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  1. I'd love that if you don't mind 👀
  2. this is absolutely beautiful! (definitely not biased at all)
  3. I finally got around to breeding some offspring for keeps so... Forum name: Arcy Lineages you made: Mac Demarco - My Kind Of Woman Modest Mouse - Float On (inbred) Antje Duvekot - Sleepy Sea Of Indigo And Blue PUP - Dark Days Future Islands - An Apology Add to front page? yes Will you breed siblings for others if requested? absolutely!
  4. that's an interesting thought but nope! here's a red from green and alpine (blue) mate https://dragcave.net/lineage/huiB0
  5. it seems to be random with a preference for parent's color. when I went through my parg's progenies it was something like 50% parent's color, 50% other colors. at least in the case of parg x non-parg
  6. you can put the hatchies in a highlighted group named "contact info" or similar. no need to keep sorting
  7. just bought 5 sapphies to toss, and will make sure to breed some later
  8. pretty good luck this time around. all 5d 12h unincubated
  9. 3/6 isn't bad I suppose. I'm surprised two of them died edit: if it matters, NmX and TVY were from market
  10. as others said this suggestion has a lot of complications, especially if it worked on any abandoned egg. it would be simpler and fairer to allow users to pick up their own abandoned eggs
  11. @Scarlet_claw ok, this is fantastic lmao. thank you!
  12. @Lesh4537 RNG giveth, and RNG taketh... poor muddi
  13. I bred a couple copper x aeria pairs, and got 4 rainbow coppers, 1 brown copper. I guess that technically doesn't rule out pennybright as a possibility, but... I'm gonna assume it's not possible :v
  14. a rick wyrm? that's kinda brilliant :3 I need another rift wyrm to name that now... if you'd like a request, how about a black truffle and guardian couple?
  15. purple and orange are lovely together
  16. 3 attempts today, all 2G cantors at AP time (~3d21h). hope to do more soon :3 #1 with s5 crack hatched #2 with s5 crack hatched #3 with s4 crack hatched
  18. BIG fan of the gemmy update!! idk what it was about the males I didn't like before but they're so smooth and shimmery now 💜
  19. 15 whole new dragons all with varying mechanics is definitely overwhelming! it's fun to joke about crazy alt mechanics and huge releases, it's another for it to actually happen ;w; that said, i'm pretty excited for them! especially the sapphires, cantors, and electrics (!!!) the abandon and EQ alts sound tricky, but fun :3 the nilias and morets are certainly intriguing, and purple gemmies!! them being timed based is a welcome change. thank you for having mercy on us Odie 🙏 the coppers i'm meh on? i'm cool with the new alt being hard to breed, but it's nearly identical to the rai
  20. happy birthday DC!! here's to another amazing year :fweee: holy moly that is a LOT of eggs
  21. I love having the actions at the top of the dragons page now :3 I'm not in need of a username change but super happy for everyone who wanted it!!
  22. well, looks like it's time to update the binge viewing counter ooh, you did the glystere one too! I was looking all over for it o: I just love his lil content face~
  23. I was actually gonna suggest a price around there. like a static 5000 shards, scaling up or down according to rarity. I feel like a year's worth of saving is fine for a guaranteed prize egg you also get to pick the color and breed of.
  24. I don't think adding even more prizes would accomplish anything honestly. TJ could award 500 prizes every month and you're still not guaranteed to ever win anything because that's the nature of RNG. just give people an alternative to earn a prize through time and effort... like put them in the market :3