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    Post Ctrl+V

  2. I love LMFAO.They make me laugh and make me enjoy my partys :')
  3. Jade


    I hate Kesha.
  4. GOOSE Put this in your signature; YEAH YEAH YEAH BOOOOOYAHHHH
  5. Jamaica On the poll you should put 'Caribbean Island'
  6. Banned because I love her avatar picture.
  7. Rules: Dont spam Dont post nasty girl names like Stay on topic Example: Person 1: Anna Person 2: Bethany Person 3: Cara Person 4: Dia And when we reach 'Z' Ill say, or a mod or admin will 'And We Will Start Over Again [2]' The [] is to put in the number of times we have started over :] hope you enjoy..... AND BEGIN
  8. Ban because, I love the signature.