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The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Lineage

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I'd say that Earth is probably the best fit for them. As has been said, solid mana is crystalline, an element of minerals in the earth. In addition, some information that will soon be released in the Encyclopedia relating to habitats seems to fit the criteria for Earth.


If not Earth, then fire, because their flames are one of the most interesting things about their concept, IMO. Although they don't actually burn things, these flames are still crucial to their existence.


Before making a final decision, wait for their encyclopedia information to be released ^^ There's some useful stuff there that might help.

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Happy to have been of help, PieMaster biggrin.gif


Pink, I'm happy to delay the decision on this in order to wait for the encyclopedia entry. (Of course, I want them in the lineage, so that may be self-serving *lol*)

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deb, I have a feeling the encyclopedia will bring up requests for voting on a LOT of breeds so I have no problem waiting. ESPECIALLY since I no longer have to do the spreadsheet tongue.gif


Hiya Pie! Thanks for sharing extra info with us smile.gif

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I'm fine with waiting on the vote. I just hope TJ adds the info fairly soon. I'm still waiting on Shadow Walkers to be added and I did their info before I did coppers.

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I'm fine with waiting a bit before the vote especially if the encyclopedia will shed more light on the breed.

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I've been so focused on Halloween that I'm having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things. (old brains and all) What are the rest of you working on right now?




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Purebred coppers. smile.gif I've got greens up to 6th gen. 7th is the goal. Started reds but haven't gotten far yet.

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i'm looking for Imperial Fleshcrowns smile.gif


also a Gold from GON (M) X Gold (F) i have got another 2nd gold http://dragcave.net/lineage/ff7bv but i already have this combo looking to swap looking more likely will be giving away sad.gif unless i keep to try and make a 4th gen checker but that is last resort rolleyes.gif


also have 3 spare Desipis that are unwanted by Piemaster and no reply to message from Birdz so if anyone needs or can try and trade for something needed by members biggrin.gif

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It's really cool that PieMaster stopped by the thread personally. Thanks for the info! I'll happy waiting for the encyclopedia entry before making a decision. smile.gif


My big project (I hate to call it 'current' when it might never end...) is Seasonals. Purebreds, Stair Rotationals, EG Rotationals, EG Reverse Rotationals, Striped/Alternating Seasonals, Base Checkers, very many (too many) Checkers, etc.


PS - I'm always happy to breed almost any imaginable seasonal line on request.

PPS - I love help in the form of priority-pairing 2gs from new blood. wink.gif

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This encyclopedia thing is fascinating, even if I've missed out so much recently /laugh. I'm tentatively poking my face back in, maybe I can get a little of my old interest back now that there are things to unlock.

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Yeah, right at the moment I'm trying to line up mates for my holidays. I got several 2nd gens last year and was working on finding a pair for them. I've got everything except a silver x ribbon dancer and a green neb from green neb x ribbon dancer. I have a 2nd gen neb. It was a kind gift from someone in the Even Gens thread. Unfortunately he went purple. Blah. So, not much elemental going on with me right now.

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I've been so focused on Halloween that I'm having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things. (old brains and all) What are the rest of you working on right now?

I've got several irons in the fire.

I'm still working on my Stargaryen bloodline with red and black dragons representing House Targaryen and grey and white dragons representing House Stark. I need to breed up a sixth gen mate for Manaeragon.

Also joined the Travel Through Asia project using Guardians and Terrae to represent Thimphu (Bhutan) and Lhasa (Tibet). Yeah, me and my Himalaya fetish wink.gif

And working on a Grand Unification Theory for all the two-headed dragons.

I'll get going on an Elemental project when the muse hits me…

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I'm in love with the Frostbite dragons ! That will be my first project to kickstart my elemental comeback. Any suggestions for mates ?

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I'm in love with the Frostbite dragons ! That will be my first project to kickstart my elemental comeback. Any suggestions for mates ?

I like them with Male Moonstones or something red if you're feeling patriotic.



Welcome CajunSun! I've seen you pop up on a lot of areas. Welcome to Fifth Element! Let us know if we can help out.

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Have we made a decision on the desipis ? I've been collecting like crazy this week trying to catch up. I've manged to trade for a pretty 2nd gen elemental silver ( possibly two depending on the desipis ) As soon as I figure out the copy paste thing on this iPad I'll be registering new elements

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They're on hold until their Dragon Encyclopedia listing gives more information...


And...their encyclopedia page is now live biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif



Appearance/Basic Anatomy

Desipises’ mouths extend part of the way down their necks to make swallowing large prey easier.

Like their mouths, their club-like tails can stretch open, revealing the muscles and tissue holding their orbs of crystallized magi mana in place.

Their mana-infused eyes are directly in front of small mana reserves, commonly mistaken to be second and third pairs of eyes.

Their wings are too small to properly support them in flight, so they rely largely on magic to be able to fly.

They have the ability to flare and retract the hoods on their necks, usually raising them to appear more intimidating or to block out sunlight from behind.

Their bones and scales are rich with dark mana, while the orange crystals are rich with magi mana. However, their bones contain a much lower concentration of mana than their other reserves.

The two large spikes protruding from their shoulders allow them to charge enemies, serving as powerful weapons.


Hatchling Behavior

They somehow distort the minds of those around them, but seem unable to control this power.

Desipis hatchlings are more violent and sadistic than those of most other breeds, often attacking small animals for pleasure.

They seem to have a way of getting into the good books of your adult dragons, even though their behavior would be deemed unacceptable by many of them.

They sometimes pick on the hatchlings of smaller breeds, exerting dominance over them at even the youngest of ages.

Some have a way of forcing their peers to bend to their every whim, likely their mental magic at work.

They don’t seem able to fly, but sometimes use magic to levitate for brief periods of time.

They have quite the temper, being angered very easily.


Adult Behavior

Desipises are left in an especially weakened and disoriented state when exposed to a nullifying field of magic, such as that of a Cassare.

Their aggressive and destructive capabilities have led to many tall tales and myths, a large portion of which label them living incarnations of malevolence and destruction.

As adults, they are able to control their mind-altering powers, often abusing them for manipulative, malicious purposes.

When they feel threatened or are angered, they will open their jaws and tails as well as stretch their wings in order to appear larger and even more intimidating.

Their roar is comparable to a crashing waterfall, often heard from many miles away.

During mating season, male Desipises will compete for females through battles of mental magic, trying to coerce the other into backing down.

A female will sometimes dismiss a suitor she deems unworthy by overpowering him with her superior mental magic, combining her powers with that of her chosen mate and obliterating the cognitive function of the reject for a short time.



Desipises prefer to live in desolate areas, but are adaptive to most environments and can be found in almost any type of terrain.

Not many other animals live near Desipises; they tend to temporarily destroy parts of the environments they live in when they are angry.

Both genders are very territorial, but the females more so than the males.

They create nests for eggs by digging holes in the ground and lining them with ash, fallen leaves, sand, or whatever other soft litter they can find near their homes.

Because their dark scales conduct heat so well, they prefer living in places with lots of cover from the harsh sunlight, such as caves or forests.

Due to the high amounts and differing types of mana present inside Desipises, it is not uncommon for the vegetation near their homes to wilt or mutate.

Some Desipises force neighboring animals to become guards of sorts, enchanting them so that they notify the Desipis of any intruders.



Wholly carnivorous, these beasts are known to eat most anything that can move, including other dragons when necessary.

They tend to ignore smaller animals, going after large prey to get more satisfying meals.

Desipises occasionally search for magical creatures to eat, as consuming those with magic in their blood helps them replenish their bodily mana supplies.

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Okay, so reasons I was thinking Earth:


-They have lots of crystalline mana in their bodies, particularly their bones and scales

-They live mostly in caves, though some live in other areas with cover from heat

-They have adverse effects on their environments due to not only containing high concentrations of mana, but containing two kinds together.


Fire could work due to their flames, but less likely because it isn't actual fire (it doesn't burn things; it just saps magic/mana from whatever it touches).


I guess Life also makes sense, as they are extremely strongly bonded with magic, but I never thought of associating these guys with the word "life," since they are quite easy to anger tongue.gif

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CATEGORY DEFINITIONS *huge thanks to beachbeagle for all his help with these!*

EARTH - Dragons comprised of, resembling, or able to control rock, metal, and/or dirt, POSSIBLY residing in the earth.  For example, a stone dragon is made of stone-like material AND eats rocks. Green dragons live within the caves AND have control over the earth.


WIND - Dragons comprised of gas or with a strong connection to weather or the cosmos. POSSIBLY those that spend a majority of their time in the air.  For example, grey dragons land only to rest and eat AND they have control of the weather. Thunder dragons land only to sleep and breed. They get moisture from the clouds and control the weather.


FIRE - Dragons who control or are comprised of fire or electricity. Also those that resemble fire or the sun or which are controlled by or strongly tied to the sun.  For example, magma dragons are coated in magma, live in volcanic regions AND are capable of withstanding intense temperatures. Sunsongs control light AND are controlled by the light.


WATER - Dragons who control or are comprised of water in either it's liquid or solid state. Also those that live the entirety of their lives in the water.  For example, ice dragons form icicles on their skin, and can freeze a predator with their cold breath.


LIFE - dragons who rely on or are affected by a very specific part of nature, which must be different than the majority of other breeds.  For example, a qualifier can not be that the dragon depends on living in the trees alone. But Pumpkin dragons would qualify because they live specifically in pumpkins AND can only be bred during Harvest time.

Hmm, well, these are our current definitions of our elemental categories.

So, if we're thinking Earth for desipises then

1. They have crystals on their bodies, which are essentially stones.

2. They mainly reside in the earth

3. They grow their crystals themselves, which is a form of controlling earth.


For Fire, I don't think we can fit them there since their only fire-like quality is their unique flames, which instead of burning things sucks magic from others.


For Life:

1. They rely on magic, which is a form of nature (since in the DC world mana is widely present in the world.)

2. They control magic in a unique way, taking it from other creatures and incorporating it in their own bodies.

3. Their mere presence can cause changes in the vegetation around them, either wilting or causing mutations. Vegetation is part of the natural world, and causing these sorts of changes would be unique to desipises.

4. They control other creatures though their magic, causing them to serve the desipis's needs.


Personally, I think their alignment is stronger in life than earth.

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Regarding the voting on desipis and probably many others, I think we need to figure out where magic fits in the life category. I think the original story written by a young man in rural France in the 70's was about how things in the future would just BE. I don't think he believed Leeloo was magic. He didn't know of akasha/aether. His idea was that Leeloo's energy, or mana if you will, was required to join with earth, wind, fire, and water to save the world. That none could exist without the others. Again, totally my take on info I read online.


That being said, I think we went in the wrong direction with Life 5 years ago, based on the original story. The Fifth Element isn't plants and trees and grass. It's energy...spirit...mana...contained in ONE being anywhere ever. I don't think magic in the sense of wizards, supernatural, parlor tricks, and sorcery fit, but religious, shaman, wicca, spiritual, healing, paranormal does. I have no idea what that means for current dragons in LIFE, maybe shuffling the ones we can and leaving the rest. For example...

mint, canopy, neo, harvest, pumpkin, terra, vine - move to earth

seasonals - move to fire

frostbite - no idea lol


I think that only leaves whites? I know members want to revisit the debates on magi, pink, purple, fevers, and black tea. Totally open to comments/questions/concerns/critique, and also open to leaving things as they are and leaving "magic" out of the lineage.



Off topic...Just getting my first look at the spriter alts for the desipis, LOVE the green fire ohmy.gif

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I think DC's new element system fits very closely with the Life element as you are currently considering it. Mana and magic is an energy or force that is contained in most living things to some extent. It's also a substance that occurs naturally in this world but can be used by those with the knowledge and skill in ways that are different than the "natural physical" laws of nature. I don't think we can exactly limit magic/mana/life to a single being as it is in the original story.


Perhaps a new definition of the Fifth element would be "Of or pertaining to magical, mental or spiritual control or consisting of magic in a way that is different from other breeds." Whites then would fit the Life category because of their strong magic and their ability to control it to heal. A third qualifier could be their strong protective magic.

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random thought...idea...ponder popped in my head...

what if LIFE additionally contained our current holiday dragons, who can only appear ONE time a year anywhere ever? holidays are magical. it would even out the categories a bit...

white, GoN (because of the limit per scroll and because you can't breed more? I dunno), heartseeker, pumpkin, winter maji, solstice, shadow walker, grave, desipis


there would have to be a stipulation about why only some holidays are allowed though :/

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