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  1. I've never seen this many hatchies in the AP! I've never seen more than maybe two at a time, not this massive number of them. What happened? Are people just being super generous and releasing hatchies for everyone to catch?
  2. CB 2013 CB Mistletoe I want: CB 2009, '11, '17 egg Any gen Christmas hatchie, any year (for freezing) Trio hatchie
  3. I definitely like this one, albeit as something of a rare chance.
  4. Right, but as soon as the egg hatches and the hatchie looks up, voila. Working eyes aimed at the specific patch of stars that give the specific color. I like this one!
  5. I'm up for anything, of course, but I especially want a non-dragon something. Maybe even something breedable. A snake comes to mind, or a crocodile. Or a cockatrice. Or, if sitting a toad on a chicken egg gets a basilisk, what happens when you accidentally get some toad eggs in a dragon lair? Do they hatch into fire-breathing toads? I suddenly want fire-breathing toads. Especially if they're breedable. Sudden idea: fire-breathing toads with scales. Uncommonish. Breed them, and you just get regular toads. Regular toads can only be gotten by breeding dragon toads. So, evidently
  6. That's a neat idea, but seems like it would be very hard to implement.
  7. The new guys are really pretty! I'm a smidge disappointed that they aren't spiders, though. I was expecting spiders from the multiple "eyes" thing. Maybe next year! I like that they have a slightly more festive coloration to them, and the color scheme is gorgeous. Gonna hit my silver trophy in a couple days at this rate, but, ugh, I'm out of freezes and all my slots are full of hatchies! I need an Incubate for hatchies. I have a bunch of Reds sitting idle because Incubate doesn't do me any good right now.
  8. 7 attempts, 7 disintegrates. On Halloween. Shouldn't that have worked better than it did?
  9. When I took out my fodder, I had 5 kills, 0 dodges. I unfortunately did it on the day AFTER the two-week mark to Halloween, so I won't be able to kill any Halloween, but I have a decent number of time-ran-out hatchies. Including some winged ones, which is nice.
  10. Demonic winged-Triceratops thing called a Diablos. Horns bigger than my entire body. Nasty, and surprisingly fast.
  11. If I go to AOND, hit "show all" on everything, and don't wait for the page to load all the dragons, does that count as views for all of them? What about if I wait for all of them to load, but don't scroll down? In other words, do I have to load and scroll over all the images to give them views? What if the images don't load and are just the little folder icon with the code next to them? Does looking at that do any good?
  12. I see a lot of references in the treats this year! First, we have what is clearly a weeping angel, the flickering statue. The bat-thing with the red wings, that's a Batarang from one of the later Batman series, right? The frilled blue eel in a pot is a Wiggler, a small, catchable creature in the video game Monster Hunter World. The creature that looks like a fat brown cat with a pumpkin is, I think, a Pumpkaboo Pokemon that's climbed out of its pumpkin. And the oil-esque blob with the face is a Tarr from the video game Slime Rancher. What else do people
  13. What if, A, more prizes were available per raffle, and, B, you can get multiple tickets? Raise 3 dragons for one ticket, 6 for two tickets, and so on, to maybe 3 tickets?
  14. Thanks to scrollname TerraFreaky for the massive number of nicely lineaged dragons in the AP. Just snagged a CB pygmy with 5 hours left. Gotta love those ER-time catches.
  15. Slightly alternate suggestion: All non-holiday eggs with less than 24 hours left get bumped to the front of the AP for people to grab. I've seen eggs with less time than that in the AP, but they don't last longer than half a second because someone invariably goes "OOH" and grabs them. That way, the post-wall rush of low-time eggs is still there, lots of 2-day and 3-day ones, but eggs don't die from being trapped back there.
  16. It's not so much a massbreed, but I'm making sure to breed all my relevant BSAs whenever I can so they'll be up for grabs. Lemme know if you get one of my reds, I just chucked a few into the AP. I admit I'm saving one CB red to breed for myself when I have an open slot, though. I still don't have enough reds! Also, a reminder: don't use your Reds from the 10th on. That way they'll have time to recharge by the Halloween breeding surge.
  17. If I understand them right, Thuweds are the first members of some dragon species. Are there new Thuweds for every dragon species? Also, are they given to the spriters, or are they just for whoever's the first to grab one from the cave?
  18. AP Anterean, CB Sapphire, AP Xenowyrm, AP frilled.
  19. I have hatched eggs from the AP! Dragon Codes - S6FGA rdH3k QvH34 7c7RY d5f6a uiy6x vy8ZV xhRxj N9Im9 heT6k Cxvva PjqxH QmexR bsx3s viCO6 vMq7Z jRG5W KJvrk iR1Vb 9Wefh asXSK WuU34 gXB4w ko72y Scroll Name - Betta132 Gifting them to somebody, trading, freezing, or keeping it? - Keeping Total Points - 32 + 24 = 56
  20. https://dragcave.net/lineage/NFQL2 My first Magma, and it's 2nd gen!
  21. Ooh, a red fire gem? You might have snagged the one I missed because I forgot I was hatchie-locked. Nice. I just got a 2nd gen purebred Magma!
  22. I'm loving this page full of ER eggs! I caught two of each of the new ones, plus an extra that I traded for a 3rd gen shimmer (yay!), and now I'm just grabbing, hatching, and freezing these guys to bulk up my scroll numbers. I wanna get my silver trophy by Halloween. Who else is having fun with this? Takes me a couple hours at most to hatch each egg now. So easy.
  23. Awesome. I'm trying to get my silver badge by Halloween, so those could-hatch-now eggs are really tempting. I think I'll grab a couple each of the new releases and then profit off the AP. Gotta say, even 5+ days is a pretty good deal in the AP. When I was on before, it was rarely all that much under a week. I like grabbing all these CBs with a day-plus already knocked off, I need these guys for my collection.
  24. How long does this nice post-release flood of low-time eggs in the AP last? I'm really, really tempted to grab and hatch some of those "3 day X hours" eggs, but I can't get at them without abandoning some of the good eggs I have. Are those likely to be around tomorrow morning as well?