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  1. mint is an invasive species. PLus with all the breeds we got now gotta get the commons back to their common flooding roots.
  2. Mints r teh best dragons and should multiclutch. Commons should get a chance of multiclutch, mostly mints, but ya. Gimme dat multiclutch cause I like mints thank u 4 ur time bye UwU
  3. Crocs are always in style
  4. not really. They were actually an old holiday concept I touched up and recolored. I wanted something fluffy with pretty colors tbh Also little known fact they have comb overs I might be lying who knows!
  5. Never heard of em, sound super fun though!
  6. Nope Sexy legg was just a fevered dream I had that demanded to be made
  7. Egg so hot Hot hot egg Egg so hot It has legs
  8. There was actually quite a few bred non messy. Most were early on though as I was doing trades or personal projects.
  9. Gotta say just wow Birdz and I really weren't expecting this much of a reaction to a mass breeding of omens. We are very glad so many people enjoyed the mess! Between the two of us we managed to send 913 eggs (some of them desipis) to the ap, we were hoping to create an omen wall but they were all picked up that quick! Seriously you guys are insane. We are both really excited to see what delightful messes the community makes of these eggs!
  10. Glad you like it! I had honestly forgotten I had a low gen dorkface
  11. Had one last year should be the same this year we are getting close to the end of the Halloween eggs now anyways so maybe tomorrow night /Monday morning
  12. I think some people hatches and tossed back so there might be some in the hatchie wall
  13. Good let this be the Omen Legacy
  14. Theres a lot of people on a discord server gifting them right now
  15. Sorry you arn't having fun but I intend to play this game how I want and I want to have fun
  16. Constantly forgetting to double check my egg limits
  17. We're all really glad everyone likes the event, it was a blast to do!^^
  18. Her modeling career really took off so she was a little to busy to help find flowerz
  19. I'll be working with the wiki to make sure everything is saved