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I was hunting in the cave earlier, and randomly grabbing things, looking for coppers. I didn't spot any of them, but I picked up a vine and a royal crimson. Anyone want? They can be milestones, or not...


If I don't get any takers soonish I'll probably drop them to make room for breeding coppers. (I'm obsessed with coppers. Yes, I am.) I can wait 24 hours though I think, since some of my coppers are still on cool down.

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It's red! First third gen for my gold x red neb checker. biggrin.gif

and... Pretty!


Also, Pink, sending you a claim link for the Royal Crimson. I'm dropping the vine.

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I'd better hold off on acquiring any more shinies through raffles until I've forced myself to name and register all the dragons I have at the top of my scroll... lol. And I don't have anything to contribute this time, sadly!


/salutes, carries on.

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Being waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind never stopped me, Silver! (haz 3 pages of unnamed dragons at the top of her scroll. Oops.)


And I think we may need people who aren't contributing to make up for me getting carried away. Somebody has to take more than they contribute this time. tongue.gif

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Starting another shiny drawing.  It's open to members who have been with us for 2 months.  You do not have to donate to participate, but are more than welcome to!  Will take participants and donations for 48 hours.


We 'ld like to join too.


I tried some of my prettiest Metallics, but didn't get Metal eggs.

Roekerd has tried too and got 21 Shimmer eggs, one not Elemental and one, which lineage has been acquired from a Shiny drawing and its children have been offered here many times. Our best Shimmers didn't cooperate though, but maybe next time.


I am less than 2 pages behind with registrations now, and most are named already, so I'm making progress, up to 3000 Elementals!




Roekerd let me check his scroll this morning and was quite happy, because a trade has been accepted:

2 new Shimmers, which even have matured already:



The Gold refused his intended partner, and the Silver didn't give an egg, but he is hoping to be more lucky next time.

But he also tried a Gold and bred this one, which is available for the drawing:



So he went to school quite happy and left me at home telling you this wink.gif

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Another shiny for the drawing!


That's a pretty gold Zelda!  wink.gif

Yes it is, thanks to you and former Shiny Drawings and a little luck with breeding.





I just received my first Golden Shimmer as a present. It isn't Elemental, but still very nice and I am liking the lineage very much: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Kyyvv


And my son Drakenjager bred me this beauty:




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Roekerd just came out of school, bred 3 Shimmers and the best Shimmer he got, he offered for the drawing:




It is breeding time wink.gif

AND a PB Gold:



available too!


ETA 2:

OOPS, I auto abandoned an intended present, because I was hatchling-locked:



Next week better, but maybe someone catches it in less than 3 days.

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Milestone Earned!






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LOL well. Maybe. If there are a lot of eggs and not a ton of people in the auction...


At least I have nearly all my dragons named now, I just have to organize, register, and sort them.

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Count me in, please.


My golds, silvers, and bronzes were uncooperative, but my coppers were more than willing to take up the slack!


So, here's a threesome of coppers for someone in the drawing:

DHxlu, 9J9zo, and nggdu


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