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Always hunting for "HELIX" code combos! Skywing Army: 1182/∞ Frilled Army: 436/∞

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    CB Silver (M & F)


    Holidays Breeding:

    I take requests year-round for holiday dragon breeding, including breeding on Oct 31st, Dec 25th, and Feb 14th. I have a spreadsheet in my signature (click the flashy nhiostrife) with all available holidays and their usual mate. If you are looking for a particular pairing and I can breed it, I am fairly likely to agree to it. I prefer not to do purebreds or holiday x holiday matches though.

    I do all of these free of charge! If you must give me something, I love collecting CB skywings and frills.


    Code trading!
    Trading for codes that spell "HELIX", including the combinations:

    Hh4 | Ee3 | Ll | Ii1 | Xx

    So I would accept "h3lIx" as much as "4eLiX". Other combinations in the same vein include:

    helx9 hlix9 9helx 9hlix hlxn9 hlxnn

    and other similarities, caps, and numbers combinations.

    Currently the proud owner of (hELI2), (h31lx), (tEL1X), and (hX96u).