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  1. RIP Halloween page. Kind of a fitting screen for Halloween.
  2. There were over a thousand mints sent to the AP after some people I know also got in on the act... Not even all of mine have been picked up so the mint 'wall' could go on for a while yet. 🤷‍♂️
  3. 2 days and 4 hours on my mints now. Still not picked up.
  4. You made me check the last few I bred. Those eggs still haven't been picked up and are at 2 days and 18 hours. Very strange!
  5. I sent 500+ mint eggs to the AP a few days ago, but they didn't really wall like they've always done before. No idea but the AP is definitely behaving differently.
  6. Please make mints multi-clutch... I have 2000 of them that I can breed...
  7. Man I can't remember the last time I was around for the start of a release.
  8. My dragons gave me President Nixon.
  9. Just took a look at how many mints I have. 1,775. Not enough. Congrats for nearing the 2k mark, I guess?
  10. I think giving the alt sprites as an 'apology' in the first place was a big mistake, as we've now discovered. However, we're all speaking to the ether unless TJ/Kila say something. Ultimately the decision lies between those two. I vote that we replace all the sweetlings with mints.
  11. Have: CB Holly https://dragcave.net/teleport/2b4365d78a8961c25492573ab852b59e Want: 2nd gen tinsel/2nd gen shimmer. Or... your offers I guess (but no PMs.)
  12. mint egg https://dragcave.net/teleport/88ebec951c19a...12ab246547adf80 Let me know if you take it!
  13. alOnE Brings a tear to my eye...
  14. Yeah, I'm not sure it's worth breeding the other 700.
  15. Alright, 500 mint eggs sent to the AP. I still have nearly 700 mints to breed... lol
  16. Absolutely. My army will aid yours. I'll let you know how many mints are produced.
  17. Oh, I see. I've been thinking mine haven't been bred in a long while.
  18. Accidentally bred this great code on the 25th. Accidentally abandoned it while breeding other things. Accidentally picked it up from the AP today while hunting. All is well and BjJOe is back in my hands.
  19. Just killed a dragon I revived ages ago as a zombie attempt. Twice.