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ark_listed.pngDoubleGoldstar5.pngdragonsroc989.pngEGGSINABASKET.gifWishlist: CB blacks, Alt black males, Alt vines, Tinsels (gold silver and bronze), Neglecteds. GoN if my trios will finally be nice to me >.< I do accept IOUs. I do take breeding requests. IOUs I owe: none =DI have CB golds silvers frills old pinks holidays and of just about every other dragon except cb hollys. Willing to breed for any kind of 2013 prize dragon.

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    dragons of course or i wouldnt be here :P

    ShimmerScale dragons =3
    low gen tinsel dragons basically 4th or lower (all three)
    alt blacks males x2
    alt blacks for freezing (both forms)
    alt vines (any generation for freezing)
    CB black
    any common or uncommon breed i dont have 6 adults of XD

    (GoN but i needs to get that on my own *stares at Trios* work with me dangit >.<)

    I dont really go after lineages, but I do continue ones that I happen to get.