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  1. Thanks @Sunrunner her sibling will help make a 7g from the same check next year (in theory!!) If you want any others from the val09xstripe line just shout πŸ€—πŸ™ƒ
  2. To me, the right hand one of the 2headed pair *feels* more female to me.. maybe the description is right but the gender classification wrong? The right hand Sprite looks it like could be curled round a nest of eggs, flicking her tail.. I love the cute feet on the 2head and the way the blue flows is amazing, nice one guys 😍
  3. #clickmissrefreshrepeatclickmissrefreshrepeatclickmissrefreshrepeatmisclickscreamrefreshrepeat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. SEVEN new eggs and a hatchie I couldn't drop..
  5. You're both awesome, many thanks πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
  6. Does anyone know if a user called tishavara still exists?? Can't PM and can't see their scroll anymore.. (If you do, it's nothing bad, I just wanted to beg on bended knee for a 3GEG val09 from stripe from them to help build up my 7G to 8G 😎 πŸ€—πŸ€—
  7. Gingerbread Party Fort! Thanks all xx
  8. Great event, the various updates were most excellent, it was lovely to see TJ & the team responding to issues arising throughout the first week, and a lot of fun getting an extra few days to finish!! Everyone's Forts look amazing, mine seems rather messy compared to the beautiful simplicity some have gone for though!! I covered every square I didn't want resources on with chess tiles, outside they look like snow under the items so worked nicely for me πŸ€— Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year, with many dragons in your futures 😎😍NerysπŸŽ„β›„
  9. Well, this isn't what I expected in DC!! Oh well, I have space, so picked up a pair Happy clucking creatures xx (@Nine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
  10. Naming Christmas dragons, got to wrapping wings.. Can't believe no one took Where's the sellotape OR Pass me the scissors πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And, Kissing under the For a misletoe of course!!
  11. Getting resources if you attack other forts would be nice, I'm stuck at the moment sitting at level 50 with a bunch of cannons and a tent, trying to make sure I keep resources for buying not repairing At the moment I might just as well ignore the building part of the game totally till the last few hours, collecting all the resources in the meantime, and saving up my pennies. I've spent nothing but snow so far, so if anyone's into stats, these are the numbers of what I've collected so far Mana 230 Stone 380 Wood 527 Ice 680 Snow 544 N
  12. I discovered no one had taken the name Santa Pause... oh my gosh.. really?! How is that even possible!! I breed an 18+ epicly coded egg 2#foxtrot#uniform#charlie#zulu and I traded it for something pretty. And I have 2 weeks off! I'm not sure which is better!! #PBhollyproject
  13. I won my female CB Holly in 2010 via the Tree Decorating competition, much to my surprise!! Every day you got to collect a set of decorations and play at decorating your tree, then at the end of the week, all the trees were submitted for voting on by the other members. The top winners got the first of the Tinsels, and the 50 "runners up" or HM Honourable Mention, got to choose a dragon of their choice, including discontinued dragons, like the Frills back then, and things like CB Alt Vine/Black etc. You also got to pick your own 4 digit code for the dragon you chose, hence mine's code is holi added a pic of the tree I submitted below :) N
  14. There will be a few 2G PB about next year, well, hopefully, my click speed is dire today! Someone did a list once of the other female CB holly owners, but I have no idea where it is... or if many of the people who had them are still actually active... I think from memory there were only 12 or so around?? Its nice, I keep finding Holly's in the AP with mine in the base line *proud pixel parent* moment lol N
  15. Yey for the new holiday biome, now all I have to do is snag just one little itty bitty holly, and next year I can do 2g PB Hollys!! Although, I suspect getting any further with that particular PB line might prove difficult!!! Happy hunting! Nerys
  16. Argh! The two grave eggs i had to abandon from Holi's breeding this year haven't even hit the AP yet.. #anxiousparent moment πŸ˜‚
  17. Have 2g Mutamore hatchie from CB Holly *Nerys' holi* Would link but fogged, just in case.. Would like Best offer of CB stripes + CB blue neb (eggs ok, but prefer coloured hatchies) Alternatively, best offer of 2g val kin from val09 x white stripe or 2g blue neb from sweetling x blue neb BUT must be unrelated to anything I have. Hunting new blood for a 8GEG check in both projects πŸ˜€ groups on scroll yet to be updated after the last fortnight! IOU friendly etc
  18. Option 2.2, mostly With maybe.. I have a female CB holly, that's almost an gifted alt form right? Yet as far as I know all the cave dropped ones are male. But I know folks with 4GEG checks from female holly x gold, so either female holly always breeds female holly, or the holly egg is influenceable. Which gives precedent for two options. If an alt sweet always breeds true, you could all have one, but it would mess with alternating checks lines, if there was an influence function it would have to be for new eggs only, maybe a bsa specific only to another sweetling? Personally, I think all this ill feeling is a real shame, it would be nice to see valentines returned to love and hugs I've been on DC for nearly 10 years now, and I've always seen sweetlings as sweetlings, regardless of the colour. As a collector I have an example of the breed, and that ticks the box. I don't have all the colour morphs of all the dragons and so be it, I'll never have all the colour morphs of them all (spriters alts etc). Hey ho Back to poking eggs, hatch creatures, hatch
  19. Posting for a non forum user, 3GEG Val09 from Green Copper Free to good home Very pretty but friend needs the space! Also still available: my CB Female Holly x CB valentine mate choice (NOT sweetling) pm to discuss 😍😍😍😍 Nerys
  20. Mostly concentrating on my two long term checks, val09 x stripe and sweetling x blue neb With the Val09's I'll be breeding myself a 6g sibling to This, to pair with the 6g blue neb I can breed up next year, to give me 7g in 2019, and I'm now building another 2 groups up too, to eventually do 8g...only 12 more 2gs to get.. (6val 6stripe) 😲 With the sweetlings, it's all more up in the air, I'll be able to do one 6g, from this 5g but building the blue neb 6g partner to hit 7g in 2019 depends on 1 of 2 last minute nebulas colouring correctly.. talk about cutting it fine, ones not quite hatched yet!! 8g for that one only needs another 20 (10sweetling 10blueneb) x 2gs.. πŸ€ͺ😲😲😲 I do have a spin off check from the 2g colour fail nebs too, designed to have alternating red and blue neb with sweetling, that one should hit 5g in 2020 With all that going on, plus breeding the odd one here and there for a trade, probably breeding my female CB holly to something.. and catching stuff.. I don't think I'll have space to do much else! Nerys
  21. I feel your pain... You were supposed to be red... And you, dratted creature, were supposed to be blue *Sigh* One last chance before Valentine's eh Nerys
  22. Requester's Form forum name: Nerys PM link https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=12086 Egg wanted and special wishes 2g - 5g BLUE Nebula from sweetling x all blue nebula perfect check. Will take eggs or hatchies Unrelated to: (sorry about the long list) This This This This This This This This This This This This I think that's all of them Secret Field No Holiday requests!
  23. Belated thanks from me too.. I have a pair of cb frills. For those as ocd about collections as me you'll have an idea how much of an itch that scratched.. It was 50/50 that year of the Christmas Tree Decorating.. Between holly and frill.. So happy now hindsight went right for once Been a part time dc junkie for 9 years now.. Wow, That's longer than I've been in most places I've lived! Well done TJ and well done team.. Its been amazing watching you grow xxN
  24. I could breed almost any of my cb's (rosebud on as far as this holiday goes..) But am so egg locked/booked I could breed and abandon but it seems a shame if people are actually hunting a pairing and I could contribute! Fun to be able to work on two of my projects though Thanks everyone who has helped so far xxn
  25. I'm trying a blue neb x sweetling check.. Up to 5g now.. As a result I have so many miscolours that the alt project is as almost as big as the regular one.. My last chance before we descend into chaos of Val week at a 2g blue neb from sweetling went red *sigh* One more.. Just needed one more before next week.. *sigh* Hey ho, what's another year.. N