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    Books! Historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, etc. Astronomy and Physics. Horses and Birds. Dragons. (Duh on the last!)

    Mint 2G shimmer and tinsel kins.
    -I just got a silver tinsel one! Thanks Varnayrah, you are awesome.
    Mint 2G Thuwed. (I can dream, right?)
    A mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/3zZti. 4G bronze tinsel kin.
    CB M & F gold

    mints from CB Mint X CB something else -for lineage project (collecting slowly from the AP, so check first because I might already have it)

    ~Mint Breeding~
    I will breed upon request any mint that has been bred (if possible.) In other words if a mint has a child you may request an egg from it. All mints bred from The Peppermint Effect lineage must follow their guidelines.

    ~Everything Else Breeding~
    I'll probably be willing to breed whatever you want. I have a few pairs that I won't breed with anything else, but not many. So just ask!

    IOU's Personal Tracking/ Reference list.

    2G Silver to yongyeon (attempted, but no reply)
    2G Silver from Ylvanne to me