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I'm now back and my scroll is up and running.All owed Neglected Dragons are being worked now. I will be trading for multiple hatchling IOUs owed.

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    ************************************ About Me ************************************
    Hey! I'm Mushi. I live in Florida, near the "lightning capital". I love making Neglected Dragons~
    I can be found on FelisFire as user #13937. Feel free to PM me here or there to chat about anything.

    *********************************** Breeding Info ***********************************
    I typically breed whatever upon request with the exception of low gen Shimmers. You may ask for 2g metals, but think of it as a gift so all I ask is to not be pestered about it, I'm sure everyone knows how finicky metals are to produce, haha!

    *********************************** Trading Info ***********************************
    Please message me if I owe you something otherwise it won't be bred. There is definitely a possibility I forgot, sorry!

    Before you PM me for a trade, if you trade the egg I breed / catch for you without it being previously discussed, you will be blacklisted and I'll no longer do trades with you.

    Note that I WILL NOT hold eggs for anyone. From the time it is bred to 11 AM - 4 PM DC time THE NEXT DAY is when you have to claim it. I breed at reasonable hours throughout the day, and I check scrolls to see who has been active past the hour that I bred said egg. If your scroll hasn't been active in the time above, then said egg will be held and delivered.
    You WILL NOT get another egg in most cases and it will be marked as bred and delivered on my IOU sheet, I understand life happens, but if you can Catch/Breed eggs after I have bred your requested egg, you can Claim eggs. If you're full before I breed it, I'll hold it.

    If you ever feel like you deserve another egg, please PM me to discuss. I will hear you out.

    ************************************ What I owe ************************************
    [] 60 CB ANYTHING~
    [] 2G Gold Shimmer x Spirit Ward (Coin of Lannister) --> 2G Holly
    - [] 2G silver from female silver/rainbow copper (produced copper)
    - [] CB M ND (misgendered)
    ~Sister of the Dragon
    - [] CB MALE ND
    - [x] CB FEMALE ND
    - [] CB ND
    ********************************* What People Owe *********************************
    - [] 2G Prize, Silver Lunar mate
    ********************************** Completed IOUs **********************************
    - [x] CB ND
    - [x]2G MALE Ice from Female White
    - [x] CB ND Ungendered Preferred
    - [x] CB ND

    ************************************* Gifting *************************************
    ---Neglected Dragon---
    1. BriarEire
    2. xdlugia from their own line, egg provided. (Recontact)
    *Interested in making Neglected Dragons? Please feel free to PM me, I'll point you in the right direction!
    Have AT LEAST 14 Reds
    Have AT LEAST 14 Magis
    Have AT LEAST 7 Pinks
    Have AT LEAST a Silver Trophy.

    Please DO NOT just ask me how to do it. Come with specific questions even if it's "How do I get started?" And please don't message me just to not reply, that's been happening lately and it's frustrating. I use Message Tracker.

    Thank you.