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  1. Hmm... maybe some sort of lochness monster based sea serpent @Bamboomonkey! With the mist and the scales... like a misty lake? Either way, Happy Halloween, everyone! ^^
  2. Aw man, the colors were so perfect...! :’D Nonetheless, tysm for the previews! I think I’m gonna stick with Kovos/Pipio, but I’m still thinking on the rest. There’s a bunch of awesome ideas here!
  3. I certainly can’t edit on mobile, but here are the pairs I’m thinking of: Kovos x Pipio (angelic/demonic theme) Aeria Gloris x Aqualis Vremya x Neotropical Vremya x Frilled Both of your ideas seemed perfect, too! These are off the top of my head, so not too much creativity or detail from me, here. ^^; Sky Silks would go great with the Geminae if the latter weren’t two headed, as well. : /
  4. These are all astoundingly gorgeous. Kudos to the spriters and the writers for creating such interesting bios to match the awesome designs! The Lihnseyre and Aeria Gloris (definitely copypasted that first one) are my unparalleled favorites (good god, I could definitely hoard the both of them), with Geminae and Kovos coming in close and honorable second. The other two are utterly fantastic as well, they’re just not as much my personal taste in terms of palette and biology. 😛 Overall, one of my favorite DC Birthday releases yet. Amazing work to everyone involved, and thank you for another year of DC!
  5. Ooh, these all look so lovely...! The alpine hatchling and the coast hatchling in particular are my favorites, so I think I’ll nab a pair of those and leave the rest as singles. *u*
  6. Heya! Thanks to y'all so much for the schedule. ^o^ A quick question: Will the holiday event be playable/doable on mobile? I'll only have mobile for all the days the event will be active. :') Ty!!
  7. I think, in regards to names, that the eggs found in the forest/volcano will be "ash" something! As for the others, if they sort between bolt and bright-breasted... I'm not sure! ^^;
  8. Saw this release late- caught the glassy eggs in about two seconds, but haven't even seen one of the black eggs yet! I will find you. @_@ Edit: Alright, I take it back. One musty egg has been yoinked. ^_^;
  9. These eggs are gorgeous, especially the coast and volcano ones! I've only just now seen this topic (whoops) but caught the new eggs pretty easily. I hope they're still dropping by the time this batch hatches- I only have two of each, right now! ; Also, the new reds look so amazing! And the seasonals, too! The summers are probably my favorite- the sprites look really dynamic, for some reason. But I like how the quality has improved for the winters and autumns, too!
  10. @HeatherMarie I have something to do with alts going on as well. :T -Gasp at the sheer good luck when three out of your four bred Undine eggs hatch alt. -Headdesk when you realize that you didn't influence any of them, because you didn't expect to actually get alts on your first breeding run this time around, and they're all female (thanks precog). ...Basically, I'm just trying to get an adult and hatchling of each gender (plus an ungendered hatchling) for Undine alts. Breeding them is time consuming and often fruitless. Right now, however, I have an adult female, a frozen female hatchling, and an ungendered. So... if just one of these three is male, I'm just one away from being done breeding for alts! Nope. All female. Three alt Undines and they're all lovely, but still. It's like I can imagine these three glittery gold Undine hatchlings, all excited faces peering up at me like I'm special, mama! and I'm just. Deadpan as my Aeon's tell me that "they're all girls!" ...at least I can use one of them for breeding projects. The other two are going to be frozen into eternal youth. :T
  11. I think I finally got all of the eggs- 54 in total! I'll tell you, when I first saw that mint-egg for the easter hunt, I stared at it and squinted for a while.
  12. Does anyone know the amount of easter eggs we can find right now? : o
  13. Have you seen the banner for this year? ^^; (And with that, I'm really going to bed. That's all, folks!)
  14. I'll keep that in mind, ty! ^^ I remember it varied between each interval, last time. I'll have to figure it out tomorrow, though. Night all! edit: Before I go, just want to say that some of these recolors are really gorgeous! I particularly like the male bright-breasted wyverns, male canopy's, wrapping wings, and all the carina sprites. Aaaand the recolored freckled dragon sprites just look like oversized mints.
  15. Does anyone know the interval between availability of easter eggs yet? : o I assume the answer is no, but I'm going to go to bed now, so I hope someone finds out by the time I wake up. ^^ edit: ...how did I just notice that all my dragons were green? .-.
  16. ...that feel when you're happily egglocked, precog, influenced when necessary, incubated, and... you realize that there's an alt version of the egg, not just dimorphism in the sprites. .-.
  17. I have them all (finally!) so I'm just going to go on a flower sending crusade. I'll gladly and always reciprocate any flower sent- and I love creative messages, facts, puns, jokes, anything! ^^
  18. I have them all (finally!) so I'm just going to go on a flower sending crusade. I'll gladly and always reciprocate any flower sent- and I love creative messages, facts, puns, jokes, anything! ^o^
  19. Edit: Got em all! Responding and reciprocating with every flower sent. I love clever messages, facts, jokes, or puns! Happy post-valentines day, everyone.
  20. This is gonna be my last round before I go to bed- thanks for the wonderful flower exchanges so far, y'all! ^o^ I'm p sure I'm not gonna be done tonight, so I'll be back tomorrow. https://screenshot.net/74y5ja5 Reciprocating, as always, and I'd love to see some clever messages!
  21. I think I'm going to turn in soon, but for now, I'm still hunting for flowers! https://screenshot.net/765kyaj Puns, jokes, facts, and anything... all appreciated! I return fire with flowers. Edit: Down to just two rows left! ^o^
  22. Thank you so much! I'm well on my way to collecting them all, so I appreciate it!
  23. And again, I spam in the name of love! (And flowers!)
  24. By now, I'm sure I'm spamming this thread, but, well. https://screenshot.net/71ndob8 I'm still reciprocating? ^^; Puns, jokes, and facts still welcome!