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  1. @Lushwave I literally squee'd irl... thank u for this child
  3. idk, tons of new holidays will be generated every year either way, and lots of people already breed their entire stock of holidays whether they can keep them or not, maybe it wouldn't help AP times like I thought but I can't see it hurting that much. I suppose giving us more slots accomplishes the same thing better though :3 designated holiday slots?
  4. this is indeed what I assumed, I agree that simply extending breeding time with no regard for dragons being able to breed multiple times would be awful and wreak havoc on the AP I'm really curious why you think that, if it means no extra eggs are being bred? (besides the ones from holidays collected last year, like usual) I would really like more time to breed. we have ~14 breeds for each holiday now and only 1 week, and having to pick and choose which lineages to progress isn't what I would call a fun challenge I think it would help with AP times too - fewer eggs being bred all at once and more time to raise them means it wouldn't tank as fast if the concern is holiday eggs hanging around too long, the row of normal eggs could be extended. or just give us a separate holiday AP (I know TJ's not really a fan of that one >_<)
  5. I ran out of precogs and still don't have my male pitfire freezie... I don't wanna keep bumming precogs off people so I have to hope I get lucky and snatch a hatchie from the wall (and freeze it before it grows) >_<
  6. somehow forgot this one (July 18 2020)
  7. as long as the artificial cooldowns are kept in place (for both old and new holidays), I don't see why there would be a problem. it's the same amount of eggs being bred, just spread out over a longer period of time
  8. I would like cb vamps to be obtainable by newer users, just please not in the halloween biome. I can't imagine something more annoying than hunting exclusive halloween breeds and coming back with vamps which are obtainable year round. I like this or the 31sts idea personally :3
  9. ahhh so many cool farms... I love the wild looking ones ^ ^
  10. happy halloween!! I'm already excited for the new guys owo remember to fog your new eggs! lots of traffic in hatcheries and viewbombers afoot
  11. if you have adblock, you can block a treat's image and it should stop them from showing up completely (at least for the rest of the day?)
  12. both were in paint tool sai, with the default brush or pen tool I think
  13. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: Arcy Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: Trick or Treat 2021 Brief description of treat: the floating shopping list ghost of soda drink hats from Spongebob S3 E46b
  14. I make a lot of DC related art so I finally made a thread to store them :3 feel free to make suggestions if you want, but no guarantees pixels (March 24 2021) lava lamp easter egg (April 13 2021) black and white nebula (May 3 2021) lizard (May 10 2021) old gold (May 28 2021) gem stealing pygmy (August 31 2021) magnesium challenge trophies (October 10 2021) pokepargs other (August 7 2020) crimson flare and his big goth gf (September 16 2020) ...hindwyrm (February 21 2021) how does dating a two-head work (February 25 2021) a friend (March 27 2021) various emojis (April 9 2021) *slurp* (April 21 2021) *slurp x2* (May 8 2021) proud sophrosyne (June 13 2021) emoji (October 25 2021) delivery boy
  15. I massbred all my aeons, reds, purples, pinks and magis 3 days ago (around 100 eggs) they are AP timed and should be trickling in right about now!
  16. Add a lineage! Forum name: Arcy New lineage: Bibio - Lovers' Carvings
  17. it was a while back, but I somehow managed to find Bare, Sweater and Coating
  18. banned for having superb taste in both fonts and Pokemon uwu
  19. ;w; that's amazing!! @Paradisiske come see this!!
  20. I think people are greatly overestimating the number of Bobs, Smaugs, etc. that will crop up if this is implemented. people aren't going to stop giving their dragons "creative" names just because there's no longer a limit. if anything, I think there would be an increase in those types of names o: and in the end, it really shouldn't matter since, as stated before, not your dragons. (and once again, creativity is subjective and simple names like Bob, Smaug, Lilleth aren't inherently uncreative or bad!)
  21. I thought for sure it would be scintilla/scintillating but... that doesn't fit after script >.<