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  1. No need. I breed my mints to metals and abandon all the eggs. The metals are mint fails. 🤣 They were quite productive on this occasion.
  2. I think the new change will work ok for smaller walls of about 50, maybe 100 eggs but I can't see it working for bigger walls like the oncoming mintpocalypse. I just can't. I look forward to seeing what happens. It's a balance between lower AP times and distributing a reasonable number of breeds at any one time + the wall to keep it moving.
  3. 954 mint eggs sent to the AP. See you on the other side. @Lagie Enjoy 😁
  4. So is it better I breed them as normal (to different breeds) or breed them to each other/metals/holidays? What are we trying to accomplish? The latter would produce a more prominent wall because it wouldn't be interspersed with other breeds from me. TJ's mechanic makes it so only 12 eggs abandoned by me show up at a time. Should the other smaller mint army owners I know breed theirs?
  5. Is it worth breeding my 2000+ mint army to test the new changes? Just think it's worth testing how it holds up to 800 something of the same breed.
  6. Makes sense. It was a pain telling people to use n/42 anyway haha. Looks like the page links are fixed now so this can be closed. Thanks for that.
  7. TBH if TJ's removed the user/n/ thing that's great, makes more sense to me since nobody references scrolls by ID anyway. But it's obviously caused a problem with us 'unique' users.
  8. I have a special scroll. It's special because my scroll name is a number, which means to access it you have to put user/n/42. Putting user/42 redirects you to the 42nd scroll created on the site. This particular thing has caused many problems over the years, such as breaking Halloween baskets and the Christmas tree decorating contest. But recently I think there's been a new change that breaks my scroll, or my scroll is bugged. Going to a different scroll page, e.g. user/n/42/5, redirects me to the first page. So now people can't see my dragons. I would like to show my b
  9. I didn't say it was necessary. Of course it isn't. That's why I said "since they wouldn't be limited." I rarely name mine and I still probably wouldn't even if exclusivity was removed (I'm too lazy and just like collecting pixels). But a number of people in this thread have mentioned they're turned off from naming because they can't use names they like. Not everyone wants to name their dragons something from a code or a name generator. Names like 'Bob' and 'Jones' are more meaningful to them and they might want to name their dragons if they didn't have to fight the system every tim
  10. Adding my support for removing name exclusivity. Never liked it to be honest and if it makes more people happy then I have no problems with it. I don't see what exclusivity adds to the game aside from feeling special because you got a nice word, phrase, name, etc. Perhaps removing it would encourage others to name their dragons since they wouldn't be limited. Also in favour of being able to click the name on the lineage page and have it toggle to the code. I wouldn't support an account-level toggle because there's already a lot on that settings page. I'm still unsure ho
  11. Have: Z 4 letter word code - ZWAIT Want: Offers. See wish list in signature for inspiration, but CB metal/ND is auto though I'm not expecting that. https://dragcave.net/teleport/9758dc4858d6da8f9fe956e5bc3b89c2
  12. Have: CB Umbra Xeno, female, ER hatchling CB Ke'mare Xeno hatchling CB Aso Xeno egg CB Aquilo Xeno egg Want: 2nd gen prize dragon from non-holiday mate. https://dragcave.net/teleport/35b06ab45c74679e87ed06568c0704f9 Might be willing to trade each individually for 4 CB hatchlings from my wishlist. PM me.
  13. Have: CB Umbra Xeno, ER hatchling Want: CB Astaarus hatchlings, 3+ is auto. Might look at CB hatchlings from my wishlist. https://dragcave.net/teleport/6d77bd04d4dfaebfc4573610aacddac6
  14. I was asked to mass breed my mints because the AP times were high, and as I'd not mass bred in almost a year I felt one was overdue. Wasn't aware there were a few other mass breeds in the queue. For those interested, 873 mint eggs from 2071 mints.
  15. Mint army, 2,000+ strong I have some some work to do to catch up with the bigger armies.
  16. Have: 2nd gen PB gold egg teleport Want: CB hatchlings or 2nd gen hybrid hatchlings
  17. RIP Halloween page. Kind of a fitting screen for Halloween.
  18. There were over a thousand mints sent to the AP after some people I know also got in on the act... Not even all of mine have been picked up so the mint 'wall' could go on for a while yet. 🤷‍♂️
  19. 2 days and 4 hours on my mints now. Still not picked up.
  20. You made me check the last few I bred. Those eggs still haven't been picked up and are at 2 days and 18 hours. Very strange!
  21. I sent 500+ mint eggs to the AP a few days ago, but they didn't really wall like they've always done before. No idea but the AP is definitely behaving differently.
  22. Please make mints multi-clutch... I have 2000 of them that I can breed...
  23. Man I can't remember the last time I was around for the start of a release.