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  1. I found this....very interesting and may be a reasoning to this entire year.......what you all think?
  2. Here's one: Cornrows as 'cultural appropriation"?? No. Cornrows hair braiding cannot be claimed by any one culture. It's been around for about 3500 years, since the stone age, featured in rock carvings. Vestal Virgins in Rome wore their hair with them. Some Native American Tribes used them. They were the fashion off and on in Medieval European society. Polynesia. Japan. Parts of South America. Just about every culture in the world at some point, used cornrow techniques in their traditional styles. So, if you like cornrow style hair braiding, do it. Not "cultural appropriation".
  3. Have a new pink egg, want a new dark (NOT INCUBATED!) egg. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Whew. Got my two eggies, warmed them, and bred all my Valentines with my CB Golds, Silvers, and Guardians of Nature. Played the game. Now just sit back and wait for hatching!! Thanks TJ!
  5. Kindness is always a good thing!❤️ Thank you.
  6. Guys, I am having a bit of a crisis. In Aug. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I have been in and out of the hosp several times since then. Finally got a full hysterectomy September 23. I have been home a week now, and still struggling to heal. I won't know if I am cancer free for a long time yet. I had lost my husband to pneumonia this last Dec. so this year has been especially hard. Now, I am facing being evicted because with all the medical bills, I am short on my rent this month. I really could use just a little help from some kind people. I have a small Facebook fund set up. It's not
  7. Ok. I first saw the original Broadway musical of Cats in high school, during the 80's when it was brand spanking new. I fell in love with the whole concept, which is not about individual cats, but rather, different TYPES of cats and their personalities. And the love, grief, and life that goes on. Allegory for human existence and hope for the future. It really moved me. Since then I've seen various examples and interpretations of the play from various student and professional troups, and they all are meaningful to me in some way. I will confess a fondness for the 1997 film of the pl
  8. Ha Ha, whoever put my eggs in NG, jokes on you. I check every day, caught that early, and they are hatching fine. Nyah nyah!! 😛😛
  9. It really isn't rocket science. When you get an egg, fog it and wait til it's at 4 days (er status). Then unfog it, throw it into 4-5 hatcheries, making sure to click BOTH the regular and er buttons, if they have them. Boom! Your egg will hatch within a day. Then fog it again til it reaches 4 days. Unfog, throw it into the same hatcheries, then boom again! It will mature, and grow up within a day. I do that with all my eggs, and have not lost one EVER!! Seriously, NEVER!
  10. I wouldn't call it dull colored at all, it's a very pretty light blue. The egg is nice too.
  11. I have not been around much over the last year, just for the monthly eggs....I seem to recall some kind of discussion about switching genders on a dragon? I would love to change one of my male hollys to a female so I can breed them. Otherwise, I'm going to try to get another holly to influence female and just ditch one of my males. Any thing like that lately?
  12. If anyone didn't get any Halloween Dragons, I have four to give away either by ones or pairs, free. Just pm me. I'd prefer if those who do NOT have ANY ask for them, thank you.
  13. I will have two pairs, or four individual new eggs to give away free after cooldown, for any who cannot get one. FYI.
  14. Thank you TJ and spriters. TJ, PLEASE, can you make them drop continuously? Please?
  16. Wish they'd drop continuously....seeing as we ONLY have 1 day......
  17. No to either, but I believe it came out in the '90's.
  18. I love the song "I'll Be There" by the Escape Club. It was used as the theme song for a "teen angel" type movie, where a guy comes back to earth years after dying to save his daughter. I have tried to research this, but cannot find the name of the movie. Anyone know?
  19. I have every treat and every Easter egg that has come out during the years. Check out my sig for links to see all sprites.
  20. Well, got all 49 treats....unless there are some surprise extras? Anyone know? TJ did that one year, now I keep an eye out for it. So is 49 the final number of treats?
  21. So, what is this 'windy' egg? I got some, but I thought the black ones were with the glassy this drop?? Which I can't find any of.
  22. Just got back from Disneyland. Having argument with friend.
  23. So, does anyone have more than 54 yet?