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    Pokemon Go

    Can't believe e this didn't have its own thread yet. Anyone playing? What level are you and team? Whats your beat and worst story? Best catch? Best egg hatches? #TeamValor I'm lvl 7 right now, no gyms yet tho. My best catch was a lvl 100 Wartortle. I had a venesaur show up at my house las night, threw one ball at it, almost caught it, and the leafy coward broke out and ran! I was all like, get your berries back here!
  2. so Bright Pinks can be gendered Male now?? that's awesome got 2 Frill eggs influence to be a pair. my two prize babies will be happy to have these guys are mates ... hopefully lol
  3. *squee* went to an Andy Grammar concert tonight and come back to see DC pop over my FB feed saying there was a release and now i find out Frills and BP's are back i can't wait until i can finally snag a few frills and BP's for breeding partners for my Marrows and prize lines thanks artists for agreeing to bring them back best birthday week in a while for me i hope that since Zombies are becoming more diverse, they might also get a BSA to use on Halloween breeding season of "Infect" that way we can try for zombies the old fashion killing way and a new way edit - just looked at the new lineage view, i like it! much more smooth and sharp looking and the new rt work is lovely, absolutely love the map on the front page
  4. ^ is my top pick right now. these are must haves for me as well x Bleeding Moons x Brutes, Hellfires x Pebbles x Falcorns x Brimstones x Blue Gemstones x Seragamma i wonder if the sprite will change with spring and summer. right now i'm looking at mates based on the Mutamore's pose
  5. anxiously checking for the BSA i didn't expect it to be different, but i checked on the breed page of a rejected pair and the rejected mate is still greyed out. mine are only s1's though so its a bit premature *nods* i've named my two babies Cupids' Heart & Himeros
  6. "This temporary pairing up tends to lead otherwise disinterested dragons into a better appreciation of one another, resulting in lasting relationships." please tell me this is a refusal BSA reset conformation *big sad puppy dog eyes*
  7. this has been a GREAT valentines tried to breed a few irriplacible lines with mates i already had so far Sir Lady, Mi'Joram, Sterous Lanteis didn't refuse their mates for the event, i have these items - Beetle - Pearl - 6 invitations - berry's - little dragon thingy - empty spot - pink crystal - feather - bucket i dunno what i'm missing, i see posts about flowers, so i guess thats the empty spot and some rumor mongering, thinking out loud - i think the dragon pictured with the event is this years Valentine Dragon - i'm hoping that by shiny things, and the lack of a raffle, that the completion of the even comes with a prize dragon for all of us and which one we qualify for depends on how many items we have
  8. so much pink and red in the AP yet again, another year of not enough egg slots i want to hoard dem all thank you TJ and Artists caught and traded for lots of lovelies on my 2 year wedding anniversary.
  9. Red2111

    Secret Santa

    ultra special thanks to my Secret Santa Areous, who is so beyond awesome that words cannot express exactly how awesome they are QFT when a list is made, send me over a name/list and i'm happy to help out though it might have to wait until after Valentines since thats next week
  10. i disagree. JW had WAY to many shout outs and throw backs to JP to allow for JW > JP to ever exist that said. i LOVED this movie mostly because of all of the shout outs to the original. JW should have been JP2 hmmmm a JW2 ... this franchise doesn't have a good history of direct sequels .... i'm happy but not happy at the same time
  11. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/noGOd Gender: Male Parents: King Aegon Targaryen & Queen Rhaenys Targaryen Generation: 2 Scroll name/link: Red2111 i might not be naming him because of the code but he is perma bred to Princess Shaena Targaryen ----------------------------------------------------- I wish to spread the Targaryen name! Generation: 3rd Parents: Princess Shaena Targaryen & (noGOd) Teleport Link (leave blank if you'd prefer to be PMed): http://dragcave.net/teleport/1c0eea48b762d...11ba9d02f7c67b9
  12. the Hubby got us hooked on this. he heard it was a good show from co-workers, we couldn't agree what to watch on Netflix so we decided to give the first episode of season 1 a shot and ...... OMG we're only on episode 9 of season 1 and i'm under strict orders from the hubby not to watch it without him Sock, you tell people not to Binge watch this show ... but i dont think i couldn't NOT binge watch it. how they end each episode ... waiting a week to find out and then another week ... it would kill me when i tell people about this show i tell them "its a great 'Who Done It' show thats like a really good book where each chapter ends and you just HAVE to turn the page because you GOTTA know what happens next" and since season 2 is on going, i'm staying away from this thread until i get caught up
  13. Red2111

    Secret Santa

    my secret santa, Areous, is beyond the best. aside from what i already posted ... a Silver mate for one of my Marrows a lovely 2nd gen pink around 14 prize lines, many of which i didn't have and 2 EG's with spriter's alts in them i seriously can't thank them enough i'm especially excited about Sugar King because i have an epic mirror mate planed out for him. a female tin from them paired with a male tin from them. ------------------- (not entering the raffle, i just like posting my progress i'm only about 1/2 way done with what i have planned > ) Forum name: miss1nforamtion Scroll name: miss1nformation Wishlist: 1. Neglected (CB or clean, short lineage please) [my hubby is awesome for trying to ND with me again and making our 2nd one i'm still in shock a bit over that ] 2. CB Copper (Rainbow or Verdigris) 3. CB Xenowyrm (Astrapi, Mageia, Gaia or Pyro) [Gaia is on CD *squee*] 4. CB Lunar Herald (Silver or Gold please) 5. 4th gen Water from Silver to be a mate for this [ nothing this week. really you two, waters are NOT that uncommon!! ] 6. CB Gemshard [1 Blue Male] sent but not on wish list: 2G G.Copper from Heartseeker 2G Stripe from Radiant Angel
  14. the more i think on it, i like the 2nd flow chart better. so i've updated the OP and idea to this ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ xxBurningxx the "imagine this" scenario exists in prize lines already. stubborn dragons will be stubborn, theres no getting around that. i have prize lines that have lists on them and week after week i get no eggs or kin, some have been doing that to me for almost a year. (theres a reason why i loathe Lumina and Deep Sea prize lines ) i get the frustration, trust me; but this is a minor annoyance to rejections. because at least i can try those lines every week and have the hope that i'll get an egg from them. refusals are, unfortunately, here to stay. i actually hope that TJ makes me put my foot in my mouth and does away with them; i'll gladly eat my words in that case but having an event or BSA that basically makes rejections null is too powerful and is too much of a loop hole to be something we can realistically expect to get. if we're going to get eggs from rejected pairs, there should be a challenge to it; otherwise, why not just do away with rejections if you're going to give us an easy "get out of jail free" card with them. in this scenario, even if the pair re-rejects after giving no eggs for 2 months straight; eventually i'll be able to reset that rejection and continue to try again. which, in the case of lines like him where i only have 1 CB ribbon Dancer to try him to; its worth he slight annoyance because while it may take a while to get my egg, i will eventually get it and i at least have a chance to try for it each year. Hope > No Hope. every single time; even if the Hope you have comes with a lot of headache attached. Hope is a very powerful thing, thats why it was in pandora's box and thats why the Raffle has such a dramatic effect on this community.
  15. I, Red2111, swear that my Aegis' sprites won't change once they have had offspring. My Dragons: Father Grumpus will remain pacified Father Krampus will be enraged and remain so
  16. a few things to pat myself on the back about Metalwing accepted a Gaia mate finally got all of my christmas babies named, added to my trading doc and sorted caught a CB Pyro and CB G.Copper (from the coast o.o) for my SS giftee got some lovilies from my SS gifter who is be-awesome (beyond awesome) and Yuletide accepted my back up Yulebuck mate. its not the one i was holding my breath for but at least its a perfect mate that i can use to continue the line with. i'll just have to find a mate for the one i was hoping Yuletide would accept and breed myself a 4G to mate that one too > i will have overcome this obstacle you stubborn dragon *shakes my fist at thee* so challenge accepted you stubborn pixels
  17. christmas babies. finally getting around to listing them (most were gifts from the AP from my Hubby. though the butt-head kept the silver he caught) Holly's Jolly Wonderful Bloke thanks anon. Sunspark Starswirl thanks anon HollyBell Thuwed thanks anon! Angelwing's Odkie Junour Lady thanks SickThing Faerun Blurp thanks Faenyx Spirit of the Goat thansk Vampyre, i love your Angelwings name Ribbon Dancer Theif's of Katsuragi thanks Thief-of-Hearts Yulaineon thanks anon. Dance of the Future thanks anon. Beautiful Lunar Orb thanks anon. Langer de Noel thansk anon. a very interesting combo o.0 Winter Magi's Joy to Our Birthstone. thanks twol8sue! Lurking for Nightlia. thanks anon. Pink Eye Joy thanks AlucardxAnderson. Wrapping Wing's Packing Shuang Dong thanks anon Wrapping Massive Foil thansk anon. Smeb thanks anon Solstice's (2/3 going the correct wing color i wanted is great ) Wild Berry Slushie can't wait to find a mate for her. thanks anon, i love your babies names as well Flippy Disco Bear thanks anon, and i also like the parents' name's the Yellowstone Cauldera thanks shortaxel Mistletoe's (all gendered correctly ) a Jaded Kiss thanks milkaq! i love catching from friends Arkana o'Lothlorien thanks anon! River of Toes thanks Merit Cheer Le'mon thanks anon Night's Ride thanks Quinn'sGold
  18. Red2111

    Secret Santa

    Areous is going beyond and above i can't thank them enough Male Almadine i finally have a CB set ^(*.*)^ G.Copper from SW which i'll breed a mate for this year Zombie Cheese *grins* Blitz Peppermint i absolutely ADORE prize checkers like this and alts are just icing on the cake i can't WAIT to hunt down a few Yulebuck mates for this baby ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my progress is slow going, but its not a race i'm trying for 1 egg every few days so i dont lock her down Forum name: miss1nforamtion Scroll name: miss1nformation Wishlist: 1. Neglected (CB or clean, short lineage please) 2. CB Copper (Rainbow or Verdigris) [on CD, i can't believe i caught one o.o] 3. CB Xenowyrm (Astrapi, Mageia, Gaia or Pyro) [pyro is waiting pick up] 4. CB Lunar Herald (Silver or Gold please) 5. 4th gen Water from Silver to be a mate for this [got no interest this week] 6. CB Gemshard sent but not on wish list: 2G G.Copper from Heartseeker
  19. i agree that multi-scrollers need to be stomped. a built in protection for store bought dragons is a good thing. having ALL eggs gotten from the store as untradable is a great thing. (though offspring from them should be tradable) CB Hybrids or CB Alts from the store (that aren't in cave) dont get my support in this placing limits on obtaining CB's from the store, outside of scroll limits already in place (2 CB Val/xmas & 3 GoN's) dont get my support. we'll have a cap on how much currency we can earn/buy each year. and dragons will have set prices. these already act as limitations for what you can get. adding a restriction of "only 1 CB prize" or whatever dragon is just over kill.
  20. yes but it would only apply to dragons that have rejected. the numbers i used in my flow chart are arbitrary. i stated to ignore them because i dont know the real numbers and they're meant to show the basic concept of what i'm getting at in an easier manner of explanation. i'm better at explaining myself in pictures rather than words. this is tooo much of a "get out of jail free" card imo. its a loop hole that basically negates the mechanic, and if TJ was cool with something like that, IMO, he'd just do away with refusals. the numbers at this point are arbitrary, as TJ would set those. but essentially yes, this is the idea of the concept. i'd be cool with a 1-off BSA or a BSA that allows a 2nd attempt. there are options for those that have been around for years though, and we still dont have them. IMO this either means TJ doesn't like them or they're too OP (over powered) and ruin the reason for the reject mechanic. turning off all refusals during Valentines is good. but the down side is that, like holidays, refused pairs would still not be breed able during the year. i imagine you'd have a small chance to get an egg from them in that one breeding and you'd never get off season Valentine eggs from rejected pairs. this option deals with rejected Valentine pairs giving off season eggs, and allows for multiple chances to try and get the egg you want. which means a person has to set their priorities in this. do you want Valentine dragons, or do you want that egg from the pair that rejected. its part of that compromise thing, you're giving up something to get what you wanted. if you dont want to take the chance the pair produces and the egg dies in the wall, then keep a slot open. its as simple as that. but this is also one of the reasons why i didn't opt for presenting the "lift all refusals during Valentines season" like what Fuzz suggested. as i said, the numbers are arbitrary. i'd be open for something like this tho -> linked for size (again the numbers used are arbitrary) * you breed a new pair at the current rate. *if they accept, no worries, but if they reject then this scenario applies to only them. * every Valentines season they act as if they haven't been bred and you get a second chance. * any rejected pair that is bred during this time and doesnt reject is breedable from now on, but retains their chance of re-rejection each breeding attempt. *holidays bred to rejected non-holidays during this season are auto-reset for out of season eggs from that partner.
  21. @ Sock - a BSA is good as well; the problem there is the value this BSA would place on a dragon and that no one can seem to agree on any dragon outside of the Valentine breeds. i'd actually argue that this BSA would be more useful than the Incubate at this point. the main problem with the BSA is that i fear it would be about as useful as Fertility and the potential for abusing it is higher than limiting it to a certain time span. though could Fertility be reworked to lower the chance of refusal on a pair you're trying for the first time?? heck perhaps it already does and we just dont know about it?? no i worded it that way on purpose. i think having a reset and then a chance to loop hole the mechanic on two dragons who have told us NOPE is too much of a bypass and defeats the purpose of the mechanic itself. if we have that, then the mechanic itself might as well not exist. the threat of re-rejection should remain because were basically forcing two dragons that dont like each other to like each other. if you look at the flow chart here that i previously linked; it explains better what i was thinking on. something like this doesn't create a scenario where perma-rejection is a thing (which is what we already have); it just shows a cost to continuing to try a pair of dragons that really are incompatible with the hope always being present that they will eventually accept each other. ***not using real numbers, i dont know those*** say you get to the highest rejection possibility because a pair rejects year after year in the reset period (where the reject is 52% and no interest is 46%, 01% at no egg and egg respectively) the higher chance is rejection, and the rejection % would cap out at this. BUT you can still try them each year for the No Interest. heck, you might even "roll a nat 20" and get an egg even though its at 1% chance. even after 10 years of rejection after rejection, if they give "no interest" they go back to the %'s as if they'd never been bred together (ie: 25% reject, NI, NE, & Egg equally). and if the pair decides to reject again, then it counts back as a 1st attempt (ie: 30% reject, NI & NE respectively, and 10% Egg) statistically speaking, and to put this in perspective. the chances of me rolling a Yahtze on my first time may be around .08%, that doesn't mean that it can't be done or doesn't happen. in fact, some would say rolling nat 20's on two d20's rolled at the same time is impossible, but (much to the store owner and DM's disbelief) i actually did that once and have never been able to do it again (and my dice rolled like crap after but hey, i can at least claim i did it once and had witnesses for it )
  22. i saw an enraged one on a persons scroll and i was like "omg thats a great spriter's alt, i've never seen one with an opposite pose as well as different colors " then i was like ... wait, they're not one of the spriters o.o is it a new dragon finally saw mention of the BSA and saw it on my own dragons page as well i'll be keeping one enraged and one pacified on my scroll. i'm glad to know this is "permanent" rather than like the Lumina's quirk tho the ability to enrage an Aegis after a vamp kill of a mis-click is a nice way to vent frustration on the scroll.
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    Secret Santa

    received both the cheese and the copper thanks Areous. if you lot need the codes for the raffle, let me know and i'll PM them over
  24. right, but your other eggs on your scroll (which is why i mentioned the Valentines) are not. so while the bombers can't kill your lovely prize. those luscious Valentines you work hard to trade for or catch in the AP or wait all year to breed ...... hence why i'll be glad if it is in the middle of the year and with a new release of ultra common dragons