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  1. I just read that Georgia will go after women who leave the state to get a legal abortion and return.
  2. Ok, thanks. It wasn't really something I needed help with, just a question about the site that might have resulted in a discussion.
  3. I wasn't sure if this is a script bug or if it is supposed to be this way. Seems like a conflicting egg description with the biome type.
  4. This is my favorite Dragon hatchery. It's the only one I ever need and yesterday told me I go nuts when it is down.I lost 4 eggs because I panicked and put them in a lot of hatcheries. 😕 I am glad you are back! Thank you for the awesome hatchery.
  5. Do these still exist? I was looking in the help section of the cave and it didn't show anything but my Leetle Tree and Guardian of Nature. I was wondering if the holiday and valentines are still limited. Thanks in advance!
  6. Pm'ed listers in cheese list about an egg I found. In the process discovered a lister who should be removed because they already have one. EliasDestiny
  7. I tried the same pairing, but mine weren't interested.. that would make an awesome lineage with our powers combined lmao
  8. Happy birthday Dragon Cave! Did anyone else notice the codes on TJ's dragons? I am a dork like that.. some of them have words in the codes.. and if you make a sentence out of the ones that aren't leet speak you get : 1this 2isnt 3even 4myyy 5inal 6form and the others are: NKOI5 Zn2bR BslNG Buc5E kJ23S 2dohp Can anyone decipher that? Is there something cooler coming, or is this, like the one leet speak says "bsing" ?
  9. I'm kind of attached to the original sprites. The new ones look good, but that talent could be better applied to other/new dragons.
  10. What would make that an advantage? There isn't a reward, right? If anything, it makes sense that old timers would be "wiser" when it comes to dragons they already know. Ah well. Thank you for the information.
  11. I don't know if this has already been asked. I started playing in 2009 or 2008. I stopped for a while and recently came back to find this encyclopedia in place. It's pretty awesome, but it's a little annoying because I have a lot of dragons, over 500, but it will tell me I haven't raised any of some types I know I have like 10-15 of.. Is there any chance they will refresh it to reflect dragons you have already collected or are we going to have to look at dragons we already own 1 by 1 just to unlock their data that RPly, we would already know?
  12. I goofed a breeding and bred the wrong couple. However, these guys were feeling pretty complacent, so my goof is someone's gain. This cute little 2nd gen Ice Dragon from my Ice Dragon x Winter Dragon pair. Maybe someone needs one of The Trio? Enjoy! 2nd Gen Ice x Winter Ice Dragon
  13. Here is a Caveborn Thunder Dragon for anyone who needs to complete the trio. CB Thunder Dragon My first time using teleport so fingers crossed.
  14. Thank you! I have adopted this lovely egg. I will attempt to continue the spiral. I love the ancestry!
  15. I just recently came back to the site, and I nabbed one of the almerald eggs. I put it, along with a bunch of new ones in the hatchery. I came back today to peek at it and it only has 1 view, 1 click. There is only a day left on it, so I tried re-adding it ot the hatchery. This time it worked, because now it has like 7 views in a few seconds. I just want to know if this dragon baby is probably going to die because of how little time is left on it? I have only recently come back ( this week or so ) and I notice eggs hatch faster..
  16. Was so busy this week I forgot about DC Valentine's day. :/ Guess I'll be hunting next year ><
  17. Everyone has such amazing houses. Mine is pretty simple compared. I made mine underwater! http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/deathwisp
  18. Do we have to post our gingerbread houses somewhere or are they automatically entered?
  19. Used to be cheese dragons, which explains my siggy. Now it seems like I can't stop clicking moonstone/sunstone... mesmerizing words.. "This egg resembles a glowing stone." If you look at my scroll you will see how much I apparently love them! I wish I could find more nebulas to click, I have the same problem when I see the brilliant radiance, I just don't see them as often.