alt to mate with TKmaM (Turquaudth Blackthorn Thuwed) If you want one of her sibs, I'll happily breed for you.

    General I-am-too-lazy-or-busy-to-catch-these wishlist:

    Blusang Lindwurm (pair)This egg smells faintly like brine.
    Chicken(one)This egg is much smaller than the others.
    Copper, red(pair, CB)
    Copper, brown (pair, CB)
    Copper, green (CB pair)
    Dark Green alt (Male, preferably like dragcave.net/lineage/REabZ but with the Mom 2g and the Dad 3g)
    Fire Gems (all, Pair)
    Blue Gemshards(Pair)
    Imperial Fleshcrowne (CB pair)
    Kyanite Pygmies (more)
    Monarch Dragons (More)
    Shimmer, bronze (pair)
    Shimmer, Silver (M)
    Shimmer, Gold (M)
    Ridgewing, Tan (one female)
    Seragamma Wyvern (Why do I only have 3?)
    Sinii Krai Dragons (more reasonably, I only have three)
    More colored stripes.
    Tetra dragons (only 3)
    Zyumorph(all, in breeding pairs, apparently. I have (f)Red)

    Two-headed Lindwurm (M, CB)

    Bred only (no cave born)

    Two-Finned Bluna
    Storm-Rider (this is the new-ish Electric/coastal cross)



    Any current releases are, of course, welcome as well


    So, I have a computer. Also, I am starting back to school in a couple of weeks (April 6). And I'm working full time, and have people. I will probably not be on much on Saturdays, as that is my gaming day (D&D or Werewolf), so that. On the other hand, it does mean I have some time during the week that I didn't before and can now work on things like my Lilac dragons, etc. Hopefully that proves out.


    Oh, and I found out about the time that I started school that I'm pregnant. Everything at once. So even though we are happy with not doing the whole married thing, and have been together for 2 years, and living together for a year and a half, we are going to get married for the legal benefits it gives the baby. Because apparently there are still some. Stupid legal system. Meh, I was going to keep this one anyway. (the boyfriend, not the baby, lol)