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  1. Well the math is right. It's just that it requires all the eggs to be CB or starting at 7 days. Since the entire AP is incu-hatchable right now, you'd need a lot more Reds to never run out, because the limit would be the entire growing dragon limit, not just the egg limit. Come to think of it, that might be fun to figure out later.
  2. What kind of lineage? Stairstep? Even gen?
  3. Of all the April Fools eggs, which is your favorite? If you could pick one that would be actually added to the site for real, which one would it be? Personally, I love this one: (QmJ) Some runners-up: eo6 ggh OaJ ZLL ANu qyq BFF 1D0 GHr (It's not letting me post the images because it thinks I'm trying to poѕt my еggs )
  4. You can...these are all Festival of Eggs eggs! Keep an eye out these next couple days and these sprites could be living in your basket.
  5. Am I crazy, or do the eggs with the descriptions "Wrex" and "Shepard" lead to the same egg?
  6. I saw that one too! Even though at that point I knew I was browsing fake dragons, I clicked it anyway just to be sure :3 Anyway I probably would have fallen for this if it weren't for that one egg that changes color, with the sort of spinning net around it. This was a lot of fun!
  7. April Fools! Good one TJ! I'm glad it was something a little more low key after all the Dino Cave hype last year.
  8. If the conditions really are exactly as you described them and there is never any trouble getting an egg of any given breed exactly when you need it, then each of those side scrolls should take just as long as a normal scroll to reach a gold trophy, even with all of them going simultaneously.
  9. OMFG, just saw five--yes, 5--Ices drop in under a minute. FIVE.
  10. I've been away from the cave for a week or so. They still dropping?
  11. Well, just when I thought this drop was going to be a dud, an Ice appears out of nowhere! I click it, nope, back, refresh, WHOA GOLD! Refresh ( it!), OMG STILL THERE, click... nope. At least I got a speckle-throat earlier.
  12. Refreshed right over a Gold (Alpine) and an Ice (/)_-)
  13. Just refreshed right over a Gold in the Alpine.
  14. Just missed a Gold and 2 Ices in the Alpine.
  15. Welp this isn't technically a metal but I just saw a Cheese for the first time in a while. It was in the Alpine, by the way.
  16. Just missed a Gold in the Alpine.
  17. Just missed a Gold in the Alpine.
  18. Am I crazy or has the drop been extended again? It's XX:08 and the AP (despite being full) still hasn't taken over! This is great! EDIT: XX:12 and the cave is still open!
  19. That very well might be the case... in addition to what you said, I also can't remember the last time I saw a Dino of any kind.
  20. Holy cow I was in the Alpine this last drop and there was a ton of great stuff. Refreshed over: 1 Ice 1 Silver 1 Gold Clicked but didn't get: 1 Ice 1 Gold Grabbed: Yeah right
  21. Yeah, I think the shorter drop times and the apparent drop in interest are both contributing to an apparent decline. It used to be that the Alpine would empty in two minutes. But while the drops were still 10 minutes, shortly before they switched back to five, I'd see eggs remaining when the AP took over. In a way this is sort of a vicious cycle. There is less interest, so it seems like there are fewer metals dropping, and since people think fewer metals are dropping, it leads to a decrease in interest. But that's just my humble hypothesis.
  22. I don't think the boom is over. Not this last hour drop, but the one right before that, I saw a silver and two Ices in the Alpine alone. That's just one biome, and the ones I mentioned are only the ones I saw in that one biome.
  23. Welp, just missed a Silver and 2 Ices in the Alpine this last drop. *facedesk* I could have easily gotten that Silver too, but my brain decided LOL NOPE LET'S REFRESH RIGHT OVER THAT ONE and so... yeah. Then again, maybe that's what I get for hunting in the Alpine.
  24. YES!! Just grabbed my first EVER CB Silver, in the Alpine of all places! Also missed a second one and an ice. Not that I'm complaining, it's just that I know some people like to look at the tally of the rares that have been seen.